Towing can be defined as a process where an object is pulled by another object, by means of some energy; the two objects can be attached together by something as simple as a rope or by an integrated platform.

Towing has now become a vast, money generating business, where companies shift or move automobiles for individual or for commercial purposes. It is expected that the business of towing will increase in the coming five years, as the consumption of cars has been increasing; more cars will come on the roads and thus more service providers will be needed.

Things One Must Know About Towing:

It’s important that one must know following things about towing:

  • Who can tow your vehicle?

According to the law, any police officer or owner of the parking land has an authority to tow your vehicle if:

  1. It’s parked in a no parking zone.
  2. It has been parked in a private land without the permission of the landowner.
  3. If you haven’t paid or have four lesser duration.

To tow your vehicle the officials have to fill a form, the form contains the following information:

  1. The registration number of the towed vehicle.
  2. Details about the person, who has ordered to tow.
  3. Details of the tow operator.
  4. Reasons for which the vehicle has being towed.
  • Can you question the tow?

Yes you can, if you’re towed unnecessarily, you can claim for it, by showing the picture of the signage, the owner of the land must insert clear signage to avoid such conditions.

  • If your car has been towed, how can you get it back?

If your car has been towed from a public land, you can contact a local council to get your car back, there you will be charged for towing fees and will be given a notice.

If your car has been towed from a private land, then you must contact the towing company, you have to pay for the towing fees and for the storage fees there at the moment, otherwise the company will not handover the car to you.

Extending the towing service:

With the growing market size of the towing business companies have started additional services to differentiate themselves from the rest of the companies and to be ranked higher.

Companies have extended their routes covering all the major cities in USA. Since the competition is growing faster they have started providing minor services too a federal way towing company has now started new services such as:

  1. Lock out’s and tire services.
  2. Fuel delivery services.

With all these services towing companies have made our lives easier and safer, you can now travel easily and feel protected on the roads; you know that if you ever  got stuck on the highway in the middle of the night, there is someone who will reach there and help you.