Area rugs are comfortable and they prevent your bare feet from the cold floor. Therefore, even if you have clean and polished oak floor or any other type of floor, you can add some living room decor ideas to make your room more appealing. You will find different types of rugs and you can select the best rug that improves the look of your room. When making a choice, do your shopping in a place where you can get handmade rugs. Handmade rugs have intricate design that makes them unique. You can explore the following options.

Clearance Rug

These are gorgeous pieces of handmade rugs suitable for your living room. Clearance rug can transform your living room, making it cosy and inviting. The intricate on the rug makes it very appealing to the eye. If you have bright coloured sofas, the Clearance rug is a perfect complement to the outlook. It looks elegant on your floor and it is, in fact, the best small living room decorating ideas for you. Its bright colour requires regular cleaning in order to keep it looking immaculate and to avoid staining.

Moroccan Rug

This simple pattern rug looks amazing on your patio where you can enjoy a cup of tea with friends. It has square patterns that form a captivating continuous pattern across the entire rug. Placing the Moroccan rug next to the patio is a one of the most creative decorating ideas for living rooms because it makes the room look organised and inviting. The pattern is simple yet very elegant. You can change the entire outlook of your room with a Moroccan rug.

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Over-dyed Rug

If you love rich colours, then you should select an Over-dyed rug. The rug enhances the colour blend of your room because of its various colours. It has solid colours that make your sitting arrangement look spacious. If you have a large living room, you can work on the space using living room decorating ideas. One of these decorating ideas is getting an Over-dyed rug. The large rug will cover a large part of floor and enhance the look of your living room.

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Shag Rug

Your bare feet will enjoy the fluffy feel of the Shag rug. It is ideal for the lounge where there is no much feet traffic because of its delicate nature. It is very comfortable and it complements the look of your sitting area. If you have high chairs or the traditional sofa, then the rug can exude the elegance and increase the comfort of the living area. When you want to do a complete overhaul of your living room by considering various living room decorating ideas, Shag rug is the best place to start.