Study Hacks to Crack JEE Main 2022

To clear the JEE Main and the JEE Advanced is not an easy task. It needs proper planning, hard work, and preparation for months. Since the number of students appearing for this exam is high, the competition is also very high. So candidates are advised to prepare wisely for the JEE Main exam 2022. Unlike last year, the exam will be conducted in 2 sessions. As per the latest update from the official authority, the exam will be conducted in April and May. The registration process has been started. Students are required to visit the official website for registration.

As far as any entrance exam is concerned, problem-solving speed is an important factor that determines the rank of a candidate. Even though a candidate has learned everything, but speed is less, it will not help. So improving the speed of solving problems is very important. Preparing revision notes for JEE Main, practising previous years’ questions, mock tests etc., are some important factors that help students to improve their ranks in the exam.

Tips to Excel in JEE Main

Following are some study tips.

  • Revision notes
  • Previous years’ question papers
  • Choose proper study materials
  • Mock tests

Revision Notes

It is not an easy task to revise all the chapters when you have only very few days remaining for the exam. So, it is very important to make revision notes for JEE Main for each chapter. While learning each chapter, students should note down the shortcuts, important formulas, and important facts of each chapter. Students are advised to revise these notes when there are a short number of days left for the exam. This helps in quick revision.

Previous Years’ Question Papers

Revising previous years’ question papers will help students to understand the question pattern and the difficulty level. To improve the speed of solving problems, students should practise these questions. It will also help in enhancing the confidence of the students. It also gives an opportunity to self analyse themselves and point out the weaker areas. Besides, It gives an idea about which topic to learn more and which one to leave.

Choose Proper Study Materials

Students should be very careful while selecting the learning materials. A huge number of resources are available. They can ask the help of teachers before choosing any study material. Students can also access a large number of video tutorials on the internet. PDFs of important formulas can also be downloaded from different websites. Students are recommended to make use of free resources available on the internet.

JEE Main Notes

Students can also download notes of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. JEE Main Maths notes are very useful while preparing for the JEE Main exam. It helps in quick revision before the exam. These notes are available online for free. Students can easily download these notes in PDF format.

BYJU’S provides mock tests, JEE Main notes, previous years’ solved questions, mock tests etc. Students are advised to make use of these and score better ranks for the JEE Main exam.