In this online world where e-Commerce sites have revolutionised the world like never before, internet marketing and web design services become very important. It is very difficult to taste the success without having best internet marketing services in this competitive world. One has to be updated on new online marketing programs, strategies, tools and concepts in order to get the optimum level of success. Hence, My Web Agent, the best internet marketing and web services provider in Melbourne unleashes some of the successful and fruitful SEO tips that will help your online business and website to grow. Knowing the fact that SEO services play an important role in internet marketing today, the company brings top SEO tips that will shape up your online portal and brings the target audience on your website.


Page titles:

Page titles play the major role in promoting your website on Google, hence, don’t take them for granted. Try to give every page and post a unique title consisting relevant keywords. For an example, if you have a blog post on ‘ top clothing brands’ then it must have a keyword ‘top clothing brands’ in the title. In this way, you can increase the visibility of the post on the search engine.

Boost Meta Descriptions:

With Relevant Keywords: These descriptions should talk about the blog post as they appear in search engines and give readers a quick outlook about the post. So, take them seriously and make them eye-catching in all blog posts, articles and page related contents with important keywords. These descriptions are used between the search results when your page is listed or viewed.

Search Engine Friendly URLs:

It is very beneficial to have search engine friendly URLs for all pages for incredible crawling. Put efforts on making smaller URLs as they perform better in search engine results. Also, if you place relevant keywords in the URL then that will also do wonders in bringing good results.

Use body tags:

When you are writing an article, try to break up the content into smaller sections or parts in order to make it easier for readers to read. You can also put headings while using H1, H2, H3, H4 tags.

Right Keyword density:

Don’t flood your content with keywords as it will be considered as Spam on search engines. Hence, use relevant keywords in any article or blog rather than making it a Spam which will eventually ban your site search engines.

Mix SEO With Pictures:

Pictorials are always considered as the best tool for catching the attention of readers. Due to the time crunch, readers don’t read much nowadays and look for pictures that have a little content on them. Hence, try to add pictures to your content in order to make your content, site and pages more appealing and to get traffic

Do Internal linking:

It is yet another smartest way to enhance online viewership of internal pages on search engines. If you have a blog then you can also execute content linking tool in order to increase the traffic to your website.

Meta tags:

Don’t take them for granted; hence, put a set of relevant keywords in the form of Meta tags.

Fresh & Quality Content:

The last important SEO tip is content marketing plays a great role in popularising your site’s rankings and ratings on the search engine. Make efforts in putting best and fresh content for readers which talk about new things and topics like never before. Remember that unique and quality content will always attract readers to your website.