Toronto is one of the most populous cities in North America and one of the most popular ones too. Being the capital of the Province of Ontario, it is quite popular among the people and is also the center of finance, business, arts and culture. With the amount of population this city has, searching a good house can be a tough task. Common people always have the dream of getting a house of their own, which is big, beautiful and in the heart of the city. With the aim of providing the people of Toronto another beautiful piece of development, named the Clover on Yonge Condos. It provides you with a golden opportunity to live in the heart of the city, enjoying the beauty of nature along with it.

What does it consist of?

The Clover on Yonge Condos, when finished with the building plan, will consist of 44 storey building. The main tower will include 600 mix condos units in total and will also have parking space which will be completely underground.  The space within the tower will also be retail space for the people. The design of this development is a very good one and the people responsible for this are the Hariri Pontarini Architects. The development company of the Clover Condos has already made its name in the market for designing various important buildings. They are considered to live up to the expectations of the people this time too.

Perfect score for design

The reason why CresfordDvelopment Corporation, which is the developing team, is putting huge importance in this project is its promising location. The design has been made such that it will include almost anything which can be expected from such a residential development. The design has been planned in such a way that once the construction is finished, the developing team would surely hope for a perfect score in the development of this project.

A paradise with facilities

According to the proposed design, this can be considered as the walker’s paradise because it is too far away from the rush of the modern life, but matches with it in the development terms. It has been designed in a way to suit both who drive and who do not. In addition to all these, there are many shopping centers and retail outlets around too. Also, there are various top notch dining areas and entertainment points which can be visited when one wishes to spend quality time with their loved ones. Overall, it is a place designed to be best in terms of beauty and facilities.