There are so many different types of essays that one can have to write on. Each gives the topic a different shape. Once you know what type of an essay that you have to work on, it will be very easy to write on it. All you need to do is keep the rules in mind. Just like a narrative essay needs to have as little description as possible and an argumentative essay should feel like a debate in writing that convinces the reader in favor or against the topic, as per your wish, there are some things you have to make sure are there to make your descriptive essay perfect. Write My Essay can help you but here are a few fundamental factors you need to bear in mind and work on when writing a descriptive essay.



The essay can be set at any place, a railway station or a classroom. Whatever you decide, make sure that you describe it completely so that it is easy for the reader to imagine it all. When I write my essay I try my best to create the whole picture for the reader and that is basically what descriptive essays are all about. If you succeed at this, you succeed at writing a good descriptive essay. From the surroundings to the color of the sky and the sound of rain drops, put each element to create the picture perfectly. The scenario can complement the situation, for example, the situation is regarding loneliness so the weather can be dry and cold.


First and foremost you need to think about the characters that you will be using in your essay to describe a particular situation.  You have to think of the facial features and the physique of each. Write in detail about the color and texture of the hair, or precisely how tall or short someone is. You can derive resemblance from general or well-known creatures or things, for example, her eyes were a color of chocolate- dark and warm. Next, use as many adjectives to describe the expressions as accurately as possible. Last but not the least, throw in a few words about their nature so that the reader can have a general idea of the personality of the characters in the essay. The features/figure and personality are sometimes correlated, helping to describe each other, for example, her eyes the color of a fox- a sharp green. Here the reader can guess that the girl is clever.


Situation is more about the feelings that the characters are experiencing. For example, the situation can be heartbreaking which depressed the character.