• How to Play Online Poker with Free Poker Money

    How to Play Online Poker with Free Poker Money

    For most of us, playing poker is something we do for fun. But what if you could do it at home and make big money! There are people that do actually do this, and as the saying goes, if one person can do it some can many.

    First things first, you have got to know when to put down a losing hand. Some poker players will sit tight with what they have and hope for the best, or worse, they will stay in because they can’t bear to split with the chips they’ve already dumped into the game. Learning how to play online poker and winning big means that you have to know when it’s time to call it quits. If you are just starting out at poker online, you might want to start with games that have a limit on them.

    Don’t get excited when you think you’ve got a good hand. Too many online poker players raise when they should sit tight and see what is given to them at the flop. It can change everything and if you start talking big you might have to eat a lot of poker chips once your hand has gone from a decent one to something less than desirable. When playing online poker and first learning how to play online poker, it might be tempting to sit tight with a good hand and wait for more players to dump chips into the pot. This poker strategy is a classic for a beginning poker player to lose chips, as you allow more players to potentially gain better hands as more cards are dealt.

    Finally, don’t get cocky about your winnings. It might seem like a good idea in the moment to bet big and try to scare all the other online poker players away, but you can lose big and you can lose fast with this method. Trial and error will be your best friend at times and your worst enemy at others. Take the best that are low and in the middle to start with and after you’ve been playing online poker for awhile you will know when a big bet might come through for you.

    How to Play Online Poker

    Online poker is quite different from playing with your friends or in poker tournaments. It has some marvelous advantages over traditional poker. You can ‘sit’ at a table at any time and more importantly you can leave at any time. Your opponents will be from a pool of many thousands of online players who ‘sit’ at tables at random. Sometimes you will see the same ‘faces’ i.e. their pseudonyms. It is totally impersonal. In traditional poker you can actually take a dislike to some poker players because of their mode of play or their expressions etc. but in online poker you leave all those emotions behind you.

    The people at your table do not know you and it is unlikely you know them. Two people cannot play from the same computer. The exchange platform will not allow it. You are playing for yourself only. I think it would be impossible for two people to ‘rig’ a game. Assume two people were in contact by mobile phone. What information can they give except what is in their own hands. They cannot see yours or anyone else’s. If they attempted to raise the stakes that could be their undoing if someone else has a red hot hand! And then think of the cost of the phone calls.

    Online poker (or any poker for that matter) is not for fools. You must concentrate on what you are doing. If you are in a penny ante game (and there are plenty on the betting exchange) learning how to play poker then treat that game as if you were in a ‘big’ money game. The rules are exactly the same and the strategies that work in small games will work in big games.

  • What Are the Different Bokken Techniques?

    What Are the Different Bokken Techniques?

    If you’ve studied iaido, kendo, or aikido before, chances are that you’ve used a bokken. Alongside the shinai, this wooden practice sword is typically used in training for those martial arts systems and is typically made from a single piece of Japanese white oak, which makes it more durable than the shinai, which is made from bamboo.

    The bokken allows martial arts students to practice the different stances and techniques safely. It’s just as important to learn to use the weapon properly, and using a bokken means practitioners develop both the strength and dexterity needed. If you’re interested in progressing to weapon use in your own martial arts training, here are a few bokken techniques you can expect to learn.

    Overhead Slash

    Bokken and katana – traditional curved-bladed Japanese swords – are similar in shape, so cutting and slashing techniques are among the first you’ll learn once you know how to grip the bokken comfortably.

    The most basic of these basic techniques is a single downward slash. Essentially, you’ll have to grip the handle with both hands, your non-dominant hand at the bottom, then raise the bokken over your head in a straight line. If you’re in the correct position, your elbows should point straight upward. Then carefully but quickly swing the blade down in a straight cut. If it helps, visualise the bokken travelling along a vertical line right down the middle of your target.

    Side Slash

    Another technique is the side cut, where you need to grip the bokken with your dominant hand and then slash outward to the side. As with the vertical cut, imagine the path your bokken will travel, only this one is horizontal.

    Weapons – Mumei Shudan

    Angled Slash

    As the name of this technique implies, this is an angled cutting or slashing attack. With both hands on the handle, you need to aim at the side of the neck and cut down toward the opposite armpit, or at the shoulder and cut down toward the opposite hip.

    Overhead Block

    With the right techniques, a bladed weapon can be used defensively as well as offensively, and the same goes for the bokken. The basic block you learn when training with a bokken is meant to deflect any overhead cuts and slashes. To do this, you’ll need to grip the bokken handle with both hands, then raise the wooden training weapon above your head, with the curved part pointing upwards.

    Side Block

    Side blocks also call for a two-handed grip on the handle, and as the name implies, these are meant to block cuts aimed at the side of the body. This time, you’ll have to hold the bokken vertically in front of the body and to the side where the attack is coming from. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but you should become used to it with time and practice.

    All of the above is simply an overview of what you can expect to learn, so if you want to become adept at using a bokken, or indeed any weapon, you need to properly understand these techniques, which means learning them from a certified martial arts instructor.

    To learn bokken techniques from a certified Aikido master in Sydney, join a class here.

  • Sports

    Notable Boxers in History

    two men inside boxing ring

    Over the years, there have been notable figures in the boxing championship that get talked about over time. Whether they broke records or stood by their word, these people have revolutionized how we view boxing. Learning about them helps one appreciate the sport even more. While some of them might have lived years ago, some of them are alive although retired. The records they have broken, however, precede time, and people will forever revere them for their great talent. You can click here to see the impact they have had on newly established boxing companies. Here are the notable players and the difference they have made.

    Tony Canzoneri

    Tony Canzoneri was only 19 years old when he won his first featherweight championship in 1928. After that, he went ahead to hold the championship three consecutive times alongside other awards in the various weight categories he played in. By the end of his career, he had five world titles and had fought in four different categories.

    Barney Ross

    One of the things that stands out for Barney is, in all his championship years and the 81 competitive matches, he had never been knocked out. He is the one that defeated Tony Canzoneri in 1933 and took the lightweight championship title. People call him a courageous boxer because, in his fight with Henry Armstrong, Ross refused to give in when he got an insane beating. Although he was unable to defend his world welterweight title, it will be remembered that he never backed down throughout the fight.

    two person playing kick boxing

    Julio Cesar Chavez

    A Mexican player of his time, Julio’s fame came about when he won 87 professional fights. Even though he was recognized at first, he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. His matches recorded so many attendees, with the highest attendance in history being his match against Greg Hagen. The attendance had over 132,000 fans.

    Ted Lewis

    Ted was a British boxer who won his first featherweight title at just 18 years old. He went ahead to become a two-time World Welterweight Champion. He also won the European crown four months after winning his first title. His main rival in the ring was Jack Britain, and he defended his title against Jack and lost to him at some point.

    Floyd Mayweather

    One of the greatest boxers in this present time has to be Floyd Mayweather. One of the things that make him stand out is he has a great plus-minus ratio. His record makes him the most accurate boxer in all history.  He has won eight defend championships in five different weight categories.

     Carlos Monzon

    One of the things that make Carlos stand out is, he held the championship title in the middleweight championship category for seven consecutive years. He was able to defend his titles 14 times and will be remembered for his speed and accuracy. Another impressive fact about Carlos is, he went undefeated for 81 consecutive fights in his entire career. Even though he had a good fighting career, his personal life was not as good. He was charged with the murder of his wife in 1988, but he died in 1995in a car accident.

    George Foreman

    George is one of the iconic boxers who was known as “the rumble in the jungle.” He had defended his championship title twice before he lost to Muhammad Ali. He left the sport for about ten years and then came back and regained a bit of the heavyweight championship. He is known in history as the oldest heavyweight champion in history.

    Henry Armstrong

    One of the reasons why Henry is on this list is the fact that he won three different championship titles in three different weight categories. In his entire career, he played against 17 world champions and defeated 15 of them after winning the World Welterweight championship. He defended it 18 times before dropping it in 1940. He has been ranked in the top five greatest boxers of all time by most people.

    Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali has been nicknamed “The Greatest” because he was the first boxer to win the heavyweight championship title three times.  He is also known for being a civil rights activities when he refused to join the Vietnam War. His resistance to join the military and stand on what he believed in is what earned him the fame he has to date.

    There are so many boxers in history, and many of them have made great strides in ensuring that the sport keeps getting played over time. In learning about them, one is able to appreciate them even more and appreciate the sport more.  These boxers gave their all to the sport and did everything they could to defend their title. They are the epitome of hard work and resilience pays.

  • Synthetic

    How Synthetic Ice can Help You Create a Home Skating Rink

    If you enjoy ice skating but don’t like waiting in lines or having to go in public so you can get a good skating session in, you’ve probably wondered about making your own skating rink. If you live in the right part of the country, all you really need to do is wait for winter then find a nice frozen pond and you can skate to your heart’s content, but other parts of the country are a little trickier to get your skating fix. If you don’t live in a part of the country that gets that cold, you may want to look into getting some synthetic ice so you can create your own skating rink. 

    What Exactly is Synthetic Ice?

    Synthetic ice is a relatively new product, and many people may still be unaware of it. So, what exactly is synthetic ice? Well, the simple answer is that it’s a synthetic material that emulates ice and allows you to skate on it using regular metal skates. It’s used by hockey rinks all around the country because it doesn’t melt, so they don’t have to worry about keeping the rink at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0 degrees Celsius, for those readers that don’t live in the United States. 

    The less simple answer is a little more involved. Synthetic ice is a solid polymer panel that is specially designed for skating. Rinks are created with interlocking tiles, and because of this, the entire rink is modular. If one tile somehow manages to get broken, all you need to do is replace that single tile instead of having the entire rink serviced. 

    Synthetic ice has been used in some form since the 1960s. The first synthetic ice that was used wasn’t very good for skating, and it was made from polyoxymethylene plastic, as well as a few other materials. This didn’t allow for skaters to glide as easily as ice and it got a buildup of dirt and debris, so it made things even more tricky for those that were trying to skate on it. 

    In 1962 someone else tried using this first form of synthetic ice, but this time with some added gliding spray. The gliding spray actually worked out great, but the rink did need to be resprayed at least once a month to keep things running smoothly, but when the rink wasn’t sprayed down it was usable for other sporting activities. 

    In the last 60 years, there has been a lot of improvement. New specially designed polymers were designed and created specifically with ice skating in mind, and new kinds of lubricants were invented to go along with the new polymers to help keep the rink clean and in great shape for ice skaters. At this point in time, many people estimate that synthetic ice allows skaters to glide with 90% of the efficiency of real ice. 

    Is Synthetic Ice Better Than Real Ice?

    Now, synthetic ice and real ice are two very different things. Synthetic ice was designed in a lab specifically with ice skating in mind, and ice is, well. Water that is below the freezing temperature. Both synthetic and natural ice have their pros and cons and deciding which one is better really depends on what your needs are. 

    For example, if you want the maximum glide factor, you’re gonna want to go with real ice. The reason for this is that natural ice melts a little bit from the friction of your skates. This provides a small layer of water that keeps you gliding along and skating to the best of your ability. There’s also a lot less resistance when you’re gliding on natural ice. If you’re seeking peak performance and nothing else matters, natural ice is going to be your best bet. 

    If you’re willing to take a hit on performance for convenience, synthetic ice is going to be your best bet. It’s not quite as good as regular ice, and it could take another ten years at least for it to get to that point, but it gets the job done and it doesn’t require a freezing room for it to be stored. It also takes a bit more effort to skate on synthetic ice than natural ice, but that could be exactly the edge that your training needs.

    Really, if you’re hosting a big event, you might want to spring for real ice. It will make sure that all of your skaters can skate to the best of their ability, which will allow for much more interesting competitions. However, if you’re just looking to turn your basement into a skating rink, you’ll probably want to go with synthetic ice. The only real alternative is to flood your basement intentionally then keep it at freezing temperatures, and none of that is feasible for the most part. 

    Flooding your basement can damage a lot of the sensitive systems in your house, so that should be avoided at all costs. Synthetic ice allows for easy installation because it’s just like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, but it adds the ability to remove it whenever you like. In a home setting, synthetic ice also requires less upkeep. 

    Why Would Someone go Through the Trouble of Creating an Indoor Skating Rink at Their House? 

    If you stumbled onto this article by chance, there are good odds that you’re wondering why someone would go through all the trouble to create their own indoor skating rink in their house. After all, there are a lot of year-round skating rinks that allow anyone to practice as long as they have the money to enter. To many, creating a home skating rink may even sound a bit frivolous, especially with the existence of skating rink businesses. 

    There are many reasons why someone might find a home rink appealing. One of the biggest reasons is that it actually saves money in the long run. Let’s say that it costs $15 per person to go to the skating rink, but your indoor skating rink would cost roughly $3000. In just 200 uses it’s already paid for itself, assuming that you’re the only one that’s using it. If you let your friends and family use the rink you built as well it will pay for itself a lot faster.

    Advantages of Synthetic Ice over Conventional Ice - GliceRink

    Another big reason why people go through all the trouble is because of the hours of operation of skating rinks. If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping and wanted something to do to kill some time you probably already know all about how it feels when you can’t do the one thing you want to do. Having your own rink means that you can go skating whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    That also means that if something big like a pandemic happens that forces all of the rinks to close, you’d still have a place to practice without having to worry too much about the availability of rinks. If someone is a competitive ice skater, they can’t really afford to go months or even years without practicing. They want to be sure that they stay in their tip-top shape when competitions resume. 

    Some people also enjoy the wow factor that it brings to their home. Many people visit and will be amazed at the skating rink that the person owns, and might even have some fun skating on it themselves. For those that want to impress their friends and loved ones, owning their own rink can easily accomplish that goal. 

    On top of everything else that we’ve already mentioned, it brings a sense of wonder into your home that is hard to capture otherwise. You might remember being a kid and how exciting it was to go to the ice rink and skate around with your parents. Owning an ice rink in your own basement, garage, backyard, or anywhere else you might want to put it allows you to capture that magic again, and carry it with you for as long as you live in that house. 

    Really, the only reasons why you might not want to get your own skating rink are that you don’t skate so it wouldn’t make sense, you can’t afford it, or you don’t have a space to put something like that. A good at-home skating rink is a great investment for just about anyone that enjoys ice skating. 

    Ice Skate at Your Leisure

    Most people are looking for some level of control in their lives. We do, after all, live in a very chaotic world. When people want to practice their hobbies, whether they’re a musician, stamp collector, or ice skater, they want somewhere they can hone their craft in peace. Synthetic ice has made this a much easier task for ice skaters. You can make your very own synthetic ice skating rink just about anywhere in the world, then you can skate to your heart’s content practically any time you could want to.

  • Puneri Paltan Team 2021: Players, Records, Sponsors, Owners

    Puneri Paltan Team 2021: Players, Records, Sponsors, Owners

    Puneri Paltan is currently one of the leading teams in the Pro Kabaddi League. With a combination of unstoppable power, trained skills and quick emotions, here is an army that is always looking forward to doing better, challenging its opponents and making a difference.

    Puneri Paltan is an Indian Professional Kabaddi team participating in the Pro Kabaddi League. The group is based in Pune, Maharashtra. Puneri Paltan play their domestic video games on the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex with a potential of approximately 4400 heads. It also offers a home to the Pune Pistons franchise in the Indian Badminton League (IBL)

    Puneri Paltan attended the 2014 Pro Kabaddi League launch event and has been there ever since. The team’s coach is BC Ramesh who is Arjuna Awardee himself. He was a key member of the gold medal team at the 2002 Asia Games, the 2006 Asia Games and the 2004 Kabaddi World Cup.


    The Puneri Paltan Franchise is owned by Insurekot Sports which is the most popular brand in the industry. They invest heavily in sports and this was their first job in Kabaddi. The tag line is “Khel Badlega” which means “the game will change”.

    History: Puneri Paltan

    Puneri Paltan changed into one of the founding individuals of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2014.Maharashtra is the only country with two teams in the league, Pune and U Mumba.

    The team is owned by Insurekot Sports, a Mumbai-based company, dedicated to reviving the Kabaddi game in India. In 2014, the team organized an election camp in Pune, where the best players were given the opportunity to play in the second round.

    Efforts to distribute the sport did no longer end there, as Puneri Paltan persevered to sell Kabaddi by way of organizing ‘Talent Hunt’ in diverse parts of Maharashtra.The ‘Puneri Champs’ camp was held in 2014, for school children in Pune.

    At the 2014 PKL public sale, Wazir Singh became Pune’s maximum luxurious participant at ₹ 10.6 lakhs.


    As mentioned earlier, Insurekot Sports owns Puneri Paltan. The factory was established in 2001. Sumanlal Babulal Shah, Rajesh Harkishandas Doshi, and Karthik Kumar Venkataraman Marshan are three directors of Insurekot Sports who also hold positions of honor in other major companies.

    Talent Hunt and Little Puneri Champs are efforts taken by Insurekot Sports to help lower-level players.

    Sponsors of Puneri Paltan

    Force Motors, certainly one of India’s leading car manufacturers, has been Pune’s essential sponsor for the past 3 seasons. The organization will hold to guide the group even in subsequent seasons.

    Equio released the kit three seasons ago but if you look at the latest social media posts in Pune, it could change this season. Players appear to be donating a Shiv Naresh bag during practice. The famous Indian brand will be our seventh season sponsor.

    Pune recently ran another camp in conjunction with a great drink, Red Bull – “Red Bull Tashan’.


    After failing to reach the PKL final in the first six seasons, Puneri Paltan made a major change in the team’s history – bringing in former India captain Anup Kumar as head coach.

    After retiring in December 2018, Pune speedy moved to the ropes within the ‘Bonus Ka Badshah’ as their 7th season train. Anup has been working with the team for some time now and has been instrumental in Pune’s preparations for the upcoming season.

    Working in PKL

    The Pune-based franchise was very far from the league side. In the six seasons so far, Pune has already made it to the playoffs twice while finishing with a wooden spoon twice.


    Without their preparation, various training camps, the first season was a disaster in Pune. They finished bottom of the league with only two wins in 14 games. Their first victory came against Bengaluru Bull, winning the game 33-31. The second and final win of the season was against the Bengal Warriors.

    Pune lost 12 games in the first season with 127 points.


    Pune’s fortune failed to change lots within the 2nd season as they completed once more last season.They have only won two games again. And for those looking for a reason to smile, the Paltan lost just 11 games in 2015, drawing the game with the Telugu Titans.

    Final Thoughts:

    Puneri Paltan 2021 Full List of Players

    The Puneri Paltan team will not win a single Kabaddi title, with some of the team’s top players having the potential to take the team to the finals. With Nitin Tomar and Pawan Kumar both players, they did very well last season – which led to the team being at the right level. For more information on BalleBaazi.com.

  • Reasons for which Shoot Away Gun Variant Is An Ideal Investment For Your Child

    Reasons for which Shoot Away Gun Variant Is An Ideal Investment For Your Child

    The Gun is a mechanical basketball shooting appliance and rebounding tool utilized by basketball players to improve their shooting skills.

    To be a successful basketball player requires tenacity and devotion in everyday performance. Aptitudes like practicing drills, flawless shooting, consistency, hard work, and building muscles play a significant role in the journey.

    Parents must make an ideal investment for their children by selecting the device carefully for the best home basketball machine.

    Shoot Away Gun Variant Helps Improve Skills.

    The gun helps players prioritize ball control and develop more vital dribbling skills to open jump shots and beat defenders. Working on the lower body shooting mechanics is essential to build the foundation of their shots. The basketball shooting facility helps players to build confidence.

    Shoot Away’s latest 12k shooting gun is a boon for all of those who are willing to improve their basketball skills right away. The cutting-edge technology used in designing this shooting gun makes it different and advanced than most of its contemporary basketball shooting machines.

    Why Investment for Basketball Shooting Machines?

    If you want to see your child as an impeccable basketball player, you must prepare a basketball shooting facility at home. The advanced shooting machines with state-of-the-art apparatus help players in tracing and assessing their performance. The tools and gadgets deliver an opportunity to boost skill further.

    • Data analytics equipment for refining techniques

    The Shoot-A-Way basketball training machine has data analytics devices to display the drill status. An individual can check the extensive detail of their performance. Players can concentrate on particular areas that need improvisations.

    • The machine builds up time management skills.

    When you keep a basketball machine at home, it helps time management. One can better manage the missed shots.

    • For the facility basketball machinewith hoop installation, one must choose the location, dig a hole, pour the concrete, raise the pole, attach the background, install the rim and net, and the finishing touches, which may cost $4oo to $600 on average.

    The Gun 12K – An Ideal Investment

    The Shoot-A-Way Gun 12k is an appliance for trainers that helps maximize their vitality. People can set the one-size-fits-all approach in the backyard or basement. The aspirants must acquire the tool without a second thought.

    The latest model has brand new characteristics of impressive ranges to assist a trainee. With 200 plus programmable locations, it helps make the entire floor yours.

    • One can assemble the machine easily. Players can raise it as per their desired height or bring other essential adjustments.
    • The practitioners can report the real-time statistics and the analytics within the same workout.
    • When the gun powers up, the touch screen pops up. The facility enables players to preload their names and regulates their access to the facility gun network. Users can operate it with or without Wi-fi. The device has a heat map that exhibits the collective shot charts.
    • The appliance traces a player’s deficiencies and supports them to modify. The tool also marks where one is faring well.
    • The gadget creates a stat on the players’ last 30 days’ performance.
    • The system entitles one to select a customized theme.
    • It permits sequenced shooting beside a non-intrusive shot counter.

    Basketball Shooting Machine for Home Use | The Gun by Shoot-A-Way

    Components of the Shooting Machine

    The Shoot-A-Way basketball machines are automated, programmable, and precise, which helps track the performance of the trainees. Parents can purchase them at a reasonable rate. The device includes an 8 inches touch screen. The shooting machines are a good investment for it helps the trainees in building an incredible career in the future. Apart from the screen, it has

    • Wireless remote
    • Multi-range programming
    • Program locations in the custom order
    • Improved netting system
    • Shots made counter
    • Quick-adjust passing distance lever
    • Upgraded design
    • 5 saved custom drills
    • Five-year warranty

    Users can save their stats and trace improvement. The device has 200 plus workouts and 50 plus pre-built small-group drills for pro trainers and the D1 coaches. These drills are highly recommendable for individual workouts.

    Individual Shooting Drills

    There are numerous Shoot-A-Way like Gun 6000, Gun 8000, and Gun 10K available in the markets, which have eclectic programming. They cater to a player’s needs effectively. Parents must have a fair idea before buying the choicest machine for their children.

    The Gun 6000

    The Gun 6000 is the fundamental model that helps rebound the player’s made or missed shots, and then it sends the ball back to the player for the next shot. It has a timing device to assist players in determining the distance and the speed of the return passes. The device also records the shots taken and the percentage of made shots.

    The Gun 8000

    The Gun 8000 is a more advanced model which includes various new features such as a touchpad for directing the passes, a time delay button, the capacity to input several passes from a given spot before the Gun moves to the next level. The device also enables the users to get print out of receipts the attempts made and show percentage.

    The Gun 10K

    The Shoot-A-Way model called Gun 10K has a touchscreen to specify where the players desire the pass directed, the ability to input a set number of passes from a given spot before The Gun moves on to the next level, the proficiency to pick the order where The Gun will pass to the locations, and time delay in between each pass. The device also has an elective built-in Bluetooth speaker system to play music through the player’s phone during the workout session. It displays the workout stats through the free Shoot-A-Way app.

  • How a Balance Board for Hockey Builds Muscle?

    How a Balance Board for Hockey Builds Muscle?

    A popular way to train for strength and stamina is to work out on a balance board for hockey. It may not bring the same results as if you were to lift heavy weights every day, but it will help you to stay agile, strong, and help to avoid becoming injured by moving the wrong way.

    Your core is the part of your body that is in place so that you can stay balanced in several different ways:

    • Balance as you stand up and move forward
    • Balance so that your muscles do not pivot off balance and cause injury
    • Balance to lay down and get back up again
    • Balance to do pushups
    • Balance to do pull-ups
    • Balance to ride a bike

    This list could go into the thousands, but you probably get the general idea of how important the core muscles are.

    Balancing on a Balance Board

    For some people, it is easy to get on a balance board and stay up there without any problems at all. For others, it is a bit of a challenge to find the balance at first. Either way, as soon as your body begins to balance up there on the board, your core muscles are activated and helping to prevent you from falling to the ground. The process is not always perfect for some people, and this is where core training comes in handy.

    The first proof that you will have to show that working out on a balance board is working your core is that you will be able to balance better.

    At first, balancing can be clumsy and choppy. After a while of balancing, your body gets used to it and your core muscles strengthen along with the connections between your brain and your muscles. This is what is known as muscle memory.

    Pushing for More

    Once you get the hang of balancing on your board you can start pushing yourself to further your training sessions. There are a number of different exercises that you can do while you balance on the board. Many hockey players love to train for stickhandling skills as they balance. As they steady themselves on the board, they can slap a training ball back and forth with their stick. Exercising in this manner helps to gain even more core strength, and adds to the benefits of the entire workout.

    Balance Board Squats

    Doing squats on a balance board might sound a little challenging, but many hockey players learn how to do them, and use them for various different exercises as they become stronger.

    One thing about doing squats while you are balancing on a board is that your core will stay engaged and tight the entire time you are performing the workout. As you squat down, your leg muscles will engage in a couple of different ways.

    First, your core is made up of several muscles that surround your body, including the muscles within your pelvic area. When you lower your body into a squat, your legs are using strength to support your body weight, while other parts of your legs are working with your core to keep you from falling down. If this sounds like a complicated action, it is because it is.


    The body is a fascinating machine that works with all parts of itself in order to provide balance and health to us as we move around. Engaging in training exercises that build both the body and the mind together is a phenomenal way to build strength and muscle memory.

    ***Sniper’s Edge Hockey loves Canada! We proudly ship all of our products to Canada and offer the same return policies as we do for everybody else. We realize the exchange rates for the Canadian dollar are not the best right now, so we’re trying to help by giving you free shipping and no customs/duty.***

  • How to Max Core Strength on a Hockey Balance Board

    How to Max Core Strength on a Hockey Balance Board

    Most great hockey players have a few things in common. They have good hand-eye coordination, good balance, and strong legs and wrists. One more thing they almost all have in common is an incredibly strong core.

    What are Core Muscles?

    Your core muscles are made up of all the muscles in the trunk of your body. Some of the muscles here are well known – your pectoral abdominal, and oblique muscles – and other, more interior muscles may be less familiar. These muscles include the multifidus, erector spinae, and pelvic floor muscles.

    Why are Core Muscles Important to Hockey Players?

    Strong core muscles help improve balance and make your movements stronger and more explosive while you are skating. It allows you to generate more torque when shooting for a harder shot and will give you more power when you go into the corners to battle for a puck.

    What is the Best Way for Hockey Players to Max Core Strength?

    Any exercise that strengthens your core is good for hockey players and working with a hockey balance board. A hockey balance board is a piece of off-ice training equipment that you can do drills to improve your balance, your stickhandling, and also do exercises to strengthen your core. This equipment looks like the top of a skateboard but, instead of wheels, it is perched cross-wise on a cylinder. To balance on it, you put your feet on either side of the board and try to get both sides off the ground at the same time.

    Hockey Balance Board Core Exercises

    There is a wide range of exercises you can do with a hockey balance board to strengthen your core. Here are a few of our favorites.

    The Balanced Hockey Stance

    Just using the board and getting in a hockey stance will do wonders for your core. Start by balancing on the board. You can use your stick, held across your body or on the floor, to find your balance. Then lean slightly forward and bend your knees with your stick ahead of you like you are getting ready for a face-off. Whether you just hold this position or do drill while standing like this, your core muscles will be challenged.


    Planks mean holding yourself in the pushup position, with your back and arms as straight as possible for as long as you can. This exercise is a great core workout and Incorporating a hockey balance board into this routine can supercharge your core strength.

    Using your hockey balance board, you can do planks multiple ways. For beginners start by holding the board balanced with a wide-legged stance. For a more advanced plank, put your legs together. You can also do it “backward” where your feet are keeping the board balanced and your hands are on the floor. For each of these moves, start by trying to hold it for 10-15 seconds and build from there.


    This is a cool exercise move that works some of the less obvious core muscles. With your feet should-width apart, bend at the waist and grab the balance board. Then, open your hips to the right and throw your left leg through and extend it until you are almost sitting down. Return to the start position and do it on the opposite side. This can be a hard move to master but the results for your lower back and abdominal muscles are worth it.


    Core muscles are a major key for any hockey player’s game. The stronger the core is, the stronger you will be able to play on the ice in many different ways. To build these muscles, a hockey balance board is the perfect piece of equipment. Check out this off-ice training device and much more at the Snipers Edge Hockey website.

    ***Sniper’s Edge Hockey loves Canada! We proudly ship all of our products to Canada and offer the same return policies as we do for everybody else. We realize the exchange rates for the Canadian dollar are not the best right now, so we’re trying to help by giving you free shipping and no customs/duty.***

  • Auto Draft

    How to Hockey Deke on Synthetic Ice

    Being able to pull sick dekes takes a lot of work and practice. If you think it is harder to pull dekes on synthetic ice, think again. Once you have mastered the moves of the deke, there is no stopping you. If you don’t know what a deke is, keep reading you are about to find out.

    The Hockey Deke

    The concept of a deke is to trick your opponent into going in the opposite direction that you are going. For example, say you have the puck and are rapidly approaching the goalie. You want to slap the puck in for a score, but you need the goalie to move out of the way. In a quick instant, you feign to shoot for the right side of the goal in a way that is convincing enough that the goaltender moves toward that side of the goal to defend it, while you quickly switch your stance and slap the puck in the left corner of the goal to make a point. When you have fooled the goalie into thinking they are going to stop your shot, you have successfully implemented a deke.

    Practicing the Deke

    If you have a synthetic ice practice area in your home, you are in luck. It just so happens that when you combine a hockey passer with a hockey shooting tarp on synthetic ice flooring you get the perfect ingredients to practice the epic dekes that you need to have in order to dominate the game. Some of the most important things that you need to practice great dekes are:

    • Hockey flooring (synthetic ice)
    • Hockey passer
    • Hockey shooting tarp
    • Lots of hockey pucks
    • Hockey stick

    With these, you can successfully practice sick dekes whenever you want.

    The Hockey Passer

    The hockey passer is a key element in the process of training for deke moves. The reason why it is so important is that you can pass pucks to it as fast or slow as you want them to return to you. When you master the force of your passes and shots you have more control of how the puck acts after it leaves your blade and slides across the floor. When you set up your rebounder where you slap a puck at it with speed and allow it to return to you with some heat you can practice shots from the rebound to the hockey tarp. You can pinpoint where you want to put the puck on every shot. When you repeatedly make shots off of the cuff with the rebounder you are training yourself for quick shots with quick actions right on the spot. This way, when it is time to make the deke in real life, you have the skills to make it happen right there ingrained in your muscles.

    Ice Skating On Synthetic Ice

    People that have never skated on synthetic ice panels before don’t understand how similar to real ice that it is, once you get used to it. Anything that you can do on real ice, you can do on fake ice. Maybe even better, with practice. Although there is a slight drag because of a little more resistance when skating on synthetic ice, there is not much difference. The one thing that makes synthetic ice skating better is that the little bit of resistance that is present helps to build muscle, strength, and stamina. You can practice on a synthetic ice rink for a while, then when you go back to skating on real ice will be that much easier for you because your skating muscles will be stronger and in better shape than before. Keep practicing and don’t allow any excuses to slow you down. You will be pulling the sickest dekes on the best goalies in no time.

    ***Sniper’s Edge Hockey loves Canada! We proudly ship all of our products to Canada and offer the same return policies as we do for everybody else. We realize the exchange rates for the Canadian dollar are not the best right now, so we’re trying to help by giving you free shipping and no customs/duty.***

  • Does Synthetic Ice Ruin Ice Skates?

    Does Synthetic Ice Ruin Ice Skates?

    Because of the current pandemic, millions of ice skaters and hockey players are choosing to install synthetic ice in their homes so that they can continue to skate and practice hockey even though they are stuck at home. This is a great idea because when this whole thing is all over the players that have been sitting on the couch playing video games are going to have a lot of catching up to do. The wise players will continue to practice and keep their skills in tip-top shape so that when the time comes they will dominate the rink.

    What About the Ice Skates?

    As for whether or not synthetic ice ruins ice skates, let’s start by listing a few things that will definitely ruin the blades of ice skates:

    • Hard flooring
    • Rocks
    • Mineralized ice
    • Metal shavings
    • Coins
    • Walking

    When it comes to the health and quality of your ice skates one of the worst things you can do is walk across the food with them as if they were shoes. Whenever you put your whole weight onto the blades and step on things like small rocks, coins, debris, and whatever else that can be harder than the material that your skates are made out of you can seriously damage your ice blades.

    Ice Skating on Ice

    Whenever a person skates across an ice rink, a little bit of science gets involved. What happens is that the friction from the ice skate blades moving across the ice causes enough heat to melt the ice in a minuscule area that acts as a lubricant to help the skaters glide across the surface. As the blades continue to move across the ice, the perpetual movement causes a constant supply of natural lubricant so that as long as the skates keep moving, they can continue to slide gracefully across the surface.

    Ice Skating on Synthetic Ice

    In the early 1960s, when synthetic ice first became public, there were a lot of problems that came with it. Back in those days, the type of plastic that was used to create the flooring was not the same as it is today. At first, there had to be a constant source of lubricant in order for skaters to continually glide across the surface. Even with the lubricant, the drag that the plastic caused made it difficult for skaters to move in a graceful manner. Although it seemed like an impossible feat to create an ice-like surface that skaters could get a real feel on, the developers kept trying for many years to come.

    The synthetic ice of today has evolved a long way and is now able to deliver its own lubricating system. Now, much like real ice, when the skates glide across the surface the blades activate the self-lubricating system to produce a gentle, but effective slippery skating area that is quite a bit like the real thing. As the ice skating blades make their way across the surface, the friction causes the lube to form and keep the motion of the skater as smooth and graceful as possible.

    As for Skate Damage

    When it comes down to it, there is not much of a threat of ruining your ice skates because of skating on synthetic ice. In fact, you might be more apt to hurt your blades by skating on real ice because of the metal shavings that can build up just under the surface of the ice after years of buildup and metal blades leaving behind traces of metal. Synthetic ice is made out of durable, but softer than metal plastic. Since this type of flooring is less dense than the metal that skates across it there is no threat of damage to the blades.


    If you install and use synthetic ice properly it will not cause damage to your skates and will give you a great flooring area to practice and play games on for years to come. If you install a hockey shooting tarp to go with it you can even improve your shooting skills just like you would if you were shooting on real ice. At the end of the day, installing synthetic ice can ultimately improve your game and give you a perfect place to practice in the comfort of your own home.