• Cheap Houses for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

    Cheap Houses for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

    If you are looking for a house with an affordable price in Istanbul, which is the most beautiful city in Turkey and even in the world, then the right address will always be Melares consulting firm. When it comes to cheap houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey, the most prominent company that comes to mind is Melares, and in this sense, it serves you with its highly professional staff. You can easily reach Melares company during working hours and get information. It should also be added that the company provides service not only for Istanbul, but also for Alanya, which is a holiday paradise. On the website of the company, there are many houses with very affordable prices, especially for foreigners.

    The company has been serving in this sector since 2003. Especially thanks to the expert team of Melares, you will always be able to help and support you in finding the cheap houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey for your budget. It should also be added that since the houses on the company’s site are ready-made houses, you will never have to make any additional expenses if you buy them.

    Apartments for sale next to Akbati Mall in a residential complex in  Bahcesehir - Istanbul - Turkey - Properties gate

    Affordable Houses in Istanbul Are Waiting for You  

    Melares consulting firm is a quality firm that has been operating in this sector for many years. Since the houses on the company site and offered to customers are newly built, they bring many different advantages. When you search for cheap houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey, of course, you do not come across houses that fit your budget. Besides, you see luxury houses, that is, houses with gyms and pools.

    As you know, Istanbul is both beautiful and beyond that, a city that connects two continents. That is why, thanks to Melares company helping on https://www.melares.com/en/real-estates/houses-for-sale-in-turkey , you will find the right house for you in this city with many house options.

  • 5 Reasons why Ashoka Liviano in Nanakramguda (Hyderabad) is the Best Place To Live!

    5 Reasons why Ashoka Liviano in Nanakramguda (Hyderabad) is the Best Place To Live!

    Located in the upcoming and hip part of the town, Ashoka Liviano Nanakramguda is one of the most sought after places to live in the city of Hyderabad. Popular as the IT and architectural hub, this financial district is now known as the locality that has the best residential complex in Ashoka Liviano and there is a reason why it has gained so much attention in recent years! As a proud and long-time Hyderabad resident, I was impressed with the Properties in Ashoka Liviano and hence thought of blogging my thoughts on 5 reasons why Ashoka Liviano is the best area to live in!

    Quality Construction

    If there is one thing that the Ashoka Liviano Township is truly known for, then it is the quality of the entire construction that should matter more than many other factors! Designed by keeping modern and contemporary design principles that stand-out with the edgy and crisp looks of the residential towers, Ashoka Liviano comes with a textured as well as smooth finish of Emulsion paint making it durable for any weather. When you open the French-inspired door, you will see beautiful flooring on all the rooms and internal walls that scream “quality” as soon as you lay eyes on them.

    Amazing Amenities

    Something common in many of their projects including Ashoka Liviano in Manikonda is the different amenities that the developer has provided all of the residents. All of the projects are environment friendly and thus they all have a quality rainwater harvesting system in place to go with the solar panels that will provide hot water to all the residents! When talking about families, how can we forget children? Every child will be excited to see the indoor game room in the Ashoka Liviano Society which also has a swimming pool, sports arena, and board games area!

    Secured Living

    In every project of theirs, including the recently introduced Ashoka liviano Gachibowli the developer has prioritized the security in the entire residential complex. Apart from partnering with one of the best security personnel providing professional service, the entire complex is also under close supervision, thanks to the 24×7 CCTV panels that ensure there is no blind spot. The most important aspect of any property is that every family member feels safe, secure and does not have to worry about any security lapses and that is one of the biggest advantages of buying an Ashoka Liviano Apartment.

    Attractive Pricing

    If you are a first-time buyer of any property, then it is understandable that you want to be cautious about the investment. Thanks to very competitive pricing, the 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments in Ashoka Liviano are so affordable that it almost feels like a steal during this real estate boom in cities such as Hyderabad. As the project is trusted by all nationalized financial institutions, you can also easily procure a home loan and be the owners of a flashy new apartment within two weeks!

    Builder Reputation

    When it comes to quality and luxury, Ashoka builders are one of the most renowned construction companies in Hyderabad today. And without a doubt, this is one of the reasons why you should buy an apartment in Ashoka Liviano without any doubt in your mind! They have decades’ worth of experience in projects that focus on providing well-designed residential units to people who value their hard-earned money and want a peaceful life.

  • Most Expensive Areas in South Yorkshire

    Most Expensive Areas in South Yorkshire

    South Yorkshire is made up of 600 square miles and 1.34 million people and lies in the heart of England. It is made up of the 4 metropolitan boroughs of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

    From a search of Zoopla, the average property cost is £173,000 in the county by looking at the 8,107 sales made. This article will look at the 5 most expensive areas in South Yorkshire to buy property.

    1. Bawtry

    Coming in at number 5 on our list is the small market town of Bawtry with an average cost of £238,000 from 28 sales made.

    It attracts a lot of visitors because of quaintness and authentic  Yorkshire style and has a sense of history dating back to Roman times. There are various pubs in the town that date back to the 17th century and has a school named Bawtry Mayflower after the ship that sailed the pilgrims to the USA.

    It is close to the airport but has no railway station of its own and has a population of around 3,573 (in 2011).

    1. Silkstone

    Fourth on our list is Silkstone, with its average property price of £240,000.

    This village is located between the towns of Barnsley and Penistone, close to the Pennines and has a population of 3,153 (in 2011).

    Within the area is Silkstone Common which has various schools and its own railway station. This place is infamous for the Huskar Pit disaster which was a tragic event in 1838. A freak storm flooded the local mine tragically killing 26 children.

    1. Totley

    Third on our list is Totley which has an average property price of £266,000 from 3 sales made and falls into the upmarket S17 postal code area.

    Most Expensive Areas in South Yorkshire

    It falls within the Totely and Dore electoral ward but for the purposes of this list, we have separated the areas. Sitting close to Derbyshire, it les south west of Sheffield and has a population of 7,963.

    It comes with history as is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. It is also famous for having the longest underground rail tunnel in the UK, the aptly named Totley Tunnel.

    1. Tickhill

    Number 2 on our countdown is Tickhill, where a property on average will cost you £279,000 from the 44 sales made in the past year.

    Tickhill has a population of 5,228 (in 2011) and is located on the border with Nottinghamshire.

    It contains the ruins of the previously large Tickhill Castle, which was built was Roger de Busli, a major landowner who is mentioned in the Domesday Book having had 174 estates granted to him by William the Conqueror.

    1. Dore

    And the clear winner of the most expensive area to buy property in South Yorkshire is Dore. This area would set you back on a average £552,000 from the 32 sales made.

    This large village is located closed to the River Sheaf which gave its name to the city of Sheffield and has a population of 5,496. It has its own railway station which runs to both Sheffield and Manchester so great for commuters and also has various schools.

    Special mention also goes to Bolsterstone which had a property sale of £450,000.  Because there was only one sale in the past 12 months though, we could not take an average so did not make the above list.