Powered Now invoice app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. It’s designed to help small businesses including builders and other tradesmen to manage their paperwork while on the move and keep everything in one place.

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With its comprehensive toolkit covering every step, from preparing an estimate through to taking payment, Powered Now cuts the time needed to do admin so tradesmen can spend more time earning money. There’s an in-built diary and calendar that even copes with appointments without specific times and integrates with existing features for estimating or quoting, note-taking, invoicing and payment. The route planning capabilities makes scheduling appointments more efficient and users can contact customers via text message and email from within the app when plans change.

Behind all this there is some very clever technology that allows multiple devices to work together and backup everything securely to the web. The average builder gets though three mobile phones per year. All they have to do on a new phone is install Powered Now then log on and all their data will re-appear automatically.

Powered Now caters for both one man bands and larger more established teams. Its multi user features are impressive with different levels of access depending on the role staff play within the business. For example sub-contractors can access job information without seeing commercially sensitive data such as pricing.

The interface itself has been designed to make it easy to complete paperwork, an area the trade has traditionally struggled with. There are 15 good looking document templates for estimates, quotes and invoices and logos and industry accreditations can be added to the standard layout quickly and easily. Documents can then be sent to customers via email and text messages, quotes can be accepted or rejected and invoices paid immediately. Documents can also be printed if they need to be sent through the post.

Powered Now can be downloaded from the Apple app store or from Google Play and comes with a free trial. Visit www.powerednow.com or call +44 (0) 800 368 8153.