4 Attractions in New Orleans Every Tourist Should See

If you are planning your first trip to “The Big Easy,” you are probably wondering what the top tourist attractions are that everyone should see. If you have heard anything about NOLA or seen it in movies, you may already be aware of some of the top places to check out.

Whether you have a few days in the city or a few weeks, there is plenty to see and enjoy. As you begin to plan your trip, consider these top attractions in New Orleans that every tourist should see:

The French Quarter

When you think of New Orleans, the French Quarter is probably the first place you think of. This is also the iconic NOLA views that you have seen in movies. The French Quarter is known for its amazing architecture, but there is also plenty to do.

The French Quarter is home to the famous Bourbon Street, which may be appealing to tourists to visit during the day. For a nice evening meal, or to hear some excellent jazz music, Royal Street and Frenchman Street. You can also visit Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral near the waterfront in the French Quarter.

Cafe Du Monde

Whenever you visit a new place, it is a good idea to try some of the local cuisine to get a taste of the place. One of the regional favorites in New Orleans is beignets, which are powdered-sugar covered French-style donuts shaped like squares.

And unquestionably, the top place for tourists to grab a beignet and cup of coffee in New Orleans is Cafe Du Monde. Cafe Du Monde was opened in 1862 as a coffee cart, but has since expanded to be the premiere location to get beignets. You can also enjoy dark-roasted coffee, either black or “Au Lait” (mixed half and half with milk). So plan a visit to Cafe Du Monde into your schedule for a great breakfast or afternoon snack.


New Orleans is also well-known for its cemeteries. Since the city is below sea level, it was decided that graves would be built above-ground, and some of the top attractions in the city are cemetery tours. With several notable people buried in NOLA, there is certainly a demand for cemetery tours from tourists.

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You can visit many cemeteries in the city, as they often offer guided tours. Some cemeteries to consider for tours include St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, Lafayette Cemetery No. 2, and St. Patrick’s Cemetery No. 1. 

National WWII Museum

If you are into visiting museums at the locales you vacation to, the top museum to visit in New Orleans is the National WWII Museum. With many engrossing exhibits and documentary pieces dispersed throughout the museum, you will be fully engaged in this part of history. 

If you prefer a different kind of museum, and aren’t able to visit the city during its most famous season of Mardi Gras, you can pay a visit to Mardi Gras World.

After your visit to NOLA, you might just find that you love the city so much that you want to make a permanent move. Luckily, there are plenty of New Orleans houses for sale, and if you move to the Big Easy, you will be able to see these great tourist attractions whenever you want!