Backpackers, whether the young or the young at heart, tend to share a more or less common objective – to travel the world at their leisure, enjoy all the sights, sounds and cultures different places have to offer and to do it all on little more than a shoestring budget.

Cost saving tips on your backpackers insurance, therefore, may be welcome news – so here are a few:

Medical cover

  • arranging medical cover is the biggest favour you are likely to do for yourself, especially when travelling on a budget – the expense of finding, let alone receiving, emergency treatment when you well off the beaten track may be astronomical;
  • travel insurance specialists Bengo Travel, for example provide backpackers insurance offering three different levels of cover but all including this essential medical protection – the cheapest cover provides just the basic medical provisions, the second for those who want somewhat greater protection and the third for those looking for the most comprehensive form of cover;

Cover – whatever you are getting up to

  • it might be something in the very nature of adventure-seeking backpackers, but there is a greater than even chance you may want to indulge in a wider than usual form of sports and activities – some more extreme than others;
  • adding cover for each of these specific types of cover might easily ratchet up the cost of your insurance premiums, so might want to choose a policy that includes a wide range of known activities – policies most likely to be offered by a specialist provider of travel insurance specifically tailored to the needs of backpackers;

Working your way?

  • a similar tip applies to those many backpackers who help to pay for their worldwide roaming by also working their way – in the favourite lines of work such as bars and restaurants or forms of casual labour;
  • although adequate protection for taking on jobs whilst you work your way might mean shelling out yet more money for the additional cover with some policies, there are others – again, more likely to be offered by specialist backpacker insurance providers – who include that cover as a standard feature;

Getting your hands on your cash

  • the current strength of sterling means that in many parts of the world you are likely to receive more local currency for every pound than you might have done in previous years;
  • if you have been using your credit card to withdraw cash in a local currency – which is one of the safest ways of getting access to your cash after all – you have probably had to bite the bullet of paying a standard 3% “non-sterling transaction fee”;
  • a new card issued by the Halifax, however, promises no such fee when you use it overseas, anywhere in the world – a definite money-saver and one which may help you to keep down the cost of including cover for large sums of money, travellers cheques and the like in your backpacker insurance.

Travelling on a budget with a pack on your back does not mean that you have to forego the reassurance and safety of adequate travel insurance – far from it, purpose designed cover from specialist providers of backpacker insurance may offer just the solution you are looking for.