• Let’s Talk About Choosing Your College

    Let’s Talk About Choosing Your College

    How are you supposed to know how to choose a college if you don’t even know what you want to study? Easy. Don’t choose “the” college before you choose a career path. Your mindset flip is all about starting backwards: “What do I want to do as a career?” Let that answer determine how you want to approach choosing your college. Once you have a major in mind, start to prioritize what makes your “real college fit.”

    Things to Consider: 

    Larger campuses mean more activities, organizations, and opportunities that are within walking distance. This includes sports and Greek life, should those interest you. Because students live on campus, it’s easier to connect with peers and develop friendships while networking on campus. These relationships can be lifelong, and valuable in the future when you’re in the workforce!

    Universities are melting pots of amazing culture and diversity. People from all over the country and world attend universities and immerse themselves in campus activities. This is a great chance for you to meet someone with a different background and learn from them and their cultures, while community colleges typically enroll students who are from the town or area where the school is located.

    Resources, resources, resources! Alumni love to give back to their institutions, so scholarships and funding is typically more abundant on a university campus.

    Where you choose to get your education is a really important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But you already know this! Prioritize your pros and cons and how they’ll ultimately affect your mental health and overall growth potential when attending the schools on your list.

    Resources To Use When Researching Colleges: 

    Check out www.encourageme.com and download the app to be matched with your perfect school. It’s free, easy to use, and the best college planning app in the game.

    The U.S.Department of Education’s College Scorecard has reliable data on college costs, graduation rates and outcomes, and be sure to check out the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) College Navigator tool.

    The key is to be real with yourself and honestly recognize the details that are most important to you for your collegiate experience. This is for you. No one else. So do your homework, take some campus tours, and try to talk with students who attend the campus to get their advice and testimonies on their experience to see if it fits in with your overall vision for your educational needs. Either way, you’ve got this – we’re cheering you on!

  • Study Hacks to Crack JEE Main 2022

    Study Hacks to Crack JEE Main 2022

    To clear the JEE Main and the JEE Advanced is not an easy task. It needs proper planning, hard work, and preparation for months. Since the number of students appearing for this exam is high, the competition is also very high. So candidates are advised to prepare wisely for the JEE Main exam 2022. Unlike last year, the exam will be conducted in 2 sessions. As per the latest update from the official authority, the exam will be conducted in April and May. The registration process has been started. Students are required to visit the official website for registration.

    As far as any entrance exam is concerned, problem-solving speed is an important factor that determines the rank of a candidate. Even though a candidate has learned everything, but speed is less, it will not help. So improving the speed of solving problems is very important. Preparing revision notes for JEE Main, practising previous years’ questions, mock tests etc., are some important factors that help students to improve their ranks in the exam.

    Tips to Excel in JEE Main

    Following are some study tips.

    • Revision notes
    • Previous years’ question papers
    • Choose proper study materials
    • Mock tests

    Revision Notes

    It is not an easy task to revise all the chapters when you have only very few days remaining for the exam. So, it is very important to make revision notes for JEE Main for each chapter. While learning each chapter, students should note down the shortcuts, important formulas, and important facts of each chapter. Students are advised to revise these notes when there are a short number of days left for the exam. This helps in quick revision.

    Previous Years’ Question Papers

    Revising previous years’ question papers will help students to understand the question pattern and the difficulty level. To improve the speed of solving problems, students should practise these questions. It will also help in enhancing the confidence of the students. It also gives an opportunity to self analyse themselves and point out the weaker areas. Besides, It gives an idea about which topic to learn more and which one to leave.

    Choose Proper Study Materials

    Students should be very careful while selecting the learning materials. A huge number of resources are available. They can ask the help of teachers before choosing any study material. Students can also access a large number of video tutorials on the internet. PDFs of important formulas can also be downloaded from different websites. Students are recommended to make use of free resources available on the internet.

    JEE Main Notes

    Students can also download notes of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. JEE Main Maths notes are very useful while preparing for the JEE Main exam. It helps in quick revision before the exam. These notes are available online for free. Students can easily download these notes in PDF format.

    BYJU’S provides mock tests, JEE Main notes, previous years’ solved questions, mock tests etc. Students are advised to make use of these and score better ranks for the JEE Main exam.

  • IBPS Clerk Mock Test: Know Why Is It Important

    IBPS Clerk Mock Test: Know Why Is It Important

    Because of the high level of competition for the IBPS Exam, aspirants of the bank exam must prepare meticulously through the ibps clerk mock test 2021 Series to ace the exam.

    Various IBPS tests, such as the IBPS PO, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk, and IBPS RRB, are conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection every year. All the IBPS examinations are online in the online mode. Applicants should take IBPS free online mock tests before the final examination to have a feel for the real-time IBPS examinations environment.

    Every year, numerous aspirants appear for the IBPS exam. Regular participation in the IBPS Free Mock Tests is essential for candidates who want to gauge their abilities and gain an understanding of the types and patterns of questions that will be asked in the IBPS examinations.

    Advantage Of IBPS Clerk Mock Test Series

    The IBPS clerk mock test would be beneficial for candidates preparing for both the preliminary and main exams. The mock exam practice will allow any candidate who is a little slower in solving questions to improve their speed.

    How Does a Mock Test Series Help in Acing IBPS Clerk Exam | Critics Rant

    Over time, one’s capacity to answer questions on time will improve as a result of this. Accuracy can also be enhanced through the use of mock tests and practice.

    Another key talent that one should have is the ability to manage one’s time well. It is tough to attempt additional questions if one does not keep track of time. The IBPS clerk test series can assist you in improving your time management abilities.

    Candidates should devote sufficient time to all of these mock tests regularly. Attend and evaluate each mock test to increase the overall score on the real test.

    Free mock tests for IBPS clerks are also available for testing purposes. There will be a lot of information in the IBPS Clerk 2021 notification, such as the exam dates, exam pattern, eligibility, and the number of available positions.

    More IBPS clerk 2021 mock test series should be completed before the exams scheduled date because mock exam practise is a crucial component of one’s overall performance.

    IBPS Exam Schedule

    The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an acronym for the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. A body that administers different banking exams, such as the IBPS PO Exam, IBPS Clerk Exam, IBPS SO Exam, and RRB Exam, to recruit workers for the banking industry.

    Refer to the IBPS Exam Dates Calendar for 2021 exams to obtain complete information on the exams, including dates and times of examinations, as well as many crucial instructions relating to them.

    Applicants need to start their preparation for the IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk examinations early to be successful in them. Candidates can select the IBPS free mock test for the banking exam for which they are prepared and use it to help them with their banking examination preparation.

    The ibps clerk mock test 2021 provides a comprehensive understanding of the examination based on the amount of anticipation held by the candidates.

  • Definition of Ratio and Proportion & the Differences

    Definition of Ratio and Proportion & the Differences


    Ratio and proportion are largely explained using fractions. When a fraction is expressed as a:b, it is a ratio, while a proportion expresses the equality between two ratios. In this case, a and b may be any two integers. Ratio and proportion are two critical concepts, and they serve as the basis for understanding many concepts in mathematics and science.

    We use the principle of ratio and proportion in our everyday lives, for example, in business when dealing with money or when preparing some meal. Occasionally, students become perplexed by the concepts of ratio and proportion for class 6. The aim of this article is to provide students with a better understanding of these two principles through the use of additional solved examples and problems.

    For instance, if the ratio is 4/5, the proportion statement is 20/25 = 4/5. When we solve this proportional statement, we obtain the following:

    • 20/25 = 4/5
    • (20X5) = (25X4)
    • 100 =100

    Thus, the ratio expresses the relationship between two quantities, such as a:b, where b is greater than zero. For instance, the ratio of two to four is denoted as 2:4 = 1:2. And the statement is said to be proportionate in this instance. Direct proportion can be used as an implementation of proportion.

    Difference between Ratio and Proportion in Mathematics:

    This section defines the terms ratio and proportion. Both definitions are critical components of mathematics. Additionally, there are numerous instances in real life, such as the rate of speed (distance/time) or price (rupees/meter) of a commodity, where the ratio principle is illustrated.

    Proportion is an equation that establishes that two given ratios are equal. For instance, the time required for a train to travel 100 kilometres per hour is the same as the time required for it to travel 500 kilometres in five hours. For example, 100 kilometres per hour equals 500 kilometres in five hours.

    Ratio Definition:

    In certain circumstances, comparing two quantities using the division method is extremely effective. We may assume that the ratio is the contrast or condensed form of two identical quantities. This relationship indicates the number of times one quantity is equal to the other. To put it simply, a ratio is a number that can be used to express one quantity as a fraction of another. Only when the two numbers in a ratio have the same unit can they be compared. Ratios are used to equate two items. A ratio is denoted by the symbol ‘:’.

    A ratio can be expressed as a percentage, for example, 2/5. In our everyday lives, we encounter several similarities, or ratios.

    Important Points to Bear in Mind:

    • There should be a ratio of quantities of the same kind.
    • When comparing two products, the units used should be comparable.
    • There should be a clear hierarchy of words.
    • Comparing two ratios is possible if the ratios are equal, as fractions are.

    Proportion Definition:

    Proportion is an equation that establishes that two given ratios are equal. In other words, the proportion indicates that the two fractions or ratios are identical. When two sets of given numbers increase or decrease in the same ratio, the ratios are said to be directly proportional. For instance, the time required for a train to travel 100 kilometres per hour is the same as the time required for it to travel 500 kilometres in five hours. For example, 100 kilometres per hour equals 500 kilometres in five hours.

    Ratio and proportion are sometimes referred to as two sides of the same coin. When the values of two ratios are identical, they are said to be in proportion. To put it simply, it contrasts two ratios. The symbol ‘::’ or ‘=’ denotes proportions.

    Formula for Proportion:

    Assume now that the two ratios are a:b and c:d are in proportion. The words ‘b’ and ‘c’ are referred to as ‘means or mean terms,’ while ‘a’ and ‘d’ are referred to as ‘extremes or extreme terms.’

    a/b equals c/d or a: b:: c: d

    As an illustration: Consider another scenario with a large number of students in a classroom. If the first ratio of girls to boys is 3:5 and the second is 4:8, the proportion can be written as follows:

    3 : 5 : 4 : 8

    Three and eight are the extremes, while five and four are the means.

    For more examples and video solutions explore the best online learning website in India.

  • 5 Smart Ways Students can be Safe While Studying Online

    5 Smart Ways Students can be Safe While Studying Online

    As the Covid-19 is spreading rapidly throughout the world, the education sector started revamping its old methodologies. Now, with the help of tech software like online attendance management system, ERP software, schools are transforming their old methods of teaching. The virtual classes and portal enable schools to provide location freedom to students. This becomes one of the feasible solutions to adopt during the lockdown.

    But one of the main hassles becomes the safety of students online. The students’ privacy becomes one of the biggest concerns of school in the 21st century. The growing cybersecurity threat ultimately makes the online environment unsafe for students. So how students can be safe while studying online?

    While schools can implement strict rules and regulations, but the major steps that need to be taken to keep students safe while studying online are discussed in this blog.

    Tips to Make Students Safe While Studying Online

    Often students have no awareness regarding the use of the internet. While, every student knows how to browse online, but very few of them know how to keep their privacy secure. This is the reason, ransomware issues, scams, and other issues are faced by students.

    In the current scenario, most of the educators also don’t know how to keep the children secure from online threats. But spreading awareness and using the following key ways can help you out to let students study online safely.

    Prepare A Strong School Online Policy

    For the majority of the schools’ online policy is the new thing. Due to no online culture in the education sector, no one ever paid attention to set rules for online browsing. Therefore, start with preparing a strong school online policy that addresses every rule. For instance, a complete guideline on what to share or not should be shared with the students.

    Even most of the schools share guidance forms with parents where guardians or parents are granting permission for the pictures to be shared with teachers online. This is one of the best ways students can be safe while studying online.

    Never Disclose Student’s Name Publicly

    It is the vital responsibility of educators and school leaders to hide the names of students online. In online public forums, hackers and other scammers try to get information regarding a specific student or the whole group. Therefore, educators need to follow this rule strictly. Use, custom design portal to establish a secure connection.

    Secure Virtual Rooms

    One of the easiest ways to leak out the students’ video or hack the camera is through the virtual rooms. Often educators rely on virtual classes that are conducted in virtual rooms. Whether it’s zoom or any other free room that allows connecting teachers and students online, most of the time they are easy to hack. Therefore, always secure virtual rooms for students to let them study online.

    Use School Related Email Addresses

    Educators and school leaders need to get customized email addresses to help students recognizing the fake and original ones. The email scam is one of the common types of scams that can be used against students. Therefore, students and educators need to use only the official email address.

    Build Your Own Platform

    One of the smartest ways to let students study online safely is to build their own platform. Schools can get a customized application, virtual room, and portal that never lets hackers seek into it. This also enables parents to pay online, while schools can easily streamline their educational process.

  • Auto Draft

    Financial Data Scientist

    Become A Financial Data Scientist – What All Do You Need

    Thereis no doubt that a financial data scientist claimed the top spot for the 2nd year in a row. The data scientists are getting an average salary of $130,000. The job market of data science is a long way from soaked, with an expected shortage of 195,000 specialists. Because of the escalating demand and high ranging salary, the majority of the people would like to become a data scientist now. Let us explore what all you need to become a data scientist.


    Usually, a strong educational background is typically required to have a depth of knowledge essential to become a data scientist. You need to have a bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Physical Science, and Social Science. The most common fields of study are Statistics and Mathematics followed by Computer Science and Engineering.

    Fundamentals and Statistics Knowledge

    You must have a fundamental understanding of matrices and linear algebra functions, hash functions, and binary tree. You must be familiar with relational algebra, rudiments of the database, reporting VS BI, i.e., Business Intelligence and analytics. Along with this, a data scientist must have a good knowledge of statistics. During a detailed financial data science course at Lantern, you will get to learn all this.


    A data scientist must have outstanding communication skills and the capability of reporting technical findings with the ultimate objective that they are understandable to non-specific accomplices, regardless of whether partners or corner-office executives in the marketing department. A data scientist must be able to make the data-driven story not just possible yet somewhat convincing and you could urge the supervisor to give you a raise.

    Data Wrangling

    Data wrangling is one more skill, which a data scientist must have. It is also known as data munging. It is a process of mapping and converting data from a single raw data form in a dissimilar format. The data to be scrutinized is challenging work, and it will be disorganized. A portion of the defects in data includes conflicting string organizing, missing qualities, and data arranging. This will be deeply significant at small companies where you are an early data appoint.

    A candidate you have effective skills to turn out to be a financial data scientist. Having these skills will help them to make a successful data scientist career. The demand for a data scientist is growing day by day, and it is likely that the requirement of the data scientist will amplify in the future.

  • Cracking Up Judiciary Exams 2020 In The First Attempt!

    Cracking Up Judiciary Exams 2020 In The First Attempt!

    The UP Judiciary exams are a test to find out suitable candidates for various posts of civil judge divisions. The UP high court conducts this exam every year. Thus, if you are an aspirant and want to crack UP judicial exams in the first attempt, you should know everything about the exams.

    This is an exam that takes place in three stages. That means you have to qualify all three stages to get recruited. The first stage of the exam is a preliminary test. This is an objective type test in which you have to choose the right answer among the multiple-choice questions. But one point that you should always keep in your mind is this test also includes negative marking. Thus, you have to make sure you don’t attempt a wrong answer in your UP Judiciary exams.

    On qualifying the first stage, you can move on to the second stage of the exam. The second stage is a descriptive paper. It is written in which you have to answer all the questions. Then comes the last and final stage of the exam that is Viva-voce. It is an interview type test in which the interviewer will ask you questions relevant to your UP Judiciary Syllabus.

    Up Judiciary Exam Overview

    Name of the examination  UP Judicial services
    Conducting body  UP high court
    Stages to qualify  Prelims, Mains, and interview
    Maximum number of attempts  six


    Up Judiciary Eligibility Criteria

    If you are aspiring for the UP judicial exams, you must know the eligibility criteria to qualify. Thus, below are the criteria to qualify for the exam.

    • Education qualifications- If you want to appear the UP judicial exams, you must have a degree as a bachelor in law. Further, the university must also be recognized by the state government.

    You should also register yourself as an advocate under the advocate Act, 1961. Besides, you must also be a barrister of England and must be proficient in the Devnagri script of Hindi.

    • Age-limit- if you want to appear the UP judicial exams, you should make sure that you are above 22 years old. And you should also be less than thirty-five years. That is the upper age limit for the candidates.
    • General requirements- The aspirant must be a citizen of India. He/she should not have any type of history in any criminal case involving moral identity.

    Up Judicial Exam Pattern

    The UP judicial exams, as you know, takes place in three stages. The prelims will offer you two types of paper. It includes paper-1 and paper-2. The paper-1 will offer you a question from general knowledge. It includes history, geography, Indian politics, current affairs, economy, and international affairs.

    The paper-2 in UP Judiciary will ask you questions from the law sphere. It will include everyday happening in the world of law. Similarly, the main written exam offers you five types of papers. Paper-I includes general knowledge. Paper-II will offer you questions from language. Paper-III & IV will offer you questions from the law. And finally, the last round would be an interview which will offer you 100 marks. This stage will examine your character, personality, and physique.

    Wrapping up, these are everything you should know about UP judicial exams. Now that you know the exam pattern, you should prepare your best to crack it in the first attempt.

  • Education

    College Accomplishment Is The one you have To Find Out By way of Our Tricks And Tips

    Understanding for essential exams, dwelling on your won, and looking to plan your future can certainly make university rather challenging. You may want each of the report is here now to help you.

    When you don’t hold the school funding or scholarships and grants to cover all of your school charges, consider an training loan. College is one thing that could spend great dividends in the end, so it will be suitable which you obtain some personal debt to help with the.

    Research ability courses can teach you beneficial instruction in the direction of school good results.College is different from high school graduation and require a transition.Research abilities class will educate you on reach your goals in college or university classes.

    See how long strolling must make it every class to the next and plan appropriately. Make be aware of your bath rooms and also other places that you will need to go.

    Generally ready your screening supplies when getting examinations. The instructors often don’t give items out, so be sure to have the thing you need before leaving for type.

    Also you can fulfill other active college individuals and exercise. You are going to make new close friends to sort out with.

    Have a healthy morning meal prior to taking a big examination within the mid-day. Simply a natural yogurt or piece of fresh fruit is beneficial. Your belly along with its growling will distract you are hoping to take an evaluation.

    Take the time to meet up with your course instructors.

    You could possibly identify the drive is not any longer than by coach. You save time typically spent on searching for vehicle parking locations. You won’t be forced to pay for gasoline or vehicle parking goes by. It’s also a terrific way to be environmentally informed.

    You will be living with someone that can get ready food for you personally and producing your personal food items. Create a timetable that balances type research, relaxation, some time and using excellent care of on your own. You are able to come to be unwell from being as well stressed or otherwise not maintaining a healthy diet ample.

    Steer clear of ingesting pre-manufactured foods and snack foods that are refined or full of sugars and fatty acids. Steer clear of overeating protein diet plan because this is unbalanced and may even lead to health problems for you.

    You could always buy used college textbooks. The textbooks could be extravagant. You almost certainly have to help save each of the cash you possibly can if school is charging you an arm and a leg. Shop around at on the web bookstores to consider previously utilized textbooks.

    There are several methods to complete your time and efforts in school, however your focus should be on studying. Assure yourself which you will study every single day. Even though you don’t really feel you need to that day, practice it. It is going to make it a routine.

    Textbooks are very high-priced and might price a number of 100 money. You can get applied books and stay away from a huge amount of cash at the same time.

    Do more than just count on exploring electives as a means of figuring out your main and desire.Become involved all around university. Sign up for clubs and sign up for job-examine task. There are many actions you can take on campus. Attempt something totally new per week.

    Producing friends will never occur over night. Producing an endeavor is frequently as basic as arriving for institution a little bit sooner than you could possibly or else. If this school room is the best place, you will help to people that request. This really is a great way to get rid of into a discussion.

    College is enjoyable, but in addition a brand new obstacle. Whilst lots of the elderly believe school is definitely not but game titles and exciting, there are a few considerable troubles encountered by college students. Take full advantage of recommendations you’ve acquired on this page to help make school life somewhat much easier and do not stop trying!

  • Education

    3 Tips To Help Buyers Write A Letter To The Seller

    You’ve found the perfect home; a place you fell in love with at first sight. You immediately decided to put in an offer, but you’re concerned that someone else may have fallen in love with the home too. One way to stand out from other offers is by writing a letter to the seller to put with your offer.Many buyers have never heard of this practice, but it can help them win the contract. Here are some tips on writing that offer:


    Get Emotional

    Your offer speaks in hard numbers; your letter should soften up the seller with an emotional appeal. Let the person know why you loved their home. Maybe it was the bright red front door that beckoned or the tulips that lined the driveway. Remember that this house is still their home and they have attachments to it. If they see you are already attached, they may feel better about selling to someone who loves it as they do.

    Student at Desk

    Keep It Simple

    You may have several reasons why you think you’d make a great buyer for this house, but select only two or three of your strongest reasons and focus on those. Remember that the seller may have several offers to read through, so you don’t want to take up a lot of their time. When selecting your reasons, think like the seller. What will they want to read?

    Don’t mention anything about updating or changing the home even if you have plans. Don’t mention anything about previous issues or how you need to find a house before your rent goes up. Your letter should always be upbeat and positive.

    Focus on the Positives of Your Offer

    It’s a good idea to refer to your offer and any features which benefit the seller. For instance, you could let them know you are flexible with the closing date because you’re living with family. Any reassurance of an easy transaction can allay sellers’ fears and make them choose you over someone else.

    When mentioning why you would make a good buyer for the seller to work with, make sure you do it in a spirit of humility. Don’t take it for granted that they will choose you or act as if they should. Assume the wrong attitude and you risk alienating the seller. With the right words and right attitude, you could win them over and win the contract.

    Always check over your letter for grammar and spelling. Let your real estate agent read it to review for red flags. Put your best effort in it, but don’t linger too long or someone else may get their offer in first and you’ll miss out.

    If you want to stand out in a sea of other buyers, write a letter to include with your offer. Let the seller get to know you and why you want their home, and you’ll stand a better chance of hearing your agent tell you they accepted your offer.

  • Education

    Things To Know About Scholarship

    As the cost of attending some of the best colleges exceeds $50,000 a year, therefore  number of students and their families start looking for ways to pay for the fees and one of the best solution for this problem is to get scholarship Malaysia in order to help pay for the cost. However, very few understand the basics of scholarship including the reason because of which the provider provides scholarship.

    Understand the basic facts

    Know this fact that for getting scholarship you will have to keep a number of things in mine. However, before applying for scholarship you should know about scholarship and basic facts about scholarship in order to get help to find scholarships which can help you in reducing the cost of college education.

    There are a number of things which you should know about in order to get a biasiswa. Know this fact that though both governments as well as colleges and universities offer scholarships to the students, but getting the scholarship isn’t as easy as most of the people thinks it to be. It is a complex and a bit daunting process. Most of the people have this common misconception that government bodies are the one who offers the most money for scholarships. However, in reality, it is the college s or universities are the one which offers the largest amount of scholarships to the students who attend their schools or universities. This is the reason because of which you should consider targeting the college which offers a great amount of money as scholarship for their students in case if you feel that you cannot afford your higher studies.

    Everyone knows that private colleges fees are too high, but the thing about private colleges which most of the people aren’t awareabout is that private colleges a lot more scholarships as compared to the state schools.

    No matter where you apply for scholarship or which college or university you are studying at right now, if you want to increase your chances of getting the scholarship then you will have to read the eligibility criteria of getting the scholarship before applying for nay and you should give special importance to the application form. Try to enter correct information and try to submit it in the provided time period. You can get scholarship if you can’t afford your college fees or if you are a great athlete or if you show excellent achievement in your academics.