Wearables are the next phase of the mobile revolution,” said Daniel Debow.

Riding the mobile wave has re-invented enterprises and as, wearable tech trickle into enterprises, it will transform organizations.

The possibility for wearable solutions is as wide as ones imagination.

Now, a range of wearable platforms like—Google’s Android Wear, Fitbit, Pebble smartwatches, Philips devices, Apple watch, and Samsung’s Gear smartwatches are available, which allow users to keep with work with no or less distraction.

Wearable are the most preferred gadget used by the users and enterprises.

However, wearable adoption is not as matured as smartphones, but soon, albeit in a notable compressed time frame, wearable tech would become integral part of the industries.

According to Gartner Research, by 2017, wearable devices will account for fully half of all app interactions, becoming a newly dominant platform for data exchange.

Instead, among wearable, wrist-worn devices are accounted for more compelling use-cases for the consumers.

It seems smart wrist wears will steal the spotlight, but basic wearables will not disappear.

According to IDC research, by 2019, wrist wear will remain in the dominant position with an 80.4 percent share of the market, clothing (4.5 percent), eyewear (3.5 percent) and ear wear (0.5 percent).

Huge buzz of wrist gears is across all sectors including- healthcare, sports, manufacturing, gaming, and entertainment industry.

Wearable technology use will raise in future across different segments, as stated by Transparency Market Research.


Take a glance at top ten benefits that different verticals get with adoption of wearable.

  • Empowering employees productivity

According to an innovative research by Dr. Brauer, wearable enhance employee productivity by 8.5% and lift job satisfaction levels up 3.5%.

Different type of sensors like- motion sensors, activity sensors and health sensors provide valuable data about employees that would help in gaining insights about them.

For instance, employees wearing wrist gears can collaborate with each otherseamlessly andorganization can track workers’ location to know where they are.

The complete information let managers know how employees talk to their peers, where they spend the time and much more.

The data showcase how much effortsare made and what efforts more require making workers more efficient and productive.

  • Work allocation

Distributing, tracking and checking the status of employee work is very difficult to keep record of in real-time. Even, it’s very challenging to notify the changes made in the allocated tasks.

When enterprises integrate wearable solutions, work distribution and allocation get simplified. Wrist watch or bands allow employees view quick memos or notifications dispersed by their superiors.

Smart wears aid in the analysis of data, and optimizes the work processes & productivity seamlessly.

  • Improvise the workflow

Enterprises have inspecting team that supervises allocated work and traditionally take a round with manual list in hand to check processes.

This manual practice, sometimes result in errors, time consuming and poor workflow.

The whole practice of supervising can be revolutionized and spending on inspectors could be alleviated, if wearable solutions are brought in practice.

Going wearable leads to reduced errors, time savvy and proper documentation of every work done.

  • Validate without doing anything

In the course of whole workday, many times employees have to authenticate themselves before accessing any application or device, which actually cut their work time.  However, authentication is also necessary for the safety that cannot be neglected.

But, when authentication is done via Wrist wear by knowing heart patterns, this ingenious way that saves time. Wrist wears’ sensors detect heart patterns with ECG and once user is authenticated, they will remain authenticated unless band or watch is not removed.

Employing wearable solution is time savvy and more secured approach that organizations should implement for validation.

  • Incident management

Workplace injuries or illnesses are very common in the enterprises. In the unavailability of any surgeon or professional, situation becomes difficult to manage and even get worse.

Especially, these incidences rate raises,if workers work in an accident prone zone like- mines, oil plants, metal manufacturing and pretty more.

Here, wearable solutions can turn the table by allowing workers to monitor their alertness, heart rates and stress levels etc.

It reduce accidents, speed-up incident management and lets personnel track their health level throughout the day.

When employees get advice like- when they need to take a break from their work, grab snack for more energy, and other notifications, it improve work satisfaction and their performance.

  • Reach your customer when they want

In the competitive era, getting hold of your customers means satiating them before they desires.

The sole way is to keep yourself available and respond every time,when your prospects try to communicate. Fulfilling customers’ expectation with tailored answers according to their unique needs would bring loyalty and productivity.

Wrist wear help enterprises to meet those expectations, by answering their queries anytime, anywhere.

  • Render another customer touch point

Customer anticipates getting information at ease. Allow users to interact and access any type of data anywhere, anytime such as, checking their bank balance, taking an appointment, booking parking slot, and more right on their wrist.

Brands by making presence on wearable can offer customers another reason to deal with them. It is rather more personal and different way to whip up your customers.

  • Alter the way customer pay

It’s the age of tap and pay. Now, people are becoming more tech savvy and prefer to pay digitally rather than keeping cash or plastic money.

Also, less hurdles customer get while purchasing, easier it will be to boost sale. Embracing smart wrist wears, companies can deliver hands-on experiencevia convenient payment process.

Apple pay using Apple watch or payment via Paypal on Samsung gear 2 watch are the wearable that let customers pay for purchase made, redeem offers and more.

  • Analytics

In the last decade, sensors become cheaper and now, it’s easy to connect and put them together to collect data.

Data is an asset, but unless meaningful insights from that dataare not harnessed, it’s insignificant.

Wide range of applications for wearable can collect and assess the data from the sensors, and this captured data would help in making key enterprise decisions.

For instance, exercisers health data is tracked with wearable that enable them to know about their health status.

When users sharethis data with app owner from their account, then application owner can track and systematically analyze the collected data.

Based on the collected information, app owners can assess which features aremostly used by the mass and which require to be updated.

  • Leaders will lead the way

8% surge in employee productivityis found in those companies that run wellness programs.

Along with employees’ health, entrepreneurs’ health is also important for the enterprises.

Instead, Employers are so busy that they less often have time to take care of their health, which affects their peak efficiency.

In such cases, wearable on their wrist will help them knowing their activity, sound sleep, diet and much more.

Also, wearable push a message, if anything influences their health and it inspires them to follow healthy lifestyle.

The Emerging Shift

The future of enterprise is belongs to wrist gears- Whether you embrace it or not!

Presently, horde of wearable devices are not available, but their impact is not so less to disregard.

IDC research has predicted thatthe shipment of wearable will double in 2015 and wrist worn devices are expected to outgrow and outperform.

Enterprises are now at the forefront of another technology revolution that will change the way employees work, connect and communicate.

Use of wearable in right context would help organizations to gain competitive edge and deliver rewarding experience to the end-users.

And, Credencys Inc. Sol. is set to give an extra edge to the enterprises by developing world-class wearable apps that meet their requirements.

Get a jump-start with wearable!