Bruce lee was very much into learning philosophies, just as his practical trainings, he was always working on ways which could help him expand his learning’s and mind. He researched on both eastern and western philosophies as he found significance in both. Let’s not forget the fact that he was a philosophy major from the University of Washington.

He once quoted in his interview that all the knowledge you gain ultimately leads to self knowledge. Just like his thoughts on obtaining all the best from different types of martial art styles and then utilizing them to master his very own style, he would study all of them considering making better his own mental capability to expand his mind. He felt that opening up your mind would make you accepting to all kinds of possibilities, having a closed mind would keep you from learning.

Throughout his life, he wrote and stated several quotes that he learned during his student life or the things he conceived from his personal feelings. He truly believed in these, philosophy aided him shape his life and also helped guide him to his great success.


Bruce has made several appearances on Television. He always had a bit of philosophy that he used in his quotes while he has been teaching martial arts. During his several interviews, he has been stating philosophical quotes.

Bruce breathed and lived expanding his mind and body. He truly believed in it and was always on a look out for learning to pour over to aid better himself. Early in his life, he had set some goals for his future, he knew what he actually wanted and was not going to let anything stop him from achieving them.

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