Dianabol also referred to as D-bal is very famous amongst body builders. The reason of its popularity is based on the effective result it provides within a small span of time. Dianabol is an oral steroid which makes the consumption easier and simpler. Unlike steroids that are available in injection form, d-bal has made its consumption so easy that anybody who wants to benefit from it can easily opt for it. The before and after effects of dianaboldepends on person to person. These effects depends on the following points:

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  • Fitness regime of the consumer
  • Daily diet of the consumer
  • Age of the consumer
  • The fact whether the consumer is a beginner or experienced with this steroid
  • Amount of dosage consumed on a daily basis
  • Time period of the cycle, whether it is 4 weeks or 8 weeks

There are some consumers of dianabol who have reported that they have gained upto 40 pounds in just 4 weeks whereas, there are there are others who have not gained more than 20 pounds so it all depends upon the above mentioned key points.

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Dosage of dianabol:

The dosage of this steroid should be kept very low for a beginner as you need to see whether or not your body is accepting this steroid. If you consume a heavy dose of dianabol the first time then you may have certain side effect as compared to a person who has been increasing the dosage slowly and gradually. If you suspect a couple of problems due to the intake of this steroid then you must immediately stop consuming it in order to save yourself from some serious health issues. If you are a first time user of this steroid then you must not consume more than 20 to 30mcg of dianabol. If you think that consuming more of this steroid from day one will help you in gaining good muscle mass and will increase your energy level quickly then you are absolutely wrong. Your organs may be able to digest this steroid initially but they can cause you some serious damage in the long run. Therefore, never listen to those who tell you to consume this steroid in a larger quantity from day one. Always make sure that you increase the dosage slowly in order to help your body get used to it.

Side effect of dianabol:

The major side effect of this steroid comes into the picture only when you misuse it. Make sure you are consuming the right amount of dosage in order to minimize the side effects of it. In case you consume a high level of dose from day one then it is most likely for you to feel the side effects of it. One of the major issues that misuse of the dosage of this steroid may create is your liver function. Your liver can get seriously damaged because of Dianabol. Therefore, make sure that you take into account all the necessary information regarding this steroid before you start consuming it.