You’ve found the perfect home; a place you fell in love with at first sight. You immediately decided to put in an offer, but you’re concerned that someone else may have fallen in love with the home too. One way to stand out from other offers is by writing a letter to the seller to put with your offer.Many buyers have never heard of this practice, but it can help them win the contract. Here are some tips on writing that offer:


Get Emotional

Your offer speaks in hard numbers; your letter should soften up the seller with an emotional appeal. Let the person know why you loved their home. Maybe it was the bright red front door that beckoned or the tulips that lined the driveway. Remember that this house is still their home and they have attachments to it. If they see you are already attached, they may feel better about selling to someone who loves it as they do.

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Keep It Simple

You may have several reasons why you think you’d make a great buyer for this house, but select only two or three of your strongest reasons and focus on those. Remember that the seller may have several offers to read through, so you don’t want to take up a lot of their time. When selecting your reasons, think like the seller. What will they want to read?

Don’t mention anything about updating or changing the home even if you have plans. Don’t mention anything about previous issues or how you need to find a house before your rent goes up. Your letter should always be upbeat and positive.

Focus on the Positives of Your Offer

It’s a good idea to refer to your offer and any features which benefit the seller. For instance, you could let them know you are flexible with the closing date because you’re living with family. Any reassurance of an easy transaction can allay sellers’ fears and make them choose you over someone else.

When mentioning why you would make a good buyer for the seller to work with, make sure you do it in a spirit of humility. Don’t take it for granted that they will choose you or act as if they should. Assume the wrong attitude and you risk alienating the seller. With the right words and right attitude, you could win them over and win the contract.

Always check over your letter for grammar and spelling. Let your real estate agent read it to review for red flags. Put your best effort in it, but don’t linger too long or someone else may get their offer in first and you’ll miss out.

If you want to stand out in a sea of other buyers, write a letter to include with your offer. Let the seller get to know you and why you want their home, and you’ll stand a better chance of hearing your agent tell you they accepted your offer.