As winters are on the rise, water pipes are the first things that are prone to damage. The frozen water in pipes can wreak havocs on the pipes and the pipe material and can even destroy it. You will end up in more loss so it is important to think about some winter plumbing to save you some extra money.

Frozen Water in the Downspout

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Tips for Winter Plumbing:

It is always good to be prepared for the worst and you can do that by following some tips for winter plumbing. Below are described some:

Fixture of All Plumbing Leaks:

Leaks in the water pipes always cause a great trouble and the trouble is even worse when it is winter and the temperature falls even below the freezing point. It is important to look for all the indoor and outdoor exposed pipes in order to identify any leaks. If you wait until the water freezes, the damage to the pipes can even become more significant.

Insulate the Pipes:

One thing that you can do to prevent the damage to the water pipes is to insulate the pipes. In this way, the pipes can be saved from the havocs of winter. Check the exposed pipes, search the attics and crawl spaces. If the pipes are exposed, it should be insulated with the insulation foam. It is cheap and also easy to perform. This can also save you some money on heating because the heat will escape from the exposed pipes.

Swamp Cooler:

A swamp cooler also goes by the name of an evaporative cooler, needs to be drained before the arrival of winters. Make sure to clean the swamp water by draining the water out of the cooler but be sure to turn the water and power off. Make certain to drain the water supply line as well. It is also a perfect time for cleaning the swamp cooler and replacing the filters and pads. Also, keep the cooler covered to keep it dry.

Pump House:

It is good to prevent things from freezing and if you have a well, make sure that the pump house is properly insulated. It will prevent the pipes from freezing.