furniture moving boxes

Whether you’re relocating across the street or another state, moving furniture is one of the hectic tasks physically and mentally. It requires special care as they are more expensive than your other items. However, packaging furniture into moving boxes can be another task; it will hurt you financially if the bottom falls. Therefore, it’s good to learn some basics about furniture moving boxes and make the most out of them.

These are the Effective Ways to Get More Out of Furniture Moving Boxes:

Declutter your furniture: Declutter is the best way to do your packing and move efficiently. You wouldn’t want to pack extra or unnecessary things into moving boxes. So, the first thing you need to do is declutter your furniture. You’ll be surprised how unwanted and unnecessary things are lying in the home that you never used. Just like old clothes, it’s necessary to Declutter your furniture. If it’s worn out or broken. Inspect broken furniture, check if it can be repaired or do you want it to be repaired and take it with you because old furniture will add more weight to moving boxes, and it’s nothing more than a hassle. Even if you’re going long-distance or internationally and planning to store your furniture, it would help you reduce storage costs.

Disassemble your furniture: Moving packing furniture into boxes is easier if you disassemble them. Heavy pieces of furniture should be disassembled that are either too difficult to carry as a whole or would not be able to fit into the door. Fragile furniture pieces are easy to move with extra padding into furniture moving boxes. However, make sure you have instructions to reconstruct the furniture. Moreover, if you have photographs or videos while disassembling, it will help you put pieces back. Disassembled pieces are easier to pack into boxes than the rest.

Wrap and Protect your furniture: the best way to make the most out of furniture moving boxes and keeping your furniture safe, unscratched is to protect and pack into boxes according to their size and material they are made of, such as

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  • Furniture with glass: If you have furniture with glass, separate or disassemble the glass pieces if possible and pack them with Wholesale bubble wrap envelopes or bubble wrap sheets. It provides extra cushioning. You can wrap glasses into a packaging pack and fasten them with masking tape. However, make sure you do not stick carton sealing tape wholesale to glass; otherwise, you’ll get worked up removing the marks later. Top them with heavy cardboard sheets after packing into moving boxes.
  • Couches: Furniture bags are useful for protecting your couch. You can wrap a blanket or two to provide extra protection and hold them into place with duct tape. However, do not use machine stretch wrap for leather couches.
  • Wood furniture: wood furniture requires packaging different from your other furniture. Any type of plastic packaging, including bubble wrap, shrink wrap etc., can damage the finishing of your wooden furniture. Therefore, when packing or moving wooden furniture, make sure you use furniture padding or blankets to provide protection, ensuring all the parts are fully covered and nothing is exposed.
  • Drawers: For moving, you have to remove drawers from furniture, take a large drawer and fill it with small pieces. However, you can wrap them with bubble mailer packaging to provide extra protection, so these small pieces don’t fall out. So, your furniture will be easier to lift if packed with a certain organization.

Pack large parts into small boxes and small parts into large boxes: When you’re packing disassembled furniture parts, it’s a matter of physics that you have to pack small parts into large moving boxes and large parts into smaller moving boxes. If you pack heavy items into a large box, their weight will add up, and it’s going to be too heavy to lift. On the other hand, if you pack large items into smaller boxes or smaller into large boxes, the space and weight will balance, and it will be easier to carry. Moreover, it’s a more organized way, and you can carry them while loading.

Pack furniture moving boxes by room: When you’re packaging your disassembled parts or smaller furniture into boxes, it’s wise to pack similar things or furniture from the same room together; it will make things organized while unpacking. You don’t have to count or match disassembled parts from different furniture. Moreover, your new place will not cause a ruckus with things scattered all over the place; you can open boxes as you arrange the room. After you fill or pack the moving boxes, label them with a name or special symbol that indicates that room.

Bottom line: these are effective ways to pack furniture moving boxes. Often, the packaging seems unorganized, and people forget to use things effectively due to stress and excitement. However, these little tips can help you make the most out of moving boxes, protect your furniture and save cost.