Chances are you or someone you know has panic attacks.  You’re probably looking for all natural solutions to relieve that high anxiety.  The good news is that exercise is a great way to do it.  It’s drug free and highly effective.  Here we’re going to talk about how exercise can be used to reduce anxiety levels.

Exercise reduces two key stress hormones.  Those hormones are adrenaline and cortisol.  Reducing these hormones will cut back on the high anxiety that you feel.  Exercise also increases the levels of endorphins that your body produces.  This will help you feel happy and less stressed out.  Increased activity also raises levels in the serotonergic system.  This will stabilize your mood and also make you feel happy.

This all can be achieved through moderate exercise.  You can even achieve this by walking briskly or jogging.  You don’t need any fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership to feel the anxiety reducing benefits of exercise.  Though, you would benefit from having access to training equipment.  It’ll give you the ability to exercise when weather doesn’t permit.  It’s important that you don’t allow your exercise routine to diminish because of weather.  For this reason you may consider joining a gym.  Though, a gym membership has far more benefits than just this.

What are the anxiety reducing benefits of strenuous exercise?  We’re talking about short, but intense exercises.  They can actually quickly reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety.  Along with the mental symptoms as well.  This isn’t something that you can do all the time.  You can’t rely on this method as the only way to deal with your anxiety and panic attacks.  It’s simply not feasible.  You’re not going to be able to do strenuous exercises while sitting on the bus for example.  That doesn’t mean you should ditch the idea entirely.

The most important thing is to have an exercise routine and stick to it.  Should you focus on moderate or intense exercises?  Your health is the first thing that will determine that.  There’s no use in attempting something that you can’t do.  Only you can determine if you’re capable of intense exercising.  It’s probably not something you should do if you haven’t already begun exercising.  Get a routine down and improve your health.  Then you can move onto more intense exercises.  If you’re ever in any doubt ask your doctor or ask a personal trainer.  They’re going to be honest with you.  They’ve worked with countless people in the past in the same condition as you.

Exercise is a great way to be less reliant on drugs for treating anxiety and panic attacks.  No one is saying that you should throw out your medication if you’re currently taking it.  Exercise can be an alternative to medication.  It can also be used as a means to reduce your symptoms.  Which in turn can help reduce the need for other therapies.  It can also help you not to have to increase your medication.  The bottom line is that exercise is vital.  Especially for those that have anxiety and panic attacks.  Make sure you’re getting plenty of exercise.  It’ll relieve your anxiety in a great way.  You’ll also be healthier because of it.  Your health is the most important thing you have.  Help take care of your mind by taking care of your body.

At, the goal is to minimize and eliminate your high anxiety and panic attacks not through pharmaceutical interventions, but through understanding and providing you steps to handle anxiety as it arises.

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