Now monitoring your baby is way easier and there are many parents who are doing it with great ease with the help of the baby monitor. These are developed to bring in some peace to the new moms and the parents who are bothered mainly during the nights with their toddler.Getting this baby video monitor to home, you may enjoy watching what your baby is involved in or her sound sleep even from other rooms. There are a lot of people who are investing in this product because of the unique features which are of great use to them.


This is a sleek device which has no interruptions while considering the safety of the little one. Have a look at the vibrant features and the wonderful benefits by grabbing this to your house.

  • High Frequency of almost ISM 2400-2483.5MHZaids in zero interference will help to monitor with great clarity.
  • This is a portable device and moreover wireless.
  • The audio signals of the baby video monitor are very audible and helps to rush to baby in need without delay.
  • The mother need not stay awake as the night vision will help her to have clear look over the baby. In the case of need, the option of lullabies and soothing music may be turned on.
  • The transmission range of the baby monitor is 50m indoor and 260m outdoor and there won’t be any sort of interruption in this range.

The exclusive features doesn’t end here as this is completely energy efficient and lets you know every detail of your baby either while she is sleeping or when your toddler is away from you. The advantage of talk back function will keep the little one comfortable even though it takes a couple of seconds for you to come back. The added comfort of setting alarm, temperature monitoring, adjusting volume,etc. will make this baby video monitor, a perfect one for the parents needs in monitoring their child.

In a word, this baby monitor possess perfect clarity because of the fine resolution range of 176 x 220. Few more surprising perks of this product include the amazing view angle of diagonal 31° and as well with high contrast monitor.

Without any sort of troubles, all the parents will begetting proper reassurance to monitor their child even in these busy scheduled days. This is almost a boon for the working women and those who are very engaged with their schedules.