Different people want different things from their browsers, especially when they’re on the go. The free Dolphin Browser for iPhone is built with customization in mind, and is designed to give you the flexibility to browse the way you want.


Here is a rundown of some of the various customization settings available on Dolphin Browser for iPhone:

Search engine

You can choose between several different search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, and Mysearch.

Link options.

Some people prefer to go straight to site when they click on the link. Others prefer having the link open in a background tab so they can read it later. Whatever your preference, you can set one of those options as your default setting, or simply long-press a link to bring up the options.

Tabs on startup.

Do you like to save your progress? Or do you prefer to have a clean slate each time you open your browser? Choose to open a new tab or continue where you left off in the settings.

Incognito Mode.

Looking at sensitive information? Go into Incognito Mode (via the right side bar or the bottom menu, depending on your settings) and you’ll keep your information private and secure. In this mode, neither your browsing history nor your data cache will be saved.

Night Mode.

If you find yourself reading at night or in low-light areas, you can easily switch to Night Mode to save your eyes from the strain of a bright screen.

Change your screen.

In Dolphin Browser, you can view sites in both their mobile and desktop formats. Since some sites have scaled back information on their mobile sites, this allows you to get the full experience when you’re on the go. Additionally, you can also disable images if you’d like to conserve data usage or boost page loading speed.

You can give your browser a little flair with a theme from the Theme Store. Choose from numerous free and paid themes. Or, if you choose to download the Pro version of Dolphin, you’ll get all the paid themes bundled in (and much more!).

This is only the tip of the iceberg for customization options. Download Dolphin Browser for iPhone today to explore everything it has to offer!

It’s impossible to own or maintain a website without web hosting. No matter what kind of work you put into your website, no one would be able to get wind of it unless you make it go live (or publish it) using a web hosting service. The concept might seem confusing, but in the simplest of terms, web hosting is the fuel behind all the websites that exist on the World Wide Web.


How Does Web Hosting Work?

The web hosting process is not complicated. Nevertheless, for it to work you (the website owner) need to have a domain name (ex. www.google.com), which allows your website to be found on the Internet. Finding a web host is easy – you can easily search the Internet for one.

A web hosting service uses web servers to store files for your website. These web servers are actually high-powered computers that connect to a very fast network and are able to hold large quantities of data. Assuming someone types in your web address, the Internet will connect to the web server that stores all your files. Then, your website’s information is transferred through the network.

Types of Web Hosting

There are various web-hosting options for you to choose from. Your choice would depend on the following:

The service your website needs

The server required for your website’s needs

Your budget

The different types of services offered by the web host

Now what are the different types of web hosting? There are four main types – free, shared, dedicated, and collocated.

Free Hosting

Most bloggers, or those who build non-critical websites as a hobby, use free web hosting services. One of the downsides to free hosting is the poor connection speed. That’s because of the number of other websites availing the service. Moreover, there’s a big possibility that your site would be down frequently. Annoying advertising banners are also part of the package.

Shared Hosting

This means you share one server with other website owners. In a shared hosting environment, everything, from the physical server to the software applications within it are shared among users. This is the most affordable paid web hosting service since operating costs are divided between all users. Like free hosting, this type is slow.

Dedicated Hosting

This type is so much faster since you’ll be the only one using the web server. Everything within the server is yours. Nevertheless, you would have to shoulder the costs yourself since you won’t be sharing the host with other website users. If you require full use of system resources or need your website to be secured, this is the choice for you.

VPS Hosting

The concept of a virtual private server or VPS is the same as that of a dedicated server, except the server is installed on a computer that serves multiple websites. Small businesses that need a customized website but find dedicated hosting too expensive opt for this one. It also now comes in a new version called wordpress optimized hosting  where the server itself is optimized to host a word press blog/website

Hope this article has given you all the information you need  to get started on your website building journey.Good luck!

With the holidays ahead, ideas for teens have become a hot commodity, as teen presents are often the most difficult presents to buy.  Gifts for teenagers are exceptionally challenging because they aren’t simply a matter of buying that hot toy that every kid wants to have.  Guys and girls Christmas gifts at this age are more specific, based on taste and often involve technology.

The following are some of the best 2015 gifts for teenagers to make sure that you’re giving teen presents that are cool, practical and just what they want. These are some of the best ideas for teens that you’ll hear all holiday season:

Simon Swipe – this isn’t the classic game of Simon that you love and remember.  This is an updated version that is designed to use the same concepts in a way that will appeal to the upcoming generation.  It allows for four different play modes, including two-player that allows you to take turns playing.  It involves using right and left taps as well as swiping motions for each of the color patterns on the buttons.  This makes it even more challenging than it ever was before.

Groovy Lab in a Box – these can be purchased either as individual boxes or as a monthly subscription.  The boxes are STEM themed and provide challenges such as building a rocket or a weather station, building a propeller plane, or even creating a musical instrument.  It brings together crafts and science with lots of fun along the way.

Camera Ski Goggles – if your teen is a skier or snowboarder, then this could be the best gift they receive this year.  Charge these goggles through a USG port and let them swoosh down the slopes with a wide-angle lens running just above their eyes for amazing point of view footage.

Mogix portable battery charger – whether your teen will be getting the Camera Ski Goggles, or is just the average adolescent who is continually glued to a smartphone, tablet or both, an external battery charger is a never-fail item among teen presents.  The larger version is 10,400 mAh for up to six iPhone 6 Plus charges, or a couple of tablet charges.  Even the smaller version, at 5,000 mAh will provide two or three charges and will easily fit into any pocket. Running out of battery will never be a problem again.

Remember, getting great gift ideas from the internet will help stir-up the creative “gift giving” juices but really your teen is special and unique. Look at what he or she is into and start making notes for your shopping list with the coolest tech gadgets this year!

When Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co. Ltd in China decided to get into the 3D printing industry, they decided to take the entire market by storm. Their popular desktop FFF 3D printer was a success and it motivated them to create a larger version of it as well. Along with this success, the company decided to open a large scale manufacturing plant and work on manufacturing full color 3D printers. The CTC 3d Printer that comes along with a dual nozzle, dual extruder plus a separate new extruder holds a prominent place out of them.

The CTC 3d Printer can be defined as one of the cheapest 3D printers available out there in the market. It comes along with a user friendly software, which can be used to create 3D models with less hassle. You can even use the SD card alone to create 3D models with this printer, without a computer. It has a pre-installed extruder and you will be able to use the printer right after taking it out of the box. The best thing about CTC 3d Printer is its larger build platform. The maximum build volume offered by this 3D printer measures 225*145*150mm in size and it is ideal for bigger projects.

The CTC 3d Printer can be set to both 110V and 220V. A SD card comes along with the package and it has the software that can be used to design your own models. Therefore, you don’t need to go through the hassle of downloading the software and installing it in your computer. You can simply insert the SD card, run the application, design your models and take the print out. This 3D printer features manual leveling and you can adjust the available two knobs at four or five locations. The printer uses a piece of paper in between its bed and the head in order to determine whether the unit has been aligned properly or not. You might have to adjust one of the heads in this printer while operating to make sure both heads are aligned at the same height. You should also be careful enough in order to tape the filament tube to back of this printer to make sure it doesn’t get in the way while printing.

The CTC 3d Printer is powered by ABS and PLA filaments and it offers a reasonably good printing speed of 40mm to 150mm per second. You can adjust the printing speed depending on your specific requirements. It has a dual print head and the nozzle size measures 0.4mm. The entire unit comes assembled and you just need to worry about leveling the bed and attaching the extruder heads. A comprehensive one-year warranty is offered to this printer by the manufacturer as well. The results that you can get from this printer are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay and you can think of purchasing a one without any doubt on mind.

Visit here to read many reviews about 3D Printers.

Ours is an integration of both top notch professional voice over artists and high quality audio studios. These enable us to meet the extensive demands of our clients, thus making us a desirable company for professional voice talen

With 98% accuracy rate, you are guaranteed that you’re getting more than what you pay for. We offer professional voice overs in more than 50 languages, so whether you’re looking for an American voice artist or an Italian voice, rest assured that we’ve got it covered. You can also leave a message and we’ll call you back instantly. If that’s not enough, our online customer representatives are more than happy to assist you with any related requests about professional voiceartists. Contact us today so we can give you what you’re looking for. We are more than happy to give you a quote or a sample voice over that suits your project. Still have questions? Go to our support page for our toll numbers for US, UK and Australia. We have turnaround time faster than a heartbeat. We have a 24/7 operations than can deliver your voice overs overnight. Our professional female and male voice over artists have undergone rigid and unparalleled trainings to meet all your needs, your satisfaction is our topmost priority. Our impressive range of high caliber Male and Female Voice Talents will show you how professional voices sound like. Experience a FREE SAMPLE of the finest quality Voice Overs. UPLOAD scripts or CONTACT US 24/7.

Watching television:

There are so many people all around the world who are so much into watching television. They like to enjoy watching different channels on their televisions, so that they can enjoy in their leisure time. However, so many channels usually don’t seem to appear on the local cable that makes it really very difficult for the people to enjoy watching their favorite channels. But, there is an amazing solution with the Easybox for the people wishing to enjoy all the international channels. By installing the Easybox at homes, people can enjoy watching the Russian channels, Indian channels, English channels, German channels and so many more as well at their homes. There are so many advantages of purchasing the Easybox as the receiver can be connected with the TV and the internet as well, so that every channel can work amazingly.


Better picture quality:

The movies watched on this Easybox provide better picture quality than other HD DVD movies. The resolution of these movies is as higher as 1,920 x 1,080. Such higher resolution makes the picture quality of the movies even better that attracts more people. People like enjoying movies at home instead of theatres and for that purpose they want to watch movies with the higher resolution and picture quality. The movie channels of the Easybox fulfill this demand of the people.

Sound quality:

The audio quality of the channels when connected with Easybox is far ahead from all other channels. The sound of the movies that comes on Easybox channels are as good as a movie watched in a theatre. This is one of the most common reasons why so many people these days have been appreciating to install the Easybox at their homes, so that they can enjoy watching different channels.

Other benefits:

There are many other benefits of buying the Easybox and installing it at home. Because of the high capacity of this box, there are countless chancels that can be watched on the television. All it needs is an internet connection for the working. The deleted scenes, the commentary tracks, footages of behind the scene and many more things are available in these channels. Because of these benefits, people prefer watching movies at home with families instead of going out in theatres. The result of the video of the quality of the movies is as good as the movies shown in theatres when seen on the Easybox.

Technology nowadays can be so fragile. When mobile phones first appeared about 20 years ago things were much simpler. The truth is that, at the time, if you had a mobile phone it would actually be rather hard for you to destroy it. There are so many companies that have created amazing models people still remember simply because of the fact that even if you drop them from the third floor they would not break at all.


Smart But Fragile Technology

Unfortunately, nowadays, things have changed. Although we can do hundreds of more things with our smart phone or our laptop we all know that it is actually rather easy for it to break. And what will you do if your laptop breaks in the middle of a job? Most people nowadays utilize their computer in order to store everything they have prepared for their jobs, monitor their life and in general full information about anything or anyone.

Now imagine your laptop breaking out of the blue. You need to make sure that you will be able to find someone who will prepare it for you. Purchasing a new one might solve your problem but you will not be able to retrieve all of your data. And that is basically the one thing you want to salvage. Of course, there is always someone around you that will be able to help you repair your laptop. For that reason, you’re going to need a repair shop that is going to be close to where you live. For example, if you live in Aberdeen then you’re going to want to do a search using the keywords laptop repairs Aberdeen.

Find Great Prices And Amazing Quality

Not only will you be able to find countless of different webpages of repair shops will be able to provide you with these services but you will also be able to choose out of a long list of options in order for you to find the best ones as well as the best prices. The truth is that, when it comes to your personal computer you should probably spur no expenses in order to fix it and bring it back to its original form. However, you cannot afford to pay twice or even three times as much as it costed when you purchased the computer in the first place. Price does matter as well as quality. Find them both.

Having a good web host really matters for your site in the modern day. Yet if you do not know the online jargon, the prospect can appear daunting. This blog will help showcase hosting as an easily-understandable internet essential – and it can serve your advantage when you have a site you are looking to push online!

Tell me more about hosting

A website host is, in effect, a computer which is always ‘on’ and connected to the internet. It is the ‘hosting’ process which is the storing of sites on this.  Whenever you are visiting a website, files will be downloaded to your machine by the computer/machine storing that particular website. Some of the best sites therefore are stored on the computers of professional hosting companies: highly powerful technologies with extensive memory meaning that website files can be delivered to an extensive audience.

Therefore, if you have a website you want to be seen by a wide audience, opened by readers simultaneously throughout the world, using a professional hosting company for your site is a recommended course of action.

Different types of hosting

There a number of hosting methods available – each having their own advantages for different sites. Here is just an example:

  • Shared hosting – thousands of other websites are stored on the same computer and the hosting service is shared. It can make an ideal budget option
  • Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers – these mean that your website gets the whole server to itself. A VPS for example is known to be one of the top levels of website hosting and can really have a transformative effect for a business website

Therefore, whether you are looking for a web hosting plan for yourself or want to find out more, it matters to have an expert to-hand. A key example of a prime provider of web hosting services and information is UKHost4U. You can contact them direct on -0800 788 0788 – now.

There is no doubt in the fact that if you want to run a business smoothly then you will have to use data visualisation and its tools. This is the reason because of which the importance and popularity of data visualization companies is increasing at an exponential rate. You should know that data visualization not only helps in the growth of business but in addition to that this very option is being used and related to every aspect of all the fields.


You can see the use of data visualisation in the field of marketing, research, business, for promoting a product for providing meaningful information to certain people and numerous other fields. It will not be wrong to say that data visualization software and its tools have played an important part in every field ad have helped a number of people. The contribution of data visualisation in the field of studies and business is immense and all the people who are making good use of the basic tools of data visualisation and excel expert surely get benefited.

What is data visualization?

If you are unaware about the term data visualization then you should know that data visualization is basically a process in which the data is presented in an elegant, beautiful, informative and descriptive way. You should be aware o the fact that world is changing at a fast pace and the way of presenting data is also changing along with the world. In order to survive in this tough market you will have to follow the trend. Therefore, it is important to use data visualization to its full potential.

How does it help?

With the advancement in technology the way of presenting data has changed immensely. Data visualization has made it easy to convey information to the people in mass. You can say that data visualization makes it easy to convey data in a meaningful way.

If you are a business owner and have a desire to use data visualization as an effective tool for expanding your business and for improving your status, then you should start looking for the best data visualization designers in the market. There are a number of data visualization service providers out there in the market. For selecting the best one you will have to be careful. You can do a little bit of research before selecting any specific service provider in order to make sure that the service provider can meet your requirements or not.

Owning your own company is great, but most certainly when you earn lots of money from it; nevertheless having this kind of thing calls for someone to take several different responsibilities and deal with arising issues. This is also exactly the same when it is about home based businesses.


Nowadays, many businesses that are exclusively carrying out their operations online have been set up. Such companies deliver different sort of solutions: From data entry, content creation and site development solutions, and many more. Such businesses have well opened numerous job opportunities for virtual workers all around the globe.

For all the online ventures, using the perfect tools intended for operating the business is imperative as they generally deal with people who they cannot meet in person, both the workers and consumers. They need to ensure that the clients are really certain of doing business with their enterprise and for the workers; the company has to be certain that these are working on their projects efficiently. This is certainly the reason why most of the businesses have not opted for time tracking software that help them evaluate the employee’s routine and work activity.

As a matter of fact, there are different kinds of time tracking software that have been presented to the rapidly growing online business industry these days. They come with several features and it is entirely up to you to decide on which application can well accommodate your business needs. Time tracking software make it easier for businesses to manage their operations effectively and also monitor the progress of their employees/ If offers them an assurance that even though they are making use of telecommuters, all tasks will always be completed on time and efficiently.

In choosing your time tracking software, be certain that it is being able to answer all of your time management preferences. There are several free time tracking software that can be easily obtained over the Web yet, most of these do not have all the features that you would require for a valuable and worthy time tracking software. An excellent and perfectly engineered productivity tracker will be accessible for a fee, but do not worry as they are quite affordable. As a matter of fact, once you see the results of how your productivity has improved, you will find out that the fee you pay is basically nothing compared to the revenue it will help your business generate.