Moving House is as Stressful as Mourning – How to Help Yourself?

They say that moving house creates a similar response in your brain to dealing with a death. Here’s how to navigate your next home move with as little stress as possible.

Moving home is one of the hardest things you do in life. It represents a huge upheaval. You are lifting up your roots in one location and moving them across country, state, or international borders, to start again somewhere else. Everything you know in life shifts. Everything you thought was secure in your life is suddenly going through this process of uprooting. It hurts to have no soil. Until you put your feet safely into your new property, there’s thousands of factors which could go wrong.

Today, we want to discuss the mental wellness aspects of moving home. How do you protect yourself from that massive shift in outlook? How do you stop your mental health spiralling while under those tremendous pressures? Let’s reflect.

Staying Sane During a House Move: Some Top Tips

Here are a few of our favourite tips to staying positive during this tough period of your life.

Train Yourself in Wellness

Firstly, if you can spot the signs of stress, you can learn how and when to mediate it. For example, those who don’t spot the signs might end up erupting and causing damage to themselves or others in a massive outburst. If you can spot the signs that an outburst is coming and change your mindset then, you avoid the massive blowout.

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We recommend that you seek out some training before you go down the path of therapy. Therapy is a good option if you have a history of mental illness and you are planning a house move. If you don’t have that history, training can be enough to spot those vital signs. We suggest Hays Wellbeing Online Training for a first step because you can complete it without leaving your home.

Consider Therapy Sessions

You can buy a single or double set of therapy sessions just for this occasion. There’s no harm in revisiting old work with your regular therapist, who can advise you and remind you of tips on how to focus on the positive. Often, when mental illnesses come for another round with us, it helps to remember the training we give ourselves to fight back. Going over key points with your therapist will help.

Get Organised

Once of the best things you can do for yourself is to get as organised as you can, as quickly as you can. Those who start packing early, use storage solutions, and plan ahead, are those that will find the experience less stressful to deal with. Keep your essentials and a few treats unpacked and pack everything else up, ready to move. Get organised, your brain will thank you for it.

Focus on your New Home

Your new home is about to bring your many new opportunities for a better life. Focus on those positives and keep your goals in mind. Your new home is one step closer to them.