Several types of mountain bikes are available in the market today. But of course you cannot just choose what type you want. Each mountain bike type is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Though most mountain bikes are versatile, not all are designed to climb up and down the hill. So it is very important that you know what type of ride you want and where you are planning to bike. You can also save a lot if you will find for Best Mountain Bikes under 500.

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Level up your riding experience

If you’re already a rider for several years, and you want to level up your riding experience, you might be looking for a bike that’s perfect for an extreme ride. You can find Best Mountain Bikes under 500 here that will surely fit your high adrenaline needs.

However, if you’re a road biker and you are looking for an added adventure, you probably want to try off-road biking where you can have a great opportunity of riding in fun and more challenging trails. There are different types of Best Mountain Bikes under 500 that are widely available in the market today.

Yet, you might first want to consider some common types of mountain bikes to help you choose your preferred type of bike.

Choose your Type

  • Hardtail, Rigid or Full Suspension. You can choose from three types of mountain bike’s suspension: the full suspension, hardtail, and the rigid. The full suspension mountain bikes have shocks at the front and back while the hardtail mountain bikes have shocks only in the front. Itis often designed for recreational riding or racing purposes. Moreover, the rigid mountain bike has no shocks at all.
  • Cross Country Mountain Bikes. These are the most common types of mountain bikes. They are versatile and designed for longer rides. These types of mountain bikes are relatively lightweight.
  • Downhill Mountain Bikes.These bikes are designed specifically for riding downhill. It can make the ride faster and easier.
  • Folding Mountain Bikes. These types are versatile and very portable as you can fold it and easily carry anywhere you want to ride. These are now being popular to bikers who love to travel with their bicycles as it can fit into suitcase, car trunk, bus, or train.
  • 29er Mountain Bikes. One of the most popular in the market today is the 29ers. It has a larger wheel of 29 inches compared to a regular mountain bike that is 26 inches. The larger wheels are designed for easy roll over.

These are only some of the most common and popular mountain bikes you can choose from. There are a lot more types of mountain bikes available in the market. You can even find Best Mountain Bikes under 500!