• The Green Job Market: Where Do You Fit In?

    The Green Job Market: Where Do You Fit In?

    Many aspiring college students dream of the impact they’ll make after they graduate long before they ever step foot on campus. Some students will go off to be a social worker, helping individuals navigate the toughness of life. Others will end up in the realm of healthcare, saving the lives of those in need. There are some students that approach college with the intent of doing more than just helping others, though. Many aspiring college students dream of what they can learn to help aid them make a difference to the environment.

    With temperatures rising year over year on average, ocean levels continuing to climb and natural resource supplies decreasing, it’s clear that our world needs professionals in place to tackle these issues. Which is why the ‘green’ career paths many aspiring college students devote themselves too are so important. Throughout this post, a number of those jobs and how they contribute to the world will be detailed.

    The Green Job Market Is Growing

    With more and more nations taking an environmentally conscious approach, more technologies need to be put in place to create sustainable forms of renewable energy. Those responsible for creating and administering these technologies are the students who dive head first into the ‘green’ job marketplace.

    What should a student interested in this job field major in, though? Employers hiring for these positions are looking for students with a degree in the STEM field. With a background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, true leaders within the space can be born from the students who just recently graduated with enough experience. In fact, many of these positions will take these recently graduated students to a number of different industries, with jobs sometimes offered by the government or other nonprofits.

    While it’s clear that these jobs will require a great deal of experience to come into, students should always be considerate of how they can continue learning throughout their journey to hopefully one day find themselves in those positions. In the meantime, where they can start are a number of entry-level jobs that can help contribute to the good of the environment.

    Becoming An Environmental Engineer

    Future is green job Market, explains TERI School of Advanced Studies  faculty - Education Today News

    Environmental problems sometimes require environmentally engineered solutions. Experts within this field use different elements of engineering, biology and chemistry to create unique solutions to environmental dilemmas. Many times construction and manufacturing companies will have environmental engineers on staff to plan, design, and bring eco-friendly projects devoted to reducing energy, water, and waste to life. These positions are imperative in creating a healthier future for everyone.

    The Difference A Water Quality Specialist Makes

    Water filtration remains one of the most essential elements of an operating society. Without water, the world ceases to exist. As it is such an important natural resource, there are a number of jobs dedicated to protecting it and making sure it is suitable for consumption. These water quality specialists are dispatched to various local areas to ensure that their water systems are operating at a high and clean level. A higher level of employment in this role might look like running the inspection and testing departments for a water treatment plant. Whatever the case might be, this is an incredibly noble profession that contributes to our everyday lives.

    How Your Efforts Contribute To The Future Of Everyone Else

    It can be easy to daydreami of what you can accomplish after you graduate college and enter the green jobs marketplace, but in order to do so, you need to work towards establishing a set of knowledge and skills that will require some time to build. Continue throughout your journey in college by building relationships with peers and professionals, digging deep in your research, and conducting the most thorough analysis. All of the experience you gather in that time will help you make the most difference in the world. To learn more about how to progress your ‘green’ job dream, visit EncourageMe for more information on how their app can help.