Using Tap water to clean windows is not usually effective, especially if you live in a hard water area.This is because hard water contains magnesium and calcium salts that leave the window glass with flashes of residues and white spots after drying.

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For a crystal clear outcome,invest in a top quality window cleaner. A Professional cleaner always produces excellent results. This helps in saving significant amount of resources such as money and time.

Use common sense. Before getting a professional cleaner, make sure you understand the type of services they provide and get it in writing.

A good tip is to use the £1 rule– this rule works that each window (not pane)should cost £1.50. By this rule the average semi-detached 3 bedroom house should cost about £10

Take into Consideration how long they will take on the job. The window cleaner should give a timeline of the work. This will show that they have priced the job properly and understood what is involved.window_cleaning.jpg (450×300)

As the customer,always get terms and conditions of payment,dictate how you will pay and when you will make the payment. It is always advisable to make payments after the work is done so that it matches and meets your expectations. Recommendations and feedback from previous customers is a must.

When considering the amount of money to pay, you should be realistic of the type of property you own, the duration it takes to be cleaned and anyadditional windows like extensions and conservatories. The following guide should help you understand a little better.

Detached property

For a three bed room detached property cleaned every 6 weeks, expect to pay around £16, for every 12 weeks should to be charged £24. However, if you have a conservatory or an extension, you are expected to add approximately £3 on top for each.

Semi-detached property

For a three bedroomSemi-detached property expect to pay about £14, for longer than 12 weeks expect to pay £20 and if you have a conservatory or an extension, you are expected to add approximately £3.50 on top for each.

If you live in a flat and you want your windows to be cleaned, the cost depends on the floor you live on,it should be noted that the time it takes to clean should not affect how much you pay. For instance, first floor residents should expect to spend roughly £15, second floor residents should not spend any more than £20 while third floor residents should expect to spend roughly £25. For terraced homes, the average quote should not exceed £6 on average.

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When hiring window cleaning services, expect your window panes and window sills to be cleaned as well. The cost of getting your windows clean depends on how many windows your property has (the £1 rule), the type of property you own and how high your highest windows are. Windows that are at a height are more dangerous and there are more risks involved, with this there are extra expenses. These include additional insurance for working at height and specialist equipment. Prices here are just guidelines and should be used to make comparisons when you are getting prices from window cleaners, it is also important to note that you should not go with the cheapest quote, they may not have the right insurance or the appropriate equipment.