Aesthetics!!!! Doesn’t the word excite you?? Well what’s Aesthetic? The “Art of Beauty” is referred to as Aesthetics. Everyone person in this world wants to become beautiful, good looking and charming! Isn’t that correct?Untitled

History of Aesthetics

Aesthetics- a philosophical word which deals with beauty, popularly known as “Aisthetike” in Greek relates to the appreciation and creation of beauty.

Importance of Aesthetics

  • At present Aesthetics in not only growing in India but it is growing in the entire world. Aesthetics in India is growing rapidly and with growing health sectors in India, people are getting better services and treatment day by day. Aesthetic Medicines or treatment in Aesthetics broadly relates on improving the focus on cosmetic appearance with treatments such as Hair Transplant, Removal of unwanted hair, Wrinkles treatment, Excess fat removal, liver spots, skin discoloration etc.
  • Aesthetic Treatments includes plastic surgery, Dermatology, hair transplant surgeries etc. Today’s technological world implemented with advanced technologies comprise of both surgical and non surgical procedures. The main motto is “improving the quality of life, social and psychological well being of human beings”.

Cosmetic surgery (Aesthetics in India)

  • In India Cosmetic Surgery has been practised from quite a long time but cosmetic, plastic surgery saw tremendous popularity during the last 10 to 12 years. The urge in Cosmetics surgery has been growing in large numbers from the last five years due to the growing demand in aesthetic procedures from the people lining in Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and Kolkata etc.

Concerned About Look and Beauty?

  • People are concerned with their look and beauty. Especially in India beauty is concerned as the top most priority. Looks matter the most. Women and Men of any age want to look good and beautiful. Some people who are not God gifted with beauty fix their look by cosmetic aesthetic treatments. That is how aesthetics have taken a giant leap in revolutionizing the world.
  • Earlier celebrities were only associated with cosmetic surgeries but in today’s world even the middle class people are able to afford cosmetic surgeries as beauty has become a basic need. Affordability is one factor which originates from growing income of a human being and other factor is the awareness of people and the contributors for it is the media, advertisements etc.

Size & Background of the Aesthetic Industry

  • Presently more women and men of upper middle class opt for these cosmetic treatments to get attractive looks, the reason for that are many like to have best partner for marriage, to get rid of deformity in self esteem and getting lucrative jobs. US $100 million i.e. 460 crores is the estimated size of cosmetic surgery industry. However the maximum revenue is generated from surgical procedures as the cost of it is very much higher than non surgical (non-invasive) procedures. But in contrary number of non surgical treatments tend to remain high when compared to surgical procedures.
  • Indian cosmetic and aesthetic industry have taken a huge leap and growing continuously with help of many qualified surgeons and doctors from various active institutions and are attracting many people to undertake cosmetic aesthetic surgeries.

These qualified expert surgeons have created a name for themselves in this sector; many have their independent clinics, serve for big hospitals and provide the best aesthetic surgical treatment and facilities.  

  • Aesthetics in India today largely concentrates on Hair, Hair is considered as pride in a person. If the person has less hair or if he or she is bald then it is the matter of concern because it affects the personality of the human being. And as tremendous growth in Aesthetic in India, there is a solution for the hair problems in Individual. Many health care Industries strive to change the look of a person when it comes to hair. Person suffering from baldness can always have his/her hair back with hair transplant surgeries.

These surgeries are of two types. 1) Surgical 2) Non surgical.

Hair transplant is a permanent Hair loss treatment. It is a proven method for hair regrowth. Receding hair line, hair fall, male pattern baldness are some of the most common types of hair loss experienced by many. Hair loss treatment can be surgical through hair transplant or hair surgery or non -surgical through medications, PRP hair treatment and Mesotherapy.

In India hair loss problem is growing day by day and as the people are concerned about their looks they are getting it treated. ClinicSpots a Juggernaut in medical industry has taken giant step in treating hair loss problem and baldness of people across India. Famous in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad ClinicSpots has its root in almost every city in India.

ClinicSpots provides the best Hair transplant in Mumbai

  1. Hair treatment in Mumbai-Did you know that Mumbai is also the cosmetic capital of India? Be assured of finding the best hair treatment in Mumbai. Hair treatment cost in Mumbai is very competitive as compared to other metro cities.2. Hair transplant cost in Mumbai – Next big question after having decided to get a hair transplant done is to know its cost. Cost of hair transplant in Mumbai starts from Rs.35/- per hair graft and can go up to even Rs.150/- per hair graft depending upon various factors. There are some clinics which provide cheapest hair transplant in Mumbai although they offer high quality hair loss treatment. Cheap hair transplant in Mumbai is generally being provided by hair surgeons and trichologist with less experience where patient may run a risk of not getting complete result of hair transplant surgery. However there are few clinics which provide cheap and best hair transplant in Mumbai. All these clinics and cost comparison can be done on ClinicSpots.
  2. Hair transplant clinics in Mumbai– Confused about which hair clinic to go to? Not a problem. There are numerous hair transplant clinics in Mumbai which provide a range of hair loss treatments. Several clinics listed on ClinicSpots portal provides Best hair transplant in Mumbai.

There are 3 major types of hair transplant techniques which help in providing permanent hair loss treatment.

  1. FUE Hair Transplant– Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE or Follicular Transfer (FT) is a technique that involves extracting individual follicular units (hair grafts) from the patient’s donor area, one at a time.
  2. FUE Hair Transplant– Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUE is a technique that involves removing of a strip of tissue from the donor area and then transplanting it into the balding areas of the scalp.
  3. Robotic Hair transplant– This technique is considered to be an advance of the FUE procedure. In robotic hair transplant technique, follicular unit grafts are harvested through automation.