Today most of the selling and buying is done via internet and World Wide Web has become the hub of online shopping. Apart from clothes and accessories, the most bought thing is brandy or wine. Many people prefer to buy brandy online rather than going to the market and buy one. People also buy brandy online because they want to taste a variety of wines produced by different brands and foreign companies.


The brandy developed from different big names is delicious and no doubt everyone has the right to taste every type of wine made in the world but there are certain restrictions regarding online buying of brandy and wine. Some important points are described here which should be considered before placing an order online for buying brandy.

Points to Consider for Buying Brandy Online:

Following is the list of all the important points that should be considered before actually buying a brandy online:

  1. Check the allowance of brandy in the country.
  2. Consider the purpose of buying.
  3. Check for import permits.
  4. Consider customs.
  5. Consider the custom duties.
  6. Weight and shipping charges.
  1. Check the allowance of brandy in the country:

Most of the countries do not allow their residents to buy alcohol online via airmail or courier. Alcohol is prohibited in many countries and the countries fall in three basic categories:

  • Importing and using alcohol is strictly prohibited. These countries include Canada and Islamic countries.
  • You can import unlimited alcohol via airmail. These countries include USA, Germany, UK, etc.
  • Only a limited quantity of alcohol is allowed via airmail. These countries include France, Sweden, etc.
  1. Consider the purpose of buying:

Purpose of buying brandy should be considered. The import process will be simple if the brandy is bought for personal consumption but the process will be a complicated one if you are the owner of a bar and want to resell it.

  1. Check for import permits:

Import permits are required in some countries in order to collect parcels containing alcoholic beverages and slivovitz.

  1. Consider customs:

Check the custom charges for alcoholic contents as some countries charge heavy customs for large packages.

  1. Consider customs duties:

Alcoholic beverages may involve heavy customs and you can be charged with VAT, administrative cost, customs duty, excise duty, etc.

  1. Weight and shipping charges:

The shipping charges of alcoholic beverages are usually subject to their weight and a general weight of 1.5kg bottle will cost you much.

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