Ever since the beginning of time people have been using different methods in order to create the energy needed for them to stay safe. Heat is one of the most ancient forms of energy. Ever since people discovered fire they started using it in order to stay warm later on for many different purposes.

The oldest method of energy

If you take a moment and look throughout history then you will see that one of the oldest methods used in order to create heating energy is coal. Coal is comprised by fossil fuels. The first mention of this method in history was the using of coal by ancient Chinese. Later on it was used by Romans and as history proceeded, and more precisely until the 12th century coal was being mined the Newcastle in England.

It was only after the 1700s that call was actually used all over the place in order to produce power and develop the steam engine. This was right after the first Industrial Revolution. The steam engine was one of the most innovative ideas people ever had. The first time the steam power was used was in order to pump water. After that it was used in order to operate industrial machinery and eventually to power electric power plants.

Of course this was not the only use of coal. Since about the middle of the 18th century coal was used to create charcoal in order to smelt metals and in particular iron. As the world proceeded charcoal and coal were so used that nowadays there is no way to distinguish between Ireland production and coal consumption in the heavy industrialized areas.

Knowing how energy is created

Coal is just one of the many methods people used throughout history in order to create energy. There are many more out there. For anyone who wants to know anything you need to do is simply go online and search for different ways of creating energy. You are bound to find hundreds if not thousands of results. Counters webpages that will be able to provide you with all the information necessary in order for you to get a full knowledge on how energy was created a few centuries ago and how it is created today. It is important for people to know exactly how energy is created. After all we do use it every single day for pretty much anything we might try to do.