Many national economies are experiencing slow growth and economic recession across the world is increasing the unemployment which is causing many problems for which are poor and have limited resources of income. At this time the role of entrepreneur becomes very important since entrepreneur has creative and thinks like a leader. Entrepreneurs are creating jobs opportunities by putting their efforts into the creation of small businesses. Apart from providing products and services that help to fill industry gaps, at the same time they also helps to reduce the unemployment and have a significant impact on our society. According to a recent survey the entrepreneur have created more than 85% job opportunities by setting small businesses and have a important role in the economic growth of a country. An entrepreneur always thinks differently from other people and is always keen to achieve something special and unique.


How entrepreneur benefit our society?

The role of entrepreneur is very important in our society. The recent statistics shows that event due to tough business conditions and economic recession still entrepreneur have created many job opportunities for people.Entrepreneur also plays an important role in local economy. When people are employed, they spend money in local business and helps society and poor people by providing charity to the poor people. An entrepreneur is always intelligent and thinks something different and has a idea which entrepreneur converts into reality by starting a small business which can create job opportunities and helps in reducing unemployment from the society. They are committed and dedicated towards their work and sometimes it is innovation that sets them apart from competitors. This not only helps government efforts in reducing unemployment but also helps people by providing employment opportunities in a society. The entrepreneur benefits to society is very effective and useful for bring prosperity in a society.

Tips for becoming successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is always different from other people. They always want to learn something new which unique from others. The best tip of becoming a successful entrepreneur is to produce creativity and come up with an innovation that can help in resolving complex real life problems. A good entrepreneur do not compromise on the quality of the work and is always is committed and dedicated towards work. They always try to become something delightful and attractive for the customer which helps in achieving greater customer satisfaction.