It’s a new era and there are new ways to market products and services. Those old days of interruption marketing are gone now, when the message was pushed to mass audience and they were likely to tune it out. With latest online marketing methods, you can now reach the customers at their doorsteps. In fact, every company can do that, irrespective of the product or service they offer.

In this post, you will understand why online marketing has become so crucial for businesses these days. But before that, if you already knew what it can really do, and are looking for cheap and efficient service in town, you should contact Webryze for low cost search engine marketing Toronto.

If you need evidence, here are few of them:

  1. According to the Internet World Stats, there were 7% online users aged 18 or above only in the United States and Canada, as of June 2014. Interestingly, 97% of these users preferred online shopping. That’s enough to say, you should join the digital bandwagon, if you haven’t done it yet.
  1. Due to the fact that your prospective clients are almost all online, you can reach a much wider audience that you would with any other form of marketing. You can reach and spread awareness about your brand more efficiently than other forms of marketing.
  1. Getting online ahead of the pack will give you a significant competitive advantage. If you’re going to compete, you have to be where the action is. With most businesses already up and running online, which may include your competitors, if you aren’t there yet then you’ll soon end up on sidelines.
  1. One of the best benefit of online marketing is, it’s way cheaper than traditional marketing. The cost is almost negligible compared to what you spend on TV ads and printed signs on streets. Plus, you’ll get your lead at 61% less expenses.
  2. With online marketing, you can measure your ROI and cost per lead quite easily. With TV ad campaigns you would not have imagined to go that deep. This is the reason why online marketing has become a science. It’s not just a practice anymore.
  1. Online marketing also allows you to generate data that can be used for future planning. With loads of analytics and performance reports, all you need is make little adjustments on certain places, and your plan for the next period will be ready in no time.
  1. Another reason of investing in online marketing is better lead quality. Your sales department will get relatively “warmer” leads – people who are already interested in your product or service. That will save your cost and time you’d normally spent in nurturing and nourishing your prospects.
  1. All the above mentioned activities can become quicker and cost-effective, which means your overheads and other expenses will go down big time. Online marketing takes less heads and man hours.
  1. Online marketing (inbound marketing for instance) is much more focused, taking customers directly to the place of purchase. It helps customers save time in searching for the right product. With quick resolution of problems, customers will feel satisfied and would convert rather easily.
  1. Last but not the least, online marketing helps get positive reviews from customers. Plus, improved visibility on search engines would take you extra yard closer to your customers.


So, you have so many benefits of online marketing. You cannot just think over it and waste your precious time. Instead of letting others snatch your share of customers, act quickly and invest in online marketing right away!