All About PVDF Flow Sensors

The device that is utilized to gauge and/or manage the flow rate and the exact doing of any gas or liquid in hospitals or medical facilities is known to PVDF flow sensor. As a result of their application in the medical field, where either small or substantial amounts of has fluids or liquid need to be dealt with and metered, the total measurement error of the flow sensors have to be of the highest standards, for a variety of measurement environments.

On that account, high precision flow sensors could be put within equipment such as respiration devices, ventilation equipment, anesthesia machines, oxygen conservers, and nebulizers.


ESRF – ESF is a resistive, thermal mass, gas flow sensor, with a precise bidirectional output making it one of the few sensors perfect for medical applications. Founded on the hot – film anemometer principle for mass gas flow and temperature measurement, it provides calibrated and temperature compensated output with extreme precision and extremely low total error margin.

As a result of its pioneering design, the medical flow sensor does not get damaged when it comes in contact with condensed humidity that can be created in patient breathing monitoring conditions because of exhalation, qualifying it as the most favorable medical flow sensor for respiratory utilization.

ESRF – ESF has an outstanding long-term constancy while its compacted design, and versatility, will meet the amplified demand for respiratory and ventilator assistance. ESRF – ESF is CE certified, making it perfect for retrofit utilization, where systems are already certified and there is restricted funds and time for a 2nd run of certification.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are vital elements for medical devices with the intention of enhancing and sustaining the quality of a more effective and safe operation. In addition, they are the reason there has been a remarkable raise in portable healthcare monitoring products since they have turned out to be an integral part of designing medical applications.

These can keep an eye on the condition of a patient by providing exact and trustworthy diagnostics in a broad range of conditions. Looking to buy a miniature flow sensor? Order it at Clark Solutions!