Not all artists can be Picasso. In fact, most artists whose paintings sell for millions today were beggars while living. But artists can choose all the time with some extra money. Instead beg, work will not go anywhere, ever, equip yourself with confidence and come see the work of artist what you can do online to win real money.

An artist can register on Fiverr for a variety of jobs

Those who have not yet used Fiverr have heard of him. It is a popular website where you can do anything for a fiver ($ 5 bill). Create personalized gifts, edit your essay, you can have a voice processed, you can get tips etc.
If you cannot do on Fiverr, you cannot do anywhere. If you’re a budding artist or one, here’s some quick ways you can earn money online easy on Fiverr without sacrificing comfort of your couch.

It is a safe business. Research shows that one in eight people in the western world have a blog. Let’s say that half of these people have a talent for design or artistic skills.

They just want a logo, a banner or an icon that looks a certain way, so come on Fiverr and hire someone to do it. There are a lot of gigs (job sites on Fiverr are called gigs), but it will attract attention, is the one that has the best portfolio worked as a real talented artist.

All gigs cost the same amount, so that the potential client will be interested in is the one who believes it can provide as much for his money. You’re an artist with a proven portfolio? When you accept that gig to do a logo, a banner or a custom icon.
An artist can create covers for e-books for independent authors

Any author knows how important it is to have a cover I worked as well as readers really judge books by their cover. As a result, books whose covers have a professional look, have the best reviews and are the most popular.
Here is the artist’s work. An artist can reach very high just creating great covers for e-books.

You really do not need to copy the work of others, as long as the covers are virtual, you can work with greater ease if you’re original.

Once you have some nice covers, and you’ve sold services (perhaps creating some free covers.), you can raise money earning business yourself beautiful without thinking about all the obstacles that could intervene.

An artist can sell his paintings blog sites painting or photo even on EBay
Artists no longer need to spend galleries exposures where more money than they produces. It is much easier to paint today, focusing on the variety of software you who made and sell your work online – for the simple fact that you get rid of the heavy costs of any kind.

E-Bay or blogs or photography websites are the best place where you can sell the material. After you have accumulated a certain number of fans, own marketing will last a very short time because your popularity will grow visibly.

Are you an artist? Have you ever used one of these methods to earn money? What other ways can you recommend for artists, so they can earn money online?