The origins and history of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has been utilized as an effective treatment method for a number of bodily dysfunctions and disabilities for nearly hundreds and thousands of years. It is seen as a major treatment option to rehabilitate patients suffering from severe physical disabilities as a result of illness, disease, or accidents. The evidence of the utilization of physiotherapy can be traced back to ancient times where specific techniques and exercises were used to prevent certain illness and treat physical dysfunctions and diseases. It was in the early Greek period during the times of Hippocrates that the people started to take physiotherapy as a dedicated profession. Hippocrates made use of massage techniques as a kind of therapy to aid in the restoration and maintenance of the human body’s motor skills and functional capabilities. Massage techniques are being used till today and are associated with the profession of physiotherapy because of the immense benefits and positive effects they have had over the health and well-being of humans. Today, the intervention techniques and treatment methods go beyond mere massage in the field of physiotherapy and much advancement has been made in the field to help the human life acquire stability all through life.


Defining physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is defined as a health and well-being sector to promote, develop, maintain, and restore body’s maximum motor movement and functional capabilities through the span of life. The main purpose of the field is to help in identifying and maximizing the quality of life and enhance the potential for physical movements to promote health and well-being and prevent certain diseases. Physiotherapy is aimed at treating various physical dysfunctions to rehabilitate health in patients.

Physiotherapy aims at:

The field of physiotherapy considers functional body movements as a core component of a healthy life. That is why the field focuses on restoring physical capabilities and help people gain control over their physical movements. Rowville Physiotherapy helps people in the rehabilitation process and treats any physical dysfunctions using a number of intervention techniques and methods. When a person’s physical mobility is affected by accident, injury, disease, pain, or inactivity for long periods of time, a physiotherapist intervenes to carry out a thorough medical examination of the patient. This examination is focused on identifying underlying psychological, emotional, and social condition of the patients and devising a diagnosis and then chalking out a suitable treatment plan.

The many advantages the field brings to physical treatment

The in depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology helps in identifying dysfunctions in body movements and promotes health, mobility, well-being, and freedom in patients of all genders and ages. Every specialized area of physiotherapy has its own treatment plans and techniques based on solid scientific evidence. It is through this field that people are getting back to their normal lives after intense physical trauma and disease.