Every region of India is unique for the type of embroidery they create, be it the Chikan of Uttar Pradesh the pashmina of Himachal Pradesh, the Mirror work of Gujarat or the fabric work of Jaipur. It is what makes this great country a very diverse one. In this article, you will get to know the about the materials that are made from Jaipur fabric and why it is considered to one of finest work of art in the country.

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What makes Jaipur fabric so special is that it’s bright, colorful and of superior quality. The fabrics are mostly used to make sarees, bed sheets, and other embroidery products for both men and women. The fabric is hand woven and is dyed using natural coloring material obtained from animals and plants. However, the technique used to make this fabric varies from area to area and its purpose of use also depends on that. The main types of fabrics used for making Jaipur bed sheets, Jaipur lehengas, and sarees are:

Bandhej Fabrics-

Also known as Bandhani, these are the most popular of the Jaipur fabric. It’s named after the process of tying and dyeing the fabric to make the cloth develop a particular desired pattern. Believed to be at first designed for royalty and a process continuing through the ages it is a part of the folklore and an object of fascination for some brave enough to give the process of making patterns by tying thousands of tiny knots a try.

A variation of the Bandhani art are also found in block printed bed sheet and are very much a popular choice of item for locals and tourists in the region.

Bagru Fabrics-

A small district in Jaipur, Bagru is famous for its pattern made products most popular of which are the hand made bed sheets. The primary occupation and the main source of income of the people of Bagru are selling off their handmade products. The method followed in making hand block printing is unique and is not found anywhere in India.

Makes use of a small wooden block with designs engraved on it and is then used as a stamp to engrave the designs on the clothing.

Sanganeri Fabrics-

Its origin from the town of Sanganer, its uniqueness lies in its composition of colors and patterns, maintaining a contrast ratio in matching and mixing them.

These fabrics are primarily used in making Jaipur bed sheets and its products are very much in demand in the markets at local, national and even International level.

Jaipur fabric despite being a touch on the expensive side is well worth the investment for the sheer quality of the produce and it’s relative uniqueness it brings about to your home décor. Every individual from in and around Rajasthan will be at least a proud owner of a pair of shoes, umbrellas, kurtas, lehengas, sarees made of these fabrics and what not, and you name it! As time went by it branched out from mainly from a provider of clothing to a fashion statement. Block printed bed sheet are no longer the only choice available when it comes to buying textile from Jaipur anymore. The designs are much more intricate and are a treat to the eyes.