The urge to eat treats and sweets

Search the term paleo desserts over web and numerous results will be displayed that are full of coconut and chocolate delights but are they really allowed for someone on a paleo diet? Before you head out to market to get loads of coconut, dates, chocolates, and flour, take a minute to think if sweets really are good for paleo diet. Sugar in refined form is prohibited for people on paleo diet and event artificial sweeteners are not considered appropriate. Besides this grains and dairy products are not allowed so what actually we have in sweet?


Ideas for paleo desserts

Satisfying the urge to eat sweets on a paleo diet is a tough job as nearly all ingredients that make up yummiest cakes and pies are not allowed in paleo diet. Thoughtful planning is required to experiment with new recipes to stay healthy and fit. Almonds, nuts, seeds, coconut, and fruits are allowed and these combined with honey, maple syrup, and digestive biscuits or graham crackers can create finger-licking-good desserts and treats. If you do not want to pour in your brains then you can hover to blogs and sites with yummy Paleo diet dessert recipes that are both healthy and easy to make. Those who follow strict diet plans avoid eating grains, dairy, and sugar so baked desserts are not a good idea but still there are possibilities. Fresh and dried fruits, nuts, eggs, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, cacao, and coconuts are allowed on paleo diet and can be used to make delectable treats to satisfy the urge to eat something sweet in breakfast or with evening tea.

The debate to eat or not to eat sweets on paleo diet

As sugar is prohibited on a paleo diet, people are still confused whether to eat desserts or not. Even healthy treats should be consumed with caution and always avoid adding sugar and prefer honey or maple syrup. Pumpkin desserts and wild fruit cobblers are also preferred by many people on strict paleo diet. There is one definite rule for consuming sweets on a paleo diet i.e. if it contains sugar; it’s definitely not a paleo dessert. Our ancestors relied on fresh wild fruits, animal meat, and vegetables and for them the only dessert was berries and nuts with loads of coconut.

Final word:

If you too are struggling with sweet cravings during paleo diet, try experimenting by blending paleo friendly foods in various combinations and satisfy your urges for a sweet tooth.