• Switzerland

    Beautiful Scenic Roads to See and Drive in Switzerland

    The beauty of the globe lies in Switzerland. It is called the dreamland because of the exotic and breathtaking views it has. If you plan for a world tour never forget to include Switzerland. College trips, honeymoon, world tour are all those that always keep Switzerland on the top. It is a place you would never want to come back from. A tour to Switzerland is not just about the beaches and monuments but the roads and highway routes that come on your way also are eye-catching. Down below are some very highlighted roads you can see while on your trip to Switzerland aka land of dreams!

    Best Methods of Traveling Intercity

    Before you set off for the road sightseeing you need to keep in my mind that you need to have a proper transportation system that helps you travel with ease. There are many ways to move about for example buses, cabs, rental cars. Out of all rent, cars are the best option because they allow you to travel according to your will. Buses that have scheduled routes do not allow prolonged stopovers. Similar is the case with cabs. Therefore if you want to travel and see the roads of free will then go for some renowned car rental companies which are very easily available and would save a lot of your bucks. Compare companies in Switzerland like Dollar, Edel And Stark Luxury Fleet, Avis, Sixt, Nomadcar, Alamo, Enterprise, Hertz, Maggiore, King Rent, Budget, Thrifty, Europcar, National, Firefly, City Auto Rent, Flizzr, Advantage and Unirent. You will find most companies with Autoprio at airports like Zurich Airport, Car Hire Geneva-Cointrin Airport, Bern Belp Airport, Lausanne-Blécherette Airport, St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Lugano-Agno Airport.

    Roadside Beauty of Switzerland

    The Great St. Bernard Pass

    The Great St. Bernard Pass is a snorkeling view that is waiting on your way. The entire ride is all about rocky mountains, greenery, and water. Back in the olden times, this pass was a traditional route for trade and business. However, in today’s time, it is used for tourism spots. It is a very beautiful place to capture those pictures you wanted to keep as memories.

    Furka Pass - the Most Scenic Ride in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland - Places  To See In Your Lifetime

    The Furka Pass

    Are you longing for an adventurous ride? Then take the Furka Pass as it is full of a roundabout, twisted roads, and whacky surfaces. If you have opted for a rental car service then you should inform the provider about your route so that you can be given the car that is best suitable for that kind of road. It will hardly cost you around 30-35 dollars for the whole day. As you pass by the Furka Pass you will be thrilled to see all those glacier-covered mountains and forest-loaded areas. The green scenery you will see is enough to last lifelong in your mind.

    The St. Gotthard Pass

    Lastly, this pass will leave you mesmerizing your trip over and over again. It is a long flyover that runs extensively between Andermatt and Biasca. You should take this route if you are fond of traveling on high altitudes.

    There are many other roadside spots too that you should go but the best and the most visited are the ones that are highlighted above. Search for and book a cheap rental car in cities such as, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Lugano, Lucerne etc. A roadside trip is best enjoyed if you have your independent means of convincing. A good rent a car is worth it for your voyage to be remembered forever.

  • Wheelchair Travel

    Need Accessible Travel? Source the Right Information for Wheelchair Travel

    Is exploring the streets of Paris still a dream for you? Not sure if the public transport is easily accessible or not?

    You do not need to suppress your passion for traveling in your wheelchair anymore. Accessible travel is one of the flourishing precincts in the travel industry. With proper research and planning, you can plan your next accessible trip without any stress and worry.

    Here are a few things you can do before traveling to a new place.

    List your Own Requirements

    While planning your trip, list all the thing you can and cannot do and line up your plan accordingly. Being prepared will help you to avoid unnecessary stress and make your vacation more enjoyable.

    Google is your Best Friend

    Accessible travel is very common in the travel industry nowadays. There is more information than you need on the internet, which is quite astonishing. So, if you have any questions, all you have to do is google it. Search for the place you are heading to and you will find all categories of accessible options according to your needs.

    Read Some Blogs

    There are many blogs and websites on accessible travel that offer free resources. These blogs are always worth checking out. People may already have visited if it is a touristy place. You can always find blogs and have real-life answers to all your enquiries.

    Give them a Call

    Always call ahead. While booking your hotel, provide them with necessary information regarding your travel and ask them about accessible options they offer. Calling up the relevant tourism board is always a good idea as they can be your most reliable source of information.

    Hire a Travel Agent

    If the budget is not a problem for you, do some research and hire a travel agent. As they are experts in their field, they will make your journey more enjoyable. You do not need to plan your entire journey through agents, ask them to help with the things you are having doubts with and they will offer you the best options available.

    Know your Rights

    Beware of your own rights and use them to protect yourself when in trouble.

    Keep your Expectations Reasonable

    Accessible options are not always very common. Research properly while planning your trip and have realistic expectations. Be prepared for some ups and downs and never be afraid to ask for help. Better be safe than sorry.

     Things You Can Do While Traveling

    • If you are facing any trouble with your transportation, you can always ask your hotel staff. Even if they cannot provide you with a solution, they always have some information that may help you.
    • If you are unsure about any public transport, you can ask local people about accessibility and wheelchair or mobility scooter friendly buses or taxi. Most places are very welcoming to their tourist. They will be more than happy to help you.
    • If other options do not work, you can always come back to the tourism board. Contact the nearby tourist office with your questions and concerns.
  • What to do and See on the island of Tenerife

    What to do and See on the island of Tenerife

    Tenerife is the most picturesque of the Canary Islands, off the African coast. Rent a car and drive yourself to various beaches and attraction spots in Tenerife. The island is best explored by car to reach all the remote corners or do an island road trip. You don’t need to tire yourself with public transport, just hire a car for your time in Tenerife and explore it at your ease. Try to avoid driving during the peak hours as the traffic in Tenerife sometimes gets crazy. To drive in Tenerife, make sure you have an International Driving Permit. There are plenty of points to pick up your vehicle from, making renting a car really convenient. You will find all pick up places here. People in Tenerife drive in a rather quirky way, so be on your lookout. Adventure courses through the veins of Tenerife, and here are some things you can do to have a jolly experience.

    Adventurous Activities

    If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you would love to ride the cable car up to the peak of Mount Teide. The view from 12,000 ft above sea level will leave you enthralled. Tenerife is home to loads of water sports. Hefty trade winds blowing from the Atlantic make El Medano ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The temperate and crystal clear waters of Tenerife call you out for fun water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Brave a night dive into the depths or snorkel with turtles in Los Gigantes- any which ways, you are going to have the best time of your life.  Tabaiba is an excellent place for scuba diving. On a dive here, you’ll find octopus, large schools of mackerel, and barracudas. You can also go for Sea Kayaking and Canoeing Trip at Playa de Los Cristiano.

    Go Hiking

    Masca Hike is one of the most sought after hikes on Tenerife. It begins at the village on the northwest side of the island and goes all the way to the rocky beach below. Anaga Rural Park also has some of the best hiking trails in Tenerife. One can also explore the rural park on horseback.

    Enjoy at the Amusement Parks

    Siam Park is a new yet famous water park. It is crammed with water rides that will give you the best experience. Visit this park to experience all the thrills and spills it has to offer. Siam Park is dedicated to a Thai theme and is Tenerife’s biggest theme park. There is a less crowded and smaller alternative. It is the ‘Aqualand,’ which is near the airport and is ideal for people with young kids and for those who wish to avoid long queues.

    Watch the Malizia Show

    It is excellent to live performance at Pirámide de Arona. It is a captivating experience for children and adults alike. The Malizia Show presents a blend of traditional Hispanic cultures and offers a mixture of flamenco opera and dancee performance.

    Attend Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    Over the course of a week, festivals, processions and parties flood the streets of Santa Cruz with colour, feathers and glitter. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival is a fun event to attend with a group, or with the family. It is quite a vivid experience.

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    Currency Conversion Of Today’s Time

    Back in the days of no internet, currency conversion can be tricky. People could only convert their money at airports and banks, without really knowing how much their money’s worth in the country they are visiting. If really needed, people opted to the manual calculation of conversion, and if you’re someone like me, we hate having to deal with anything that needs complex calculation. Not only will you get things inaccurate, but it also stresses you out more than it needs to.

    That is why we should be thankful for this currency conversion tool, for the easy breeze it provides us when it comes to currency conversion. Goodbye to the days of going to the bank or waiting to get to the airport to get your money converted, goodbye to the days of manual calculation that brings inaccurate conversion and stressful environment. Today, we have online conversion tools at our side that gives us the ability to see the worth of our money from the other side of the globe, with just one click.

    Exchanging currency at home

    With the modern technology of today, we need not go to our banks to get our money converted, we can get it done in the comforts of our home. Understanding the process of currency exchange is easier than ever, now that any information we need can easily be researched. When you’ve finally understand the ins and outs of the exchange rate, before exchanging your money you must first look at the status of the exchange rate. You’d want to exchange your money when your currency is high and foreign currency is low, this will provide you with higher foreign money. All of this can be easily done while sitting on your couch and with your smart phone in your hand. The ways of getting your money converted have come a long way with the help of technology.

    Cash online

    It is also possible, that instead of going to your local foreign exchange store, you order cash online. This would of course require service fee, but is more convenient, considering that majority of people nowadays are busy with work during the day time. Ordering cash online saves you time and energy by just waiting for it to arrive rather than going to the bank. It also provides you with the assurance that you will be receiving the best rate possible, as you bought that cash when you knew the status of the rates, rather than waiting to get to the airport to change your money there, and not know the status of the currency rate.

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    Take Time Off And Flock To Your Favorite Holiday Destination Without Breaking The Bank

    Who does not want time off from their hectic and busy work schedules and travel to exotic destinations to enjoy quality leisure time with family. Everyone needs a break to get refreshed and soothe mind and body by spending time around natural displays and eye-catching views. Holiday trips create a spark in everyone but not everyone is able to realize their dream holiday into reality. It takes effort and money to plan a lavish holiday that extends to at least a week. Many people upon returning from their trips find themselves trapped in loans and debt and this is what makes people hesitant towards going on vacation trips.


    Here are some helpful suggestions to plan an ideal holiday to spend time with family and friends in a fun-filled and amusing environment.

    Search for a reliable travel agent first

    A good and reliable travel agency often provides simple and practical solutions for all travelling and tour needs. A professional and registered travel agent usually has discount coupons and attractive packages to help people plan a vacation trip within their budget. Take recommendations from friends and relatives, search web, compare agencies, and search via yellow pages to find the most professional travel agencies in your town.


    Find coupons and online deals

    Airlines, tourism companies, and travel sites have some of the most amazing discounts and coupons for those who want to go on a holiday trip abroad. Viator coupons are the most sought after and economical options for those who want to travel to their dream destination without breaking the bank. Interested tourists and people can find astounding discounted deals by hovering to their site and choosing the deal that fits best to their budget and preferences. There are many companies in market offering travel coupons and offers but few provide quality and are professional enough to be trusted on.

    Research about the destination

    Before heading out on your trip, research about the place, local attractions, things to do, and must to visit locations around. This helps people plan where to spend and where to save thus keeping the budget within the limit.

    Make sure you pack all the necessary stuff

    Many people spend excessively during holidays as they do not take essential stuff along and have to buy things on spot. Make sure you pack seasonal clothes, enough food for the journey, basic cutlery, tissue rolls, disposable glasses, plates, umbrellas, toiletries, batteries, digital camera, and a portable sleeping bag. This will save you from buying extra things that won’t be of any use after the holiday is over.

    Follow the tips above and plan an exotic holiday trip with loved ones that stays within your price bracket

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    6 Tips To Camp Well For The First Time

    If you are planning to go on camping and have not done it ever before, do not get intimidated as its fun, simple, and exciting and a lot cheaper contrary to what majority of peeps think.

    Scout-Camp.jpg (640×505)

    The camping guide:

    If you are planning a trip with family or friends and wish to do camping adventure then do not fret and follow some basic guidelines to get yourself fully prepared for the venture.

    Make a group

    Camping alone can be risky for the beginners, that is why it is advised to go in groups. Make a group of friends some of whom have the experience of travelling to the place you people intend to visit. Traveling to novel destinations for camping with no prior experience may create hassles.

    Things required

    When going on camping, some basic things are required that are easily available in market and are quite cheap. Get camping gear, some clothes according to weather, sleeping bags, tent, footprints, sleeping pad, lanterns, torch light, first aid kit, bugs spray, and lots of food.

    Find camp sites

    Every state has lots of camping sites and the best idea is to go to the nearest holiday station or hill area where a safe and sound leisure time can be spent with friends and loved ones. Book the place beforehand as campsites are usually heavily booked during holiday season. Organized and well managed camp sites usually have clean bathrooms and clean supply of water. Many camping stations sell firewood as well so make sure you make reservations early and carefully.

    Things to do

    Plan some activities head and research things that can be done at place you have chosen to go for camping. Nature tours, fishing, picnic, beaching, day hikes, photography, and sports are some of the most fun filed activities that people can do while on camping. Camping for beginners might appear an activity full of hassles, but if planned well it can turn out be the most fun-packed adventure one can ever have.

    Clothes to wear

    The clothes to be worn depend greatly on the weather. Take some sweaters, hoods, and jackets when going to hilly areas as weather gets colder in evenings and during night. Take sweat shirts, light weight trousers, hats, caps, and umbrella when camping off at a place where weather is mild or hot.


    Barbecue is the best food to be eaten during camping. Take some frying pans, sauce pans, skillets, and kettle to cook food. Tea, coffee, beans, chocolate, chips, biscuits, raw meat, eggs, sandwiches, oats, and snacks are ideal to be taken while going on camping.

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    Tips For Tourists When You Are Visiting Vietnam

    Most of the people love to travel all around the world and if you are that person who loves travelling then you will have to make sure that you are making a list of places that you want to visit. And, Vietnam should be one of them. Though, there are different things that you will have to consider before moving to Vietnam and you will have to make sure that you are paying attention to all the details. We are here to tell you about the amazing things that you should see if you are in Vietnam. Though, you will have to stay sharp and you will have to make sure that you are not doing anything stupid as a tourist. And, you will have to make sure that you are finding the right tour guide so you can enjoy your trip to North Vietnam. It is indeed a beautiful place to visit and you will have to make sure that it is one of the best experience you have.



    If you are already decided to go to the North Vietnam for some days to spend wonderful time then you will have to make sure that you are communicating with the people back home. You will first have to purchaseSIMcard with the phone and you will have to make sure that you have an internet connection. Travel to North Vietnam can become a wonderful experience of your lifetime. Make sure that you are taking recommended precautions.


    Climate change

    If you are going there from Europe then you will feel a sudden climate change and you will have to make sure that you are ready for it. Before you decide to go, you will have to make sure that you are taking all the precautions and you will have to make sure that you are well aware of the food and water facility in the country. You will have to make sure that you are drinking the mineral water so you don’t get sick on your holiday trips.


    Find the best guides

    If you are looking for the best guides then you will have to make sure that you are finding them before you even land there. Consider services like Mai Chau Tours and you will have the best time in the North Vietnam and you will love your trip.

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    Plenty Of Things To Achieve With Cheap Holiday Deals To Thailand

    Normally Thailand is genuinely inexpensive place to visit. If you live in the National already, planing a trip to another location in the U.S. will not offer much variety. Each place can provide your vacation a special feel.

    Many people say that Thailand is considered the most the cheapest places you vacation to, but how cheap can it actually automatically be. You have to pay for food, hotels, and entertainment, but you will be surprised regarding how much individuals have shell out to have a fantastic yearly vacation.

    While having a picturesque moment watching the array of Thai fruits, food and crafts along what is known to some as the ‘Venice within the East’, the audience had some regular Thai noodles (bam-i nam) and enjoyed sticky rice topped with ripe mango (kaw niew ma muang) and also the cheap, yet very fruits being sold along the khlong (canal). The sellers were cramped with their items in narrow wooden delivers. Not much time to haggle there for customers, lest the boat with the goods you have your eyes on gets swept by other vehicles.

    “Umaga pa lang, mainit na” (in the morning, it’s already hot), the group was announcing. And that had an effects on their sight seeing plans. They wanted to do increasingly more see more, but the high temperature was just too much therefore had to trap up on some sleep their initial two days to offer the energy to tackle Bangkok streets after.

    Apart to the invigorating beaches around the island, there are plenty of historical places to visit like the Buddhist temple and galleries. There are also plenty of fun water activities to look forward as snorkeling and diving. Memorable vacation awaits every tourist who home loan giants spend your getaway in this perfect cloud nine. Nightlife in Phuket also is one for this attractions for the island to enjoy during taxi from bangkok to hua hin. The island is covered with stylish bars and clubs where might enjoy and relax.

    May Bay in Thailand islands Phi Ley is a minute stretch of sand. It holds beautiful scenery and it’s a quintessential Thailand beach. It is part of a small island adjacent to Ko Phi Phi. The beach is nestled in a small bay and surrounded by tall limestone cliffs. It can only be visited in day time by boat.

    For telephone long distance trips to far way provinces, will be advisable think about the night trains. Buses also serve the provincial routes at night. By bringing a night trip, you can avoid spending money hotel or motel reservations. You can just sleep while you are within road. The also ideal to buy train or bus ticket at the stations.

    So much to do in Thailand and so little time a person are are on christmas. You will have to result in the most of one’s short stay and after that time your flightr home, come to plan your upcoming Thailand magical journey.

    Phuket could be the country’s largest island and situated to be had is the nation’s largest and also the most popular international getaway – the Patong Beach. It offers anything from soft-white coastline to vibrant nightlife so there are certain things for just about anyone.

    Normally Thailand is an exceptionally inexpensive place to visit. Because of the world’s current economy and past blemished on the nation’s reputation, some hotels are just booked at 20% quantity. This is good for travelers, as on the one hand low costs down even lower! Only a click tip, December is the busiest season regarding travelers, so in visit during a different month you may also save odds of.

    During your Diving Thailand trip, you can fix your stay accomplishments of fantastic diving destinations. In these resorts, locate excellent diving facilities as well as modern amenities on the hotels. Phuket Island, Khao Lak, Phi Thailand islands, Krabi and Koh Samuai your places that let you find the brilliant rental accommodations. In these resorts, you will choose your level of luxury. It’s totally get positive aspects budget, low budget, or medium budget resort down to you financial capability.

    The islands off Rawai Beach took a regarding the power out belonging to the tsunami as well as the waves only made it a hundred meters much longer than that inland. Still they claimed victims in Rawai.

    But that is not the entire. Thailand also involves a rich culture and colorful traditions individual can encounter while their stay the particular country. The lovely temples and the standard architecture is an unique way to obtain a peek into the historical values of the Thai people today.

    Mark ran a bar in among the list of side streets just off Bangla Road in Patong. On the morning the tsunami struck, he had just opened his window treatments. He had one waitress helping and these were Thailand beaches starting to organize for business when he heard an odd roaring noise. A few seconds later, there were shouts and screams.

    If you need to save your travel dollars for fresh seafood platters and cold beer, prospective area to consider the bus and see Thailand throughout the way, in air-conditioned conclude? Bus fare from Chiang Mai, in north of manchester central highlands, to the beach costs even not as much of.

    The 7th annual Chantaburi World Gem Show usually requires place this month. See stunning gems and exclusive jewelry masterpieces. Brag to your friends about all of the great treasures you sees on put.

    Due to many terrains of geography, Thailand also homes various regions. It is said conducive weather can be found the actual day year somewhere or other in the media. The climate of Thailand is governed by monsoons and weather is hot and humid over summer and winter. It could be the experience that Thailand temperature is easy you may anticipate and plan a trip around.

    Phi Phi Islands are located south west of Krabi, these breathtakingly beautiful islands exhibit lovely coral gardens and deep reefs, excellent for diving and snorkeling. Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay were shooting locations for Leonardo Dicaprio’s film “The Beach” movie. Your way takes only forty five minutes by speedboat and one hour by longtail boat from Ao Nang beach.

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    Japanese Onsen 101

    Dos and Don’ts in Hot Springs in Japan


    Aaah, Japanese onsen. A heavenly gift from the above (or more like below, perhaps). In my life few things are better than soaking in the hot springs while looking at snow-capped Mt. Fuji, sipping sake and shochu, enjoying sushi and hot pot in my ryokan room, and exploring a century-old onsen town in my yukata.

    Onsen is imply a must thing to do during your visit to Japan. While hot springs bubble up everywhere in this country, Hakone, located two hours from Tokyo, is hands down the most popular onsen town if not the best hot springs in Japan.


    For hundreds of years Japanese have enjoyed onsen for various health benefits and as a site of socialization. In the process, they’ve developed a set of rules on how to do it.

    You don’t want to look lost in the change room or get frowned upon for breaking the rules unknowingly. My goal today is to give you Japanese onsen 101. Here is the list of basic things you should and shouldn’t do while taking onsen in Japan.

    Step 1 Go full monty

    In the change room, take off all your clothes, including all your underwear. Put all your clothes in a basket provided there. At most of onsen places, you aren’t allowed to wear a swimsuit. Just take a wash towel and go inside the onsen now. Without, of course, your smartphone or camera.

    Step 2 Wash, wash and more wash

    As you walk into the onsen room, don’t jump in there. You’ll get frowned upon immediately. First, pick up a small basket and a stool, go to the washing space and wash yourself thoroughly. Japanese wash their body with heaps of body wash like there is no tomorrow before they soak into the onsen. They don’t want to make the onsen water dirty, mainly for others.

    Step 3 Enter the onsen, with towel on your head

    Once your body is sparkling clean, it’s time to go into the onsen. Try not to splash the water if there are people around. You can take your wash towel with you in the water, but make sure it won’t be in the onsen. Soaking the towel in the onsen water is one of the worst crimes you could commit. Many Japanese people put their towel on the top of their head.

    At some onsen you are allowed to bring in drinks, but you aren’t allowed to drink or eat in the onsen at most of onsen facilities.

    Step 4 Dry your body before leaving

    When you are finishing up, return the basket and the stole to where they were. Dry your body with your wash towel before you go back into the change room. Or at least try to get rid of water on your body with your hands so that you won’t be dripping water on the floor in the change room.

    Step 5 Down the coffee or strawberry milk drink

    You won’t miss it – most of the onsen places have coffee and strawberry milk drinks available. For many decades, they are the most symbolic drinks of onsen or public bathes in Japan. Don’t think too much – just do it and take a selfie.

    Now, before you start booking an onsen hotel, here is one thing you need to check – have you got a tattoo? If you do, read on below.

    Sidestep the tattoo ban

    If you have a tattoo, onsen bathhouses might refuse you from entering. No matter what you tell them (“I’m not a yakuza or part of an organized crime! My tattoo says “I love my mom”!”), they won’t let you in. Begging or bribing won’t work, either. This has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia. Japanese came up with this rule to keep onsen bathhouses a safe place for all.

    There are two things you could do to sidestep the tattoo challenge. First, book accommodation with a private onsen in your own room. There, you can do almost whatever you want to do or dream of doing. There are also a few public bathhouses with private rooms that can be rented from one hour onwards. Hakone Yuryo was pretty good when I took my shy European family there.

    Second, go to public onsen houses where you can wear swimsuits. As long as your tattoo is covered by the swimsuits, they will let you in. Hakone Yuessunand Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa (The Bade Zone) are pretty cool. The former is fun if you are in a group of friends, while the latter is suitable for couples and mature visitors.


    Now, it doesn’t sound too bad, does it? As long as you are considerate, hygienic and not too loudly, you will have no problem and come out of onsen feeling absolutely refreshed.

    And a coffee milk will just complete your authentic onsen experience

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    So Many People Planning Their Trips To Wayanad With Their Families In The Summers

    Planning trips:

    There are so many beautiful places in this world that are really very beautiful and worth visiting as well. Among these places, Wayanad, India and Kerala and so many more as well are actually the most beautiful places that are visited by countless people every year. This is the reason why so many people like to plan their trips either alone or with their families to these places, so that they can spend some quality time with them. However, there are countless attractions in Wayanad that attracts the people from different places of the world to plan for the tours to Wayanad. Most of the people like to plan for the tours to Wayanad in the summers so that they can enjoy a longer stay there. This has made the Wayanad tours really very common for the people. Countless people living in different places of the world have been planning for the Wayanad Holidays, so that they can explore the beauty of one of these most beautiful places of the world any way they can.

    wayanad-weekend-tour4.jpg (560×300)

    Best resorts in Wayanad:

    People from different places of the world have been planning for the tour to resorts in Wayanad, so that they can enjoy different kind of activities offered by one of these best resorts of Wayanad. Moreover, the tourists have been planning for the tour to these resorts as well, so that they can explore the beauty of one of these most popular attractions of Wayanad. There are a lot of things to do in these amazing resorts of Wayanad for the people of every age group. In short, this amazing place has its own virtues. There is no storage of the things to do 24 hours a day in Wayanad, especially because all of the packages that are offered by different attractions of Wayanad. This is why most of the people belonging to different places of the world have been planning their summer vacations to Wayanad with their friends and families every year.

    Beautiful locations:

    The location of this amazing resort is simply amazing. This is one of the basic things about this place that attracts countless people from different places of the world to plan their trips to Wayanad alone or in groups, so that they can enjoy different kind of activities offered by different attractions of Wayanad, especially by this famous resort. A lot of tourists have been visiting Wayanad for exploring the beauty of this state and appreciating a lot.