Dogs make the perfect companions. They get us out of the house for a walk or run around the block, and even provide a bit of security when walking at night. They are fun to interact with, and studies have even proven that they lower blood pressure. German shepherds are a well-known and popular breed of dog. By choosing from German shepherd puppies you will be able to bond with your new friend right at the start of its life, rather than attempting to bond with an adult dog. Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider owning a German shepherd pup.

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1.You will never be bored.

Aside from being in a young stage, German shepherd puppies have plenty of energy, so they need to be active. That means plenty of play time outdoors for you and your pup. You will be able to go out for walks several times a day, get fresh air, and will get plenty of exercise. You will know they are ready to get some play time in just by observing their rambunctious behaviors.

 2.They are highly protective of you.

German shepherds proceed with caution when strangers are near. They will let out a bark to alert you whenever someone knocks on your door or enters your property. If criminals or vicious animals threaten you, this breed won’t hesitate to protect you and your family.

They are especially protective of children. This makes them a great dog to have around on the playground or field, where it may be difficult to keep sight of your child at all times. As adult dogs, German shepherds are often used by police or security personnel because they obey commands well and are easy to train.

3.They are very intelligent dogs.

This breed is extremely intelligent and able to communicate with its owners. They are in the top three of all dog breeds in intellect, so they often learn a trick or command in as little as five repetitions. This makes dog training a less frustrating experience for everyone involved and less time-consuming.

German shepherds learn by being curious. They love exploring a new building or park. They will want to check out their surroundings when they go out each day, even if it appears the same to you. Puppies are especially curious, and will want to get into anything and everything. You may want to put away certain items until you get your pup trained.

Do you live in San Antonio, Texas? If so, there are many parks where German shepherd puppies would love to frolic around. If you are open to hours of fun and games, owning a German shepherd will keep you fit and active while you spend time with your puppy.