Top Reasons to Get a ALA Lifeguard Certification

Do you think being a lifeguard fits the stereotype of the handsome guy in red shorts and sunglasses playing with all the girls on the beach? Or the beautiful curvy girl who makes all the men turn their heads on the water’s edge?

You need to stop watching Baywatch episodes.

Perhaps this is already a good reason for you to choose this profession … but there are many others!

Superprof lists for you the 5 good reasons to get a lifeguard certification.

A Job Made Of Passion And With Passion

Many people become lifeguards because they have a passion for water, have a good understanding of it, and know its dangers of it. Most Americans have some level of experience in an aquatic activity, be it swimming, diving, surfing, canoeing, or sailing. This closely links them to the element of water.

By having a lifeguard certification, you will combine your passion with your job, and it is a real opportunity to be happy and earn a living. Being able to do what you love most day after day is a very fulfilling career choice.

How many people are dissatisfied with their work and dislike what they do? Choosing one of your passions as a job is a guarantee that you will achieve better results in your professional life. Passion is a real driver of motivation for work and being happier at work.

This is an increasingly important aspect of today’s business world! Lack of happiness at work is a major cause of burnout. Getting up in the morning and being happy with your passion makes you happier than when you feel obligated to go through daily routines that aren’t exciting. And happier at work inevitably means happier in life, as the impact of work impacts your personal life.

Obviously, there will be ups and downs as always. There will also be colleagues or bosses who may not be the best or the nicest, but there will always be that passion that guides you and guides your days. Passion allows you to make sense of your work!

The Importance Of The Human Side

In the lifeguard profession, there is a very human approach. The desire to help others is a strong element in this profession and the relationship with human life is constantly present, especially when bathers put their life in the hands of the lifeguards during their swim.

It is true that this job requires a lot of attention, reactivity, and composure in supervising the swimmers, but not only. Only the supervision of an individual with lifeguard certification from a reputed organization is to be fully trusted for this job.

It is also important to have pedagogy and patience, especially during interventions in which you may be faced with particular situations, but also during swimming lessons. The lifeguard must be as close to people as possible to make them feel safe. Some resort to these figures to combat their hydrophobia. Words and gestures are important in this type of situation.


Character Maturity

During the numerous activities that the lifeguards supervise, they meet a large audience such as school groups, retirees, mothers, and their children … the approach will be different each time in the way of teaching swimming, depending on whether it is to give advice on the technique of the frog to a person who wants to improve, to accompany a young mother with her child by teaching her the safety rules to avoid drowning or to propose activities to the elderly to help them move …

All this requires pedagogical skills, patience, and the desire to share one’s passion with as many people as possible. In fact, it is necessary to know how to constantly adapt to the expectations of each public: we do not behave in the same way with children in the context of school swimming and with elderly people who come to relax.

Final Words

Being a lifeguard is a job of responsibility because potentially there are people whose lives are depending on you. When you go for a lifeguard certification course to learn the techniques and skills to supervise the situation in an aquatic environment, you are making yourself equipped with the tools that will be handy to fulfill your responsibility to the point of satisfaction.

If you are ready to turn your passion into a profession then the lifeguard certification course is just for you. The American Lifeguard Association has a number of different lifeguard training courses to suit all kinds of different people. We focus on the mental strength and physical capability of the trainees to handle all kinds of aquatic emergencies with a strong mind.

If you are interested in shining your swimming skills and putting them to good use in water, then you must search the words “lifeguard certification near me” to get directed to the American Lifeguard Association courses.

Be encouraged for making your water passion into helping people in the water. For more on lifeguard certification courses, please contact the American Lifeguard Association.