Making Retirement the Best Years of Your Life

Today, we are living longer and healthier lives, and many of us remain active into our 80s and beyond. We all love to work, but ultimately, we all want a fantastic retirement too. Here are some ideas to help you live your retirement years to the full!

Previous generations might have seen retirement as a time to rest up in the twilight years of life, with little to really look forward to apart from lie-ins, daytime TV and perhaps some gentle gardening.

These days, however, pensioners live long, healthy lives and are more active than ever. Retirement is a time to do all those things you have always promised yourself, and derive some well-earned enjoyment out of life.

Here are just a few ideas for a happy, healthy and rewarding retirement:

Take up a New Hobby

We all have things we would love to do, but never quite got round to. Whether it is researching our family history, learning to bake or taking up a new sport, today’s pensioners are finding that retirement is the ideal time to do it.

It is true that a novice who takes up golf at the age of 60 is never going to be the next Tiger Woods, but the fact that many clubs offer beginner courses specifically aimed at over-55s, proves that it is never too late to start.

And as well as providing an opportunity to enjoy yourself, hobbies are an ideal way to meet like-minded individuals and to make new friends.

Learn for the Fun of it

Adult education has never been bigger, particularly among the retired. We never tire of learning, and when the subject matter is something that really interests us, it becomes a pleasure.

From full time degree courses in the usual academic subjects to short evening school classes, there is no better way to keep your mind sharp and at the same time meet new people.

Invest in your Leisure Time

Plenty of retirees are faced with financial choices when it comes to managing their pension funds, and one option that is well worth considering is to invest in something that will provide hours of pleasure and also be a sound investment.

This could be anything from a holiday cottage or villa to a pleasure boat or a classic car – all things that can contribute to a great retirement lifestyle in their own right, while almost certainly appreciating in value.

Get away from it all

It is said that travel broadens the mind, and most pensioners will agree that retirement is the perfect time to see the world – both on your doorstep and further afield.

With budget flights available to a growing list of destinations, it is still possible to be a globetrotter on the most limited budget, and even the famous retirement cruise is no longer the high-cost luxury that it once was.

Of course, it is possible to explore new places without even having to leave the country, and many retirees enjoy learning more about the UK and visiting those spots they had never quite got round to. English Heritage membership provides a great framework for doing this, with free access to hundreds of locations and special membership rates for over-60s.

The Best Years of your life

Today, people spend an average of 20 years in retirement. With careful planning from independent financial advisor pensions, you can make them the best years of your life!