Whatever you do, reading book can never be out of context. A book is the most popular means through which transfer of knowledge takes place. Since the advancement of the printing press to now in the age of computer, books have only changed form. The old idea of books made of paper is being radically replaced by electronic books or e-books. Still the significance and utility of books are irreplaceable. There was speculation that books will lose its significance when a media like film came into being but the outcome is evident; books still dominate educational institutes and books are written for better understanding of film itself. There are many online websites like http://www.VintageLiterature.ca that now provide books on newer platforms like DVD or on E-book devices.


With growing and competitive market, there are lots of publishers. The new concept of self publishing has introduced a generation of authors who do not need big publishing house, hence the publishing industry have become huge not only for creation of new work but also due to works of translation. In this age of hustle and bustle there is another aspect of publishing industry that has got real boost which is the idea of archiving old materials and books both in real and digitized format.

Archiving of books

Archiving is an important activity as humans were always dedicated to preserve their past but it is strange that previously people hardly took this seriously, may be because archiving is quiet costly and needs technological support. Archiving rare books is costly and previously it was done as a hobby but now academicians are involved in restoring the rare out of print books and documents. These books and documents help create our history. What technology has done is made the archiving much cheaper and also easily available to people. The process of digitization is popular now where the material to be archived is converted to e-books, audio file or video so that it reaches a wider public and once it can be sold the cost of the process can be recovered.

These data can be stored in computer so it becomes readily available. It becomes easier to search or catalogue which was one of the major issues previously. Now no one has to take the pain of going through catalogue to find it. The whole headache of finding is eased by the software.

The books, documents and catalogs are all available on CDs, sometime online, all that was archived since 1800 to mid 1900. All these sources of knowledge are available at reasonable prices.