Globalization has made many businesses to embrace the opportunities that exist on internet. Many business are exploiting online opportunities by improving their web technologies. Business are always concerned with coming up with unique products or services as well as efficient distribution mechanisms. The distribution aspect of the products and services calls the need for effective marketing strategies. The need for efficient marketing strategies gives graphic design field a chance to showcase its relevance.

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Graphic designers will be responsible for designing and pimping marketing materials which will in turn help in strengthening the market base for any given business. There are various graphic design services that can be utilized in marketing of the products. Full product catalog is one of the service provided by graphic designers that goes well with marketing of the product. Graphic designers will be responsible for designing a catalog which will outline the aspects of planning, creative direction of art, integration of database as well as product photography. A well designed catalog (by a graphic designer) will act as a tool that will stimulate an increase in the sales of the products for a business which highlights the need of incorporating graphic designers in the marketing techniques.

Graphic designers add extra materials that can be used for product marketing. Some of those materials include business cards, catalog inserts as well as brochures to the yearly reports, books or magazines. Once incorporated in the marketing chain, graphic designers will be involved in coming up with crafty ideas that will be used to communicate the strengths of the product in precise and concise manner. The creativity aspect that characterizes graphic design can be utilized greatly in marketing media such as flyers, newsletters and catalogues.

It is therefore imperative that businesses should acknowledge the relevance of the graphic design especially when it comes to marketing and promotion of a product. Those business that have tapped the services of the graphic design have a success story to recount in their