Creating your business website could be the first baby step you take towards a greater goal- building your brand and making it recognizable within its niche. Once you are done securing a domain and getting a catchy URL for your business, you need to launch your business website and make momentous decisions.

With self-proclaimed pundits and business gurus offering you a plethora of solutions to curate the best business website, here is an assortment of essential must-haves that a renowned Website Design Company in Kolkata, India,have provided.

● An illustrative ‘About Us’ page:

Not only does this ‘basic’ website page sets your brand and business tone, but it also builds trust and loyalty with your incoming traffic.

A case study conducted on the translation service and LSP company Tomedes witnessed a staggering 13% increase in conversion rates when their ‘About Us’ page got a brand-new makeover!

● A straightforward and clear Call-to-action:

Your call-to-action should be clear and guide the users to the potential website goals you have in mind- either you want them to contact you, purchase a product, request a free consultation, sign in to your mailing list, etc.

While Beem Digital suffered a 24.91% decrease in conversion rate when they changed the CTA on their site from- “create my account” to “create your account,”; the same company observed a 90% growth in CTR during a campaign period where they changed their landing page CTA from “start your free trial” to “start my free trial”.

● A prominent contact detail display and a clear contact page:

Putting your phone number or other relevant contact details builds trust with your audience and converts them into loyal customers. An AI-integrated chatbot could be a fair deal, but providing your business’s contact details enables a user to interact with a person in flesh-and-blood on the other side of the phone. So, it should be prominently displayed numerous times across your site.

On the other hand, having a contact page with a questionnaire or a form will enable incoming traffic to quench their curiosity about your business and get all their questions answered.

Besides being a trusted lead generation tool, your contact page should work in tandem with your CTA to fuel customers to your funnel and even integrate simple tools to propel form submissions and probable conversion.

● Clear location details with a map:

With more than 97% of consumers purchasing products and availing of services online, your business’s validation is of utmost importance! A Google Map on your contact page or a distinct “Find Us” page will enable your users to feel relaxed about your business’s authenticity. Often, a brick-and-mortar store is more credible to a user than its online presence.

● Feasible social media links:

The way online traffic interacts with a business has changed over the years. With 3.02 billion social media users by 2021, you need to have great content, a definite voice, and clear business goals across various social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn. With social media links displayed strategically across your website, brand awareness and user interaction will encounter an all-time high!

BuzzSumo’s research points out that Facebook posts with visual content drive 2.3 times user engagement compared to those without graphics, photos, or videos. Integrating social media posts with superb visual content will always boost your brand awareness and loyalty.

● Fortify site security:

If your business is to sell products, you need to secure your site with an SSL Certificate (HTTPS). The SSL will encrypt the confidential information that your clients might need to provide, for example- their social security number, PAN details, credit card information, etc. It also encrypts end-to-end communication and will relieve your clients from undue fears of identity theft and fraud.

Thus, an SSL Certificate is a psychological cushion, not just a visual additive for your e-commerce website. Users are relaxed when they know that financial theft and hacking are not possible when purchasing from your site, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

●Mobile-friendly UIs are the key:

A mobile-responsive website- one that works seamlessly on smartphones and tablets, is the need of the day! More than 60% of the internet traffic is always on the go. Therefore, a mobile-friendly business website design is of the essence.

Summing up:

With a reputed Web Design Company in Kolkata India,providing some of the best tips to make your business website better, it is essential to get on with a website makeover.

You can even integrate some of the proven strategies like an incentive with your CTA that will entice them to convert. Photos of you and your team, customer testimonials, and other user-generated content create the least bounce rate and help engage your customers.

Most importantly, trust the power of superb, professional, and error-free copy engages a customer brilliantly and develops his interest. Cheap and unprofessional, grammatically error-laden copies are a turn-off! Include them with good SEO phrases and keywords and see how a robust business website builds your brand.