Animals’ Legal Status: Legal Protection Of Animals In The Us

The animal protection laws can be enacted and imposed at every level of government in the United States that regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers. There are also a few federal animal security laws. Different laws, policies, rules, and guidelines may include several other species coverage or specifications for animal care and use as well, but all commit to the Animal Welfare Act as the minimum acceptable standard. Moreover, some cities and countries pass ordinances to protect animals. This is why it’s really important to support for better animal shield laws with lawmakers in all government bodies. Each has the power to help to save every species. The emotional support animal requirements regarding lawmaking might vary but the need and necessity of laws for the survival of animals is still there.

Here are the few legal protection statuses in the US for the animals which are as follows:

Animal Legal Defense Fund

It is a multi-faceted approach used to achieve stringer protection for animals. Through this fund, the animals are being protected. This works to achieve the status of animals that is beyond the mere property. This fund also works within the property paradigm where meaningful improvements in animals’ lives can be made. As well as, this fund provides free legal assistance to the prosecutors who handle the cruelty cases.

The nurturing of the animals takes place through this fund and public education and awareness also occur. This fund has played a great role in filing lawsuits to halt animal abuse and expand the boundaries of animal law.

Wildlife Protection

In the US, each state has its protection laws for animals. Similar is the case of law for wildlife. Certain time and manners are mentioned under which it is authorized to kill the wildlife through fishing and hunting. Whereas, some states have regulated the use of wildlife in performances. Even in New York, the first time in 2017 the Illinois and New York passed the country’s first statewide bans on the use of elephants in entertainment. This is generally seen as the beginning of a more widespread trend.

Federal Laws For Emotional Support Animals

Certain federal laws are designed for the support of Emotional Support Animals. The Law Fair Housing Act, (FHA) is for the landlords to accommodate the tenants who own emotional support animals, even if the surroundings living zone has a policy that prohibits pets. The U.S. Department of Housing issues instructions that how the provisions of the FHA are implemented and enforces Fair Housing rules. The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) is for airlines to allow passengers to fly with their emotional support animal in the cabin free of charge. The U.S. Department of Transportation issues instructions relating to how airlines should implement the ACAA.


The states and federal laws are highly important for the protection of all kinds of animals. They not only protect the animals but also acts as a bellwether for more expansive protections to come. This has opened gateways for many species to stay safe for long.