5 Smart Ways Students can be Safe While Studying Online

As the Covid-19 is spreading rapidly throughout the world, the education sector started revamping its old methodologies. Now, with the help of tech software like online attendance management system, ERP software, schools are transforming their old methods of teaching. The virtual classes and portal enable schools to provide location freedom to students. This becomes one of the feasible solutions to adopt during the lockdown.

But one of the main hassles becomes the safety of students online. The students’ privacy becomes one of the biggest concerns of school in the 21st century. The growing cybersecurity threat ultimately makes the online environment unsafe for students. So how students can be safe while studying online?

While schools can implement strict rules and regulations, but the major steps that need to be taken to keep students safe while studying online are discussed in this blog.

Tips to Make Students Safe While Studying Online

Often students have no awareness regarding the use of the internet. While, every student knows how to browse online, but very few of them know how to keep their privacy secure. This is the reason, ransomware issues, scams, and other issues are faced by students.

In the current scenario, most of the educators also don’t know how to keep the children secure from online threats. But spreading awareness and using the following key ways can help you out to let students study online safely.

Prepare A Strong School Online Policy

For the majority of the schools’ online policy is the new thing. Due to no online culture in the education sector, no one ever paid attention to set rules for online browsing. Therefore, start with preparing a strong school online policy that addresses every rule. For instance, a complete guideline on what to share or not should be shared with the students.

Even most of the schools share guidance forms with parents where guardians or parents are granting permission for the pictures to be shared with teachers online. This is one of the best ways students can be safe while studying online.

Never Disclose Student’s Name Publicly

It is the vital responsibility of educators and school leaders to hide the names of students online. In online public forums, hackers and other scammers try to get information regarding a specific student or the whole group. Therefore, educators need to follow this rule strictly. Use, custom design portal to establish a secure connection.

Secure Virtual Rooms

One of the easiest ways to leak out the students’ video or hack the camera is through the virtual rooms. Often educators rely on virtual classes that are conducted in virtual rooms. Whether it’s zoom or any other free room that allows connecting teachers and students online, most of the time they are easy to hack. Therefore, always secure virtual rooms for students to let them study online.

Use School Related Email Addresses

Educators and school leaders need to get customized email addresses to help students recognizing the fake and original ones. The email scam is one of the common types of scams that can be used against students. Therefore, students and educators need to use only the official email address.

Build Your Own Platform

One of the smartest ways to let students study online safely is to build their own platform. Schools can get a customized application, virtual room, and portal that never lets hackers seek into it. This also enables parents to pay online, while schools can easily streamline their educational process.