email-300x200Each of us wants to preserve an online privacy. However, because of various issues such as spam, identity thieves and hackers, securing our privacy is a big concern. Fortunately, temp email has paved its way to help people address this kind of problem. It is a great solution to enjoy the accessibility of email while avoiding a lot of risks.

Emails are essential for almost any online activity, whether you are just subscribing to a newsletter or purchasing something online. Each web services will necessitate you to provide your own email address. It is the easiest way to get access to the information you need. Any notification, communication or relevant information gets delivered to the inbox and one can access it all from one location.

The only downside is that spam mail goes to the spam folder of your email. Whenever you check your inbox, you find out that many of these mails that are nothing but spam. It is mainly because many very aggressive marketing portals subscribe you to numerous websites without you being able to know about it. As a result, you get every sought of irrelevant and unrequired inbox message that clutters your mailbox. In order to counter this annoyance, the use of disposable or temporary email address is necessary.

Ways to use temp email address

You can use a disposable email, depending on your reasons. These may include:

Newsletter sign up

Some users receive information on a specific topic but sees masses of emails every week from this source. Maybe, you have also experienced the same situation. You can use a temporary email address to help you get rid of this.


For online dealers who are using safelists, it is a great idea to have a special email address for every promotional email you will get.


For shoppers online, disposable email can help you get any upcoming promotions from a company at the same email instead of having it come to your real email.

Article sites or blogs

If you want to read contents, an email address is required to access a site. However, you can only determine whether their content is good or not after reading them. A email is essential to avoid big disappointments.Email-Marketing-Monkmailer.jpg (1920×1080)

Temporary email providers is another issue. You need to choose a reliable one to give you a way around the dilemma online. EmailOnDeck is an example of trustworthy service provider. They offer legitimate email addresses different from your primary or real email.Therefore, you have the liberty to create special disposable email for different purposes. That way, you can easily get rid of those spam or suspicious activity.

Whether you want to confirm your email address or sign up at any app or site, EmailOnDeck provides FREE service. Lots of users have tried it. You too, can save your email from any spam while protecting your privacy online. What makes it different? Most websites can easily detect whether or not an email address is temporary. These websites can block you from signing up with the services they offer. However, EmailOnDeck makes it extremely difficult for any website to recognize their email address as temporary.