There have been claims from Apple that iPhone 4 is the most durable Apple product so far. Its screen, both front and back, is made up aluminosilicate glass, also called as Gorilla glass, is 20 times stiffer and 30 times stronger than plastic, which makes it resistant to scratches. Apple also says that there is a unique band of alloy around its edges which is five times stronger than normal steel.

Although this claims are proven true (with minimal contradictory reports), all smartphones will eventually wear out, break, and get scratches in time. You have to go to repair shops to have your phone repaired.

However, for luxury phones such as iPhone 4, repair shops may charge you more than the cost of the parts that need to be repaired because of the service that has been done on your phone. Plus, you often do not choose the parts that need replacement. All you know is that the parts need to be replaced.

Now, you can repair your own iPhone 4. IPhone 4 parts are available online. The products include Grade A and original replacement screen, replacement battery, charging and microphone flex, power/audio flex cable, home button flex, ear speaker, volume and mute button flex cable, loud speaker assembly, complete screw set, 8-piece small parts, mid plate silver bezel, home button, replacement camera, vibrating motor, sim card spring, ear speaker mesh, battery connector bracket, WiFi antenna, proximity sensor sticker, bottom pentalobe screws, buttons for mute, power and volume, front camera, cellular antenna, mic IC, sim card tray, and LCD and digitizer testing flex cable. From all these products, you will have a wide range of selections.

This online shop not only offers parts for iPhone 4, but also for all iPhones 3G to 6 Plus, from iPad 1 to 4, iPad Mini and iPad Air, and from iPod Touch to iPod Touch 5G. Basically, it can provide you parts for all Apple products. It can also provide you the tools to use for repair.

In addition, it can also provide you accessories to fab up your Apple purchases; also available for all abovementioned. It also offers Do-It-Yourself Repair Kits for those who want to save up and want to offer services for other iPhone users who want to have their phones repaired.

You don’t have to be skeptical when you want to have your phone repaired. And to have your phone repaired doesn’t have to be that expensive. Save yourself from worries and buy your own.