If you are thinking about purchasing a property in Dubai then there are many benefits to living within a gated community. Dubai has several well-known areas including Al Barari, The Springs, Arabian ranches and Emirates Hills. These specially designed developments offer an extra level of security that is particularly beneficial if your property is likely to be left empty for considerable amounts of time.

On the whole Dubai is a fairly safe country. However in areas that are popular with tourists, opportunist crimes such as theft do occur so it is advisable to secure your belongings as well as possible. Most gated communities have a secure entry system or are protected by a private security firm that you may pay a small fee to benefit from. This means that only residents or invited people can gain entry to the development.

By purchasing a property within a gated community you can assure that when you are not around somebody else, be it security staff or a friendly neighbour, has their eye on your property. This can be a very reassuring feeling if you plan to use your property as a holiday retreat rather than your full-time residence.

If you have children a gated community such as Arabian Ranches or Thee Springs may appeal to you as they are usually far quieter places to live. The roads are never too busy so you do not need to worry when they are playing out in the street that cars will be constantly passing by. As it is fairly safe to let your children play outdoors they will soon make friends with others within the community, this bit of freedom will help them to settle into their new surroundings far sooner.

Within these gated developments the infrastructure is often much more advanced than in other areas of the country. The buildings are modern and equipped with water and electricity. The roads will be great and there are usually communal areas dotted around to encourage a community feel. Many new areas are now being built with their own shopping areas also integrated into the development.

According to http://www.kendal.ae/, If you do not plan to live in your property full-time, gated communities like Al barari are ideal locations for holiday lets in Dubai. It is easy to find a management agency to handle bookings and maintenance on your behalf so your property can become an ideal money making scheme with very little effort from you. The added security features of a gated community appeal to tourists who may be unfamiliar with the local area. With stunning beaches and beautiful weather visitors flock to this amazing part of the world and a holiday let within a gated community offers the perfect investment opportunity.