There are instances wherein you may smell a foul odour when you are doing the dishes. Sometimes, it can be because of an impending water backflow. In this case, the experts in Sydney water backflow prevention suggest that you get in touch with seasoned plumbers and your local government agency to have this checked immediately.

In other instances, the smell is something musty that you can’t really identify. More often than not, the musty odour coming from your rain is caused by mould and mildew. This article lists down some of the things that you can do to get rid of this smell effectively.

Homemade Solutions

To get rid of the musty smell coming from your drain, you can try and use homemade solutions that involve baking powder. In this case, you can combine baking powder with hydrogen peroxide or distilled white vinegar. Any of these should make a significant difference when it comes to the musty smell.

  • Baking Powder and Hydrogen Peroxide

If you want to use hydrogen peroxide in conjunction with baking powder, what you first need to do is to pour half a cup of baking powder down the drain. From there, you need to wait about half an hour before pouring a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Just keep in mind to never mix hydrogen peroxide with bleach and pour it down your drain, particularly if you have recently used a chemical drain cleaner. This can create a toxic gas that can be harmful if inhaled.
How To Get Rid Of Bad Drain Odor - MN Plumbing & Home Services

  • Baking Powder and Distilled White Vinegar

You can also use distilled white vinegar with baking soda to clear the musty smell coming from your drain. In this case, you first need to pour half a cup of baking soda and follow it with a cup of vinegar. Wait for about 15 minutes or until the froth settles before you run hot water down your drain for about a minute. After this, wait for another five minutes before running cold water.

Clean your Garbage Disposal

Finally, you can also take the time to clean your garbage disposal because this can also be one of the areas where the musty smell is originating. After a thorough cleaning, you can also deodorise your disposal with a couple of lemons after you have added some ice into the canister. In this way, your disposal will be able to grind the lemons faster.

Final Word

To get rid of the musty odour coming from your drain, you can use homemade solutions that involve the use of baking soda or clean your garbage disposal thoroughly. These will both have a significant impact when it comes to eliminating the musty smell coming from your drain. In case all of these still prove to be ineffective, it may be time to call a reliable plumber in Sydney to help you deal with the problem.