Can I Go to Jail for Not Paying a Loan?

Personal loans have the capability to make up for different expenses. Whether it is marriage expense, education expense and the like, personal loan is the safest bet. Among this, one of the useful features of Instant Loan is that you can consolidate your debt with personal loans. So will you get jailed for not paying a personal loan? Let’s find out!

Reasons for Using Loans for Debt Consolidation

When you take the loan for various debts, the single amount is sufficient to fulfil your requirements. Some of the reasons for choosing this type of loan are as follows.

Payment Via Single Emi

Maintaining several EMI can be easy. Also, you do not have to pay the penalty in case you miss any EMIs. Single EMIs also help in maintaining a healthy relationship with your lender, and you can maintain a good credit score. Therefore, consolidating your debt with a personal loan will be suitable. So the task an easy one when repaying debt with a single EMI,

Lower Interest Rate

The interest rate for a personal loan is lower compared to others. Therefore, debt consolidation through personal loan is a viable option. Also, before you opt for the loan, it is advisable that you search for the right rate of interest. This way, you get in touch with the right lender in the market.

Fixed Repayment Period

The loan repayment tenure is usually from 1 year to 5 years in case of personal loans. You have to pay back the amount within the stipulated time. By knowing how much you have to pay on a monthly basis, it shall help you to manage your finances better.

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Features of Personal Loan that you Get for Debt Consolidation

Proper time approval – Soon after submitting documents for personal loans moneylenders sanction it after immediate verification. Therefore, you can get approval for Quick Loan in a timely manner.

Online application – You can avail the benefit of applying for a loan from the online website recommended by moneylenders. Therefore, it is better that you compare the interest rate before you apply.

No security to deposit – Unlike other borrowings, you do not have to keep any security deposit in case of personal loan.

Flexibility of payment – You can choose the time period from 1 year to 5 years to repay your loan. This should depend on your ability to repay. So, opt for the amount of personal loan for debt consolidation that is sufficient for you.

Also, when you are opting for this loan for debt consolidation, make sure that you choose the right bank offer. This shall help you pay a low rate of interest. Before you take the loan, check your existing loans to reduce your financial burden.

Look for the interest rate that they are offering and compare it with the other companies to make sure you are not paying extra interest for the same amount of money. And apart from the interest rate, also look for the prepayment charges.