Guys Don’t Get It was a book about on how guys could be able to master the art of seduction and make a change in the image of every man. There are tips given by writer Dane Sarkin base on his experiences. He also includes those from the people he knew who had mastered their own personal techniques in making yourself attractive.

One positive thing about this book was that it was plain and easy to read and to understand. Every man could be able to make sense of every tip he wrote there. Few to mentions are how to make you more attractive, how to be able to make an effective conversation and so many more that every guy should look forward too.

He also share some wrong ideas that men of today still keep doing in order to create that attractive personality. Thus, he gave methods on how to have a successful image and how to make socializing effective.

Since women were so intimidating, he also gives keys on how to win them over. He greatly highlight in this book that every man’s first impression makes a very vital role in having success relationship in the future.

Since mostly was about having great initial impression to women, what the book short of was how to maintain it though. It is more about boosting a man’s ego and confidence than having a serious and deep relationship among women. This is a first person book for men.

This book only focuses on every initial encounter but not within the process already. This is more about being sexy and friendly with girls around, but not on how to have deep and serious relationship with them.

On the good side, Sarkin’s list of techniques and methods could be applied in more serious interaction like if you are facing a very important people, in work and so many more. It could also be a helpful tool to women to know on what is the perspective of guys in terms of attracting girls.

All in all, this book was ok. But still need space for improvement. And you could find the techniques very interesting and intriguing. Maybe Sarkin should write another book in the like of this that could cater more on how to maintain a strong bond. You could get this book via Amazon or by talking to the author itself. This book deserves 3 out of 5 ratings. It was good, but not that much of excellent and still worth the read.